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  1. We usually play from 19h to 23h, so you may find some players when you escape the clutches of your evil corp. ;-)
  2. Next Netrunner meetup evening in Montreal is set for February 18th, at Pub Randolphe starting at 19:00. Come join the gang, bring a friend; the group is open to new players!
  3. Come and meet us Nintendom! Check the next post..
  4. Our first organized play event was great fun. 10 players gathered at Pub Randolph for an evening of learning, testing, bluffing, running and laughing. A few managed to defy the odds, testing the very limits of their hardware and a more than a few servers were skillfully breached and cleansed of mischevious projects. Attendees & their total match scores, number of matches, and identities(Runner & Corp): Marc-André 58-48 (4) Gabriel & Weyland David B. 47-30 (3) Gabriel & Weyland Stephen 47-48 (4) Kate & Haas Bioroid Francois C. 45-33 (3) Gabriel & Haas Bioroid Eric B. 44-44 (3) Noise & Haas Bioroid Jean-Philippe 31-46 (3) Noise & Haas Bioroid Hugues 29-56 (3) Noise & Weyland Francois P. 28-24 (2) Gabriel & NBN Eric Y. 22-34 (2) Noise & NBN David C. 20-7 (1) Gabriel & Weyland As this was the group's first gathering, we didn't time the matches or enforce tournament rules. The idea was for everyone to have fun and try out their decks. It was the first time playing the game for two players; it was the perfect moment for newbies! Noone was brave enough to give Whizzard a try, but we did see plenty of the cards from the first expansion (the second one wasn't yet in anyone's hands yesterday…). Given the number of groans from missing credits to trash those pesky Pad Campaigns, I suspect we may see Whizzard yet… Most decks were customized and there was sufficient variety to offer challenges for the new and veteran players. Some even resurrected from a previous golden age. Oh and yes, it happened a few times when someone was just one credit short of the perfect plan. The game is designed to do that. Repeatedly. The highlights of the evening include two flatlines; an eerie sequence of runs against my NBN HQ where the lone Closed Accounts was picked 5 times in a row and in the same game a Closed Accounts wiped out 9 credits from Noise; a player insisted on accessing Biotic Labor from HQ, not once, not twice but 8 times. This particular card has a story. In the very first Netrunner game I played back in October, I managed to access this card 4 times in a row from HQ. Being royally miffed, I shifted my attention to R&D, only to find.. Biotic Labor. By that point, my opponent, Stephen, was having a hard time breathing from the incessant laughter, but he could tell I wasn't pleased with what I had just seen. When Stephen drew it, right then I knew he was going mad with joy. The really weird thing is that Marc-André who managed to access it 8 times last night, was right there to witness the scene. The card has been renamed the Twins. The reference is obfuscated, but here goes: the two bioroïds on the card look like Mulder & Scully from the X Files, which the creator said was inspired by the show Twin Peaks. Hence the Twins. More organized play will be held; next event will be in February. But many players are keen to play, so find them on FantasyFlightGames.com, or send me a request to join the Montreal City Grid on Facebook or Google+. Events will be posted in the fantasyflightgames.com forums as well. Thanks!
  5. First organized play evening for Netrunner in Montreal is set for January 14th, at Pub Randolph starting at 19:00. There will be cool FFG stuff on hand and lots of credits will be spent. Come join the fun! Pub Randolph 2041 Saint Denis Montréal, QC 514-419-5001 email: info@randolphpub.com Please note there is $5 cover charge to get in. Refreshments and beverages are sold in the pub. See ya! Francois aka faqtotum
  6. Hi, We will have a regular get together at Pub Randolph starting on January 14th. I am also preparing tournaments for 2013. Speak soon! Cheers, Francois
  7. Hi there, I will be attending a game convention in Lake Morey, VT on November 2-4 (www.carnagecon.com). There will be a few A: Netrunner players, and I will definitely bring decks along. If you can make it there, we could meet. I am planning to visit some friends in Gray, ME, which is not too far from where you are, I think. I could stop on the way for a game or 5. I am also putting together a group here in Montreal for organized play; if you manage to muster some players in your area, we could arrange for transnational events of some sort. Cheers! Francois
  8. Collecting names and reviving the scene in Montreal. Now that the game is de-archived and rezzed, it's time to run once more!! Already 6 active players contacted, drop a line and we will get organized play going. Merci!
  9. Collecting names and reviving the scene in Montreal. Now that the game is de-archived and rezzed, it's time to run once more!! Already 6 active players contacted, drop a line and we will get organized play going. Merci!
  10. I have fond memories of a vibrant online community, with City Grids and all. I look forward to your posts, you had more than a few good words as I recall. Can't wait to resurrect the tournament scene here in Montreal!
  11. I'm in Verdun; email me: faqtotum@gmail.com Cheers!
  12. Looking to setup a regular meeting group for FFG LCG. Anyone out there?
  13. I'm looking for players to setup a regular meeting group for FFG LCG. Anyone out there?
  14. I'm in the Montreal area and looking to setup a regular meeting group to play A Game of Thrones and other FFG LCG. Anyone out there interested?
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