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  1. Ehmmm, I could agree with the Balance, yes, but some quests say, that you need to substitute one figure for another, example, Quest 2: The Brothers Durnog, you have to use a white Giant if the Heroes open both doors, not a biggy, but still would like to get my hands on extra copies :)

    As for ebay, already checked :) But I need Giants, Demons, Dragons :)

  2. Hello everyone :)

       First of all, sorry if this post is in the wrong forum section. Second, I need your help fellow board gamers :) I need opinion on which of these 2 marvelous games should I buy? Starcraft or Runewars? Would like to know why, what makes it better than the other, pros and cons. Haven't played either of them, have watched though and I am in a tough situation, because tomorow I will try Runewars for the first time and would like not to be sucked in the world of Runewars, please help :)

    Thank you for all your answers in advance :)


  3. Hello runebound players :)

         For some time I have had my eye on Runebound and there more I read up on it, the more I want to get it and I am a big descent fan :) Anyway, wanted to know if there should be a sequence in which the Runebound products should be bought or I can roll with a expansion maps and It will have everything included in it or I need the base set?

        Second question about Runebound Midnight, wanted to know if this game will be printed again or something, because so far I would like to get all the available expansions for Runebound and Midnight is seriously OVERPRICED and I could not find it here in the products section, can anyone share their wisdom on this particular expansion?

    Thank you in advance for you answers :)


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