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  1. +1 to all above, me and my friends are playing this game like crazy and more stuff would be excellent
  2. You have 2 options Nr.1. - You wait for God only knows how long until someone wants to sell them Nr.2. - You buy Castle Ravenloft all 4 characters are included there for Descent, Runebound and Runewars
  3. Ehmmm, I could agree with the Balance, yes, but some quests say, that you need to substitute one figure for another, example, Quest 2: The Brothers Durnog, you have to use a white Giant if the Heroes open both doors, not a biggy, but still would like to get my hands on extra copies As for ebay, already checked But I need Giants, Demons, Dragons
  4. Hello Descent fans I wanted to ask if someone knows where I could buy additional Descent core games minis, because Giants, Dragons, Demons, Ogres and Naga seem to be lacking in some quests, hope to hear back from to someone soon Thank you in advance. RZ
  5. Hello everyone First of all, sorry if this post is in the wrong forum section. Second, I need your help fellow board gamers I need opinion on which of these 2 marvelous games should I buy? Starcraft or Runewars? Would like to know why, what makes it better than the other, pros and cons. Haven't played either of them, have watched though and I am in a tough situation, because tomorow I will try Runewars for the first time and would like not to be sucked in the world of Runewars, please help Thank you for all your answers in advance RZ
  6. WOW, superb answer, thank you very much, now I know everything what I need to know
  7. Hello runebound players For some time I have had my eye on Runebound and there more I read up on it, the more I want to get it and I am a big descent fan Anyway, wanted to know if there should be a sequence in which the Runebound products should be bought or I can roll with a expansion maps and It will have everything included in it or I need the base set? Second question about Runebound Midnight, wanted to know if this game will be printed again or something, because so far I would like to get all the available expansions for Runebound and Midnight is seriously OVERPRICED and I could not find it here in the products section, can anyone share their wisdom on this particular expansion? Thank you in advance for you answers RZ
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