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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from Angel of Death in Near-death experiences   
    Okay guys, then, let me tell you the story of this heroic Acolyte, some called him "Dirtface", some called him "Gloomhauntmen", but his friends simply called him Phil. 
    He wasn't without his flaws, but being the Metallican Gunslinger he was, he had a certain sense of honour and duty, and his skills proved useful in many cases, whether him having to sneak into somewhere, open a lock, quietly assasinate a heretic or messily dispose of some. He started as a simple Scum from Gunmetal city, but grew into something... more.
    Always running around with his favourite, heavily customized Westingkrupp Carnodons, a drop-harness, grapnel, a few grenades and of course some cameleoline on his back, he became some sort of guardian angel to his fellow acolytes, lurking in the shadows, preying on those who'd do the Imperium wrong.
    His group and him where running around the Calixis-Sector, chasing this cult, called "white cog of cessation", a tech-heretical cult with lots of emphasis on warp-tech, when they finally found their base on 41 Pry. However, they didn't went unnoticed and the heretics summoned a mighty demon the acolytes had to defeat in battle.
    The Acolytes, however, weren't unprepared as well. Especially Phil spend a few years of savings on a carefully engraved Bolt-Pistol, two magazines and a single Psy-Bolt projectile. 
    It was a hard battle, with the Acolytes firing with everything they had at the foul creature. One of them, an Imperial Guard Seargeant, even engaged it in Melee with his mighty powerfist. The Psyker threw Telecinetic Bolts at the creature, but it took a great toil, cleaving men in half where it's cruel claws swiped into the faithful. 
    Ultimately, it was down to Phil and the Demon. Both were exhausted, Phil by dodging the demon's attacks, the demon by the continued barrage. It was then when Phil used his Grapnel to always stay out of the Range of the fiend's strikes, whittling it down with Bolter-Fire. At that point, the Demon took the righteous Autogun of one of Phil's friends, in an attempt to kill him with one of the tools of the righteous. 
    Phil accepted the desperate gamble, he knew it was either him, or the demon, who will not live through this day, and, praying to the emperor, he loaded the Psybolt, his last resort, into his Bolt-Pistol. Carefully aimed at the Creature, knowing that it'd shoot first, but still not flinching, reciting the Litany of the True Shot, when the demon pulled the trigger...
    And the weapon jammed! Truly a miracle happened, as the righteous weapon stopped it service the moment... thanking the Emperor and praying for his shot to hit true, Phil pulled the trigger. It was true, the Eperor was with him. The shot hit the beast right into the heart, Phil and his weapon now the fury of the Emperor manifest! He was victorious, but the price was high. He managed to save the Officer as well as his friend Alexian, but the Psychich Backlash of the demon's demise was too much for the psyker to handle. 
    Thus, the cult was stopped and the Acolytes continued their life in service to the throne... who knows, maybe even now Phil is stalking some heretics in the shadow of a Hive.
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from Alekzanter in Plotting for the End   
    Emphasizes grimdarkness and shows nicely even the mighty Astartes not being immune to the machinations of politics. Be sure to make a nice, long Epilogue telling the players about the consequences of their choices... It'd make even a "Well, crap, we're screwed" ending satisfying.
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from spector in Miloslav Warp Engines   
    Well, it'll allow you to charge a few fortunes simply for always delivering before time... or you get nothing, since nobody ordered anything yet
    "Sir, there are merchants, selling us A few Megatons of Water in response to the... drought..." "We don't need Water, we're perfectly fine, how can there be a drought in this effin rain? Send them away." 
    *A few weeks later*
    "Someone send a request to get us some water!"
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    DarkForce2 reacted to Chrysalis2 in Looking fro contributors and contributions - The Journal of Solomon Haarlock   
    Imagine Scintilla before hive Sibellus.
    Imagine a sector untouched by the heavy hand of the Imperium.
    During the 36th Millennium Solomon Haarlock in a grand voyage enters the Calyx expanse seeking to tame this land of terrible secrets. 
    For my players I will be writing excerpts from his diary the Grey Psalter. Would anyone else be interested in helping?
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from Wincent in Few questions from new players   
    Note that the Warhound is the smallest type of Titan - a Scout-Titan (whoever came up with that name had a sense of humor I'd say) The bigger classes field more weapons and have better reactors and shields. I further assume Titans are - theoretically - far more independent, with more operational time and, assuming a pattern using only energy-based weaponry (Turbolaser Destructor comes to mind) would only need to return to base for refueling. 
    Oh, and they can operate in certain Hive Cities. I think I remember a story about Armageddon, where they used artillery - within a factory hall. Because the Imperium of Man is like that. 
    Edit: Fail, didn't realized the Vehicle-Rule Spacecraft also allowed for in-atmosphere flight. First part (now deleted) was written under the assumption of Starhawks and ships with only the Spacecraft-Trait not being able to enter the atmosphere of a planet.
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from Erathia in Salvaging our game   
    Talk to your GM as a group, with everyone, telling him about your collective expectations about that "Empire-Building" stuff, as directly as possible (But be polite, as I won't be responsible for any injuries during a potential brawl. I endorse violence only against NPCs and PCs)
    If things doesn't change, hire a new GM. Roleplaying is about fun and if the majority of the group (the players, mostly) are not having fun, the GM has failed. 
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from alemander in Apostasy Gambit finally.   
    Yeah, play your baddies intelligent, use all the moves they can use and the players should be sweating a bit. 
    A far bigger Problem I see, however, is the Church of the Damned Adventure: If they're already on Ascension-Level, they're probably (in)famous enough to be known by the ecclesiarchy, thus making the whole undercover-part pointless, but perfect time to let the players control a group of Acolytes under the command of their Characters. 
    Another few Ideas I had is using a lot of sidegroups, with a group of soldiers fighting in the war, a group of heretics trying to please their lords and should the PCs die in the final fight, have a group of Grey Knights come to the rescue - controlled by the players
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from Decessor in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    Bees armed with Shotguns shooting exploding Scorpions?
    - When you smash through an Adamantium-Bulkhead with your will and your bare fists because "NOBODY DENIES MY AMBITION!" then remember you have a power fist and start joining the boarding-party.
    - When a Forge World is under attack, you take a few atomics with you, "just in case". You also don't care about security, cause you can always get more. 
    - Void Master drops one of said bombs, forgets to set the timer right, rides the wave, returns with what is essentially a burning wreck of a Marauder, lights up a Lho-Stick at the still glowing flyer "I admit, I almost broke a sweat."
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from Fgdsfg in Best GM Career   
    I do agree on striking out the "Personal Reasons" but randomly abusing players is ultimately what Roleplaying is about - You just gotta find the right degree to make it fun for most of the group
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from ColArana in Best GM Career   
    I do agree on striking out the "Personal Reasons" but randomly abusing players is ultimately what Roleplaying is about - You just gotta find the right degree to make it fun for most of the group
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    DarkForce2 reacted to Visitor Q in Best GM Career   
    Also do not be afraid to kill off the character. In fact I would almost give the character an expiration date of X number of sessions before he is brutally and shockingly killed.
    EDIT: I'm a little surprised that this got multiple likes as I thought this was a somewhat innocus comment.  Thanks guys.
    I first realised this was an effective method when I introduced a complete joke GM PC/NPC called 'Norman' into a WFRP game when I was about 14!.  He was funny to begin with but wound up a few of the PCs after a while (except one PC who still thought he was hilarious).
    So he was waiting on the players barge (it was Death on the Reik, if you've played that you'll know what I'm talking about...) while the characters went into the river town for some answers.  When the players got back they found Norman had been dismembered by some Tzeentch cultists and a note left as a warning to the PCs to back off.  This severely traumatised one of the players who 15 years later still hasn't forgiven me .
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    DarkForce2 reacted to Visitor Q in Amusing but Difficult to Handle Situations   
    My response to claims of unfairness is to laugh.
    If I'm feeling very generous I'll give an explanation,
    'Dude, Warhammer 40,000, yeah its unfair.....
    ....Now take another mono blade to the chest and the assassin poisoned it so remember to roll toughness for Toxic '.....
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from Darth Smeg in woops! PCs AP too high...   
    Tehee... makes for a good witch-process, throwing her into a river when unpowered...
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from pearldrum1 in A shopkeepers reaction to been sold a chaos artifact.   
    What does the Medallion do anyway? Slowly corrupts people? Possessed by a daemon? Just a fancy necklace? If it really IS a powerful Artifact, have it go unnoticed... until the shopkeeper has started his own little Slaanesh-Cult which'll coincidentally throw a few wrenches into the player's gears. 
    Gonna be interesting when the PCS beat the cult only to realize "wait that was... crap..."
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from Lynata in Emotional attachments, friends, family...the "fluff" of life...   
    Dammit, there are just too many good people one would like to play a campaign with or systems for one live... why's there no rejuv-treatment available by now? I mean, seriously!
    To the overall topic, well, the question is a good one, considering that, despite being about humanities survival, normal humans tend to get slightly marginalized and pigeonholed into a certain "badass survivor" sort of trope... the ones still standing when the dust settles, ready to dispense more justice and stuff. 
    However, humans are still just humans, with feelings and emotions and I feel roleplaying a normal human with fears and weaknesses is one of the more difficult things.
    In fact, I always wanted to GM a campaign or take part in one which depicts the slow fall of a few people into corruption... "Good Intentions lead to damnation" and stuff. Well, maybe it works with the Campaign I'll be GMing starting next Month
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    DarkForce2 reacted to Inquisitor Quidam in Nubile Alien Sirens   
    There are plenty of little human/genestealer babies out there...
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from Simsum in RoF   
    Interesting Idea... really interesting Idea. About the DoS/Hit Ratio... yeah, equalizing it is probably the simplest solution, in which case you might even say, for example, "Inaccurate Weapons only gain an additional hit per two degrees of success" or something.
    Overall, I'd say it does a good job at making Single/Semi/Full more situational trade offs. Which addresses the biggest problem, namely Full Auto being superior in most situations as long as you have enough ammo to dump.
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from Lynata in RoF   
    Interesting Idea... really interesting Idea. About the DoS/Hit Ratio... yeah, equalizing it is probably the simplest solution, in which case you might even say, for example, "Inaccurate Weapons only gain an additional hit per two degrees of success" or something.
    Overall, I'd say it does a good job at making Single/Semi/Full more situational trade offs. Which addresses the biggest problem, namely Full Auto being superior in most situations as long as you have enough ammo to dump.
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    DarkForce2 reacted to Misha in What got you into warhammer/ 40K?   
    I am from a Soviet Russian background so I came a little late, but I started in the end of the eighties. Good ol' 80's. I loved Sci-fi since I was a little kid and so seeing these massive humans in space armour with all these guns... I just couldn't resist. I read everything about that universe I could get my hands on, sometimes bordering on harrasment to get information. I started a space marine collection, but my true passion was the Imperial Guard. I loved the history of world war two and so when the Valhallans came out... Stalin's Own on the march! I am not a massively propganda fed communist (while I still am a communist) just to say. I loved that army and even now it still fights the enemy of the Imperium. The catalyst of my collection was my grandpa who fought in the war. When he saw the Valhallans he kept pestering me to get them. In fact he started a collection. He passed it to me when he died. So they march in his name for glory! Sorry if my past is boring you but it has an impact on my collection.
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    DarkForce2 reacted to Lynata in RoF   
    I still need to try "soft" gun-based increments some day, with a +2 bonus for every single bullet that leaves your barrel. Half Action Single Shot: +0 BS Half Action Semi-Auto: +0 BS Full Action Semi-Auto: +2 BS per shot Full Action Full-Auto: +2 BS per shot This represents the fact that the first shot leaving the barrel should realistically have the same chance to hit the target regardless of how many additional rounds you fire, whilst every follow-up round would add a small bonus to hit based purely on chance. However, since the steps are not as big as in RAW, the bonus must not necessarily favour additional hits (a total of 4 shots only adds +8 to BS; not enough for a DoS if we assume equal dice rolls). As a consequence, spewing bullets in Semi- and Auto Fire increases your general chance to hit, but is very inefficient as far as ammo-to-hit ratio is concerned.   Example: Boltgun with S/2/4 would have BS +0/+4/+8 respectively. An autogun with S/3/10 would give +0/+6/+20.   I have included Semi-Auto bursts as a Half and Full Action both, the former representing "shooting from the hip" where the shooter sacrifices the aim bonus for not taking the time to properly control their weapon.   The advantage of Standard Attack would be that it's only a Half Action, representing either a "snap shot" or an aimed attack (+10) if you couple it with the Aim action. The Half Action Semi-Auto burst fires more bullets, but given that it sacrifices the bonus to BS you just have a good chance of wasting ammo, so it's very situational.   I'm just undecided what to do about DoS. I like the difference between Semi- and Full Auto for a sense of realism and because it makes the two options more unique, but it seems to me that it'd be more intuitive to simplify it into a general "1 DoS = 1 Hit", regardless of the type of attack.     The potential advantages of this system are that it provides less of a harsh gap between RoF options and might make Auto-Fire less of a problem for some weapons (the bolter in particular had auto-fire taken away because it was considered too powerful with the old bonus). Additionally, it allows for greater uniqueness between individual gun models, as many weapons will now provide different BS bonuses due to their different rates of fire. There could also be traits and/or modifications or even special ammo types that change the bonus to, say, +1 or +3 per shot  (reflecting an increase or decrease in accuracy). For some weapons it could even be tied to the Strength of the shooter (recoil?).   All still very much theoretical at this point, though.
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from Lynata in RoF   
    Hmm... the thing I'm trying out next campaign is...
    Standard Attack +10, Half-Action
    Semi-Auto +0, Half Action, every DoS is a hit
    Full-Auto +20, every second DoS is a hit, includes pinning-effect, Full Action.
    Not sure how that will pan out ultimately, might switch stuff around a bit, since Semi-Auto becomes pretty powerful compared to the good old Single Shot.
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from seanpp in Elite Advances   
    well, give the group a few more XP and they should be fine. I don't know with how many XP the PCs start, but I'm assuming it'd not be enough to be qualified to be an Inquisitor
    And I myself am more of a "PCs have to claw their way up" kind of game anyway.
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from Adeptus-B in Elite Advances   
    well, give the group a few more XP and they should be fine. I don't know with how many XP the PCs start, but I'm assuming it'd not be enough to be qualified to be an Inquisitor
    And I myself am more of a "PCs have to claw their way up" kind of game anyway.
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from Robin Graves in What got you into warhammer/ 40K?   
    For me, it began some 7 or 8 years ago (Emperor's beard, that long already?) when a friend introduced me to the Dawn of War Series (back then, when Winter Assault was still new). I really liked the games and soon started exploring what's behind this setting. Along with the GW-Store in town, I got hooked up on 40k.
    The buddy who introduced me to the Hobby? He actually only started playing very recently xD
    On the Roleplaying-Aspect I got hooked up in... must've been aroun '09 or something, when I randomly bought the RT-Core Book in my local gaming-store. When I entered university, I pretty much stopped the Tabletop in favor of the PnPs (PnPs in General, turns out I apparently had an aptitude to GMing). Since I bought the Core Book, I've been pretty much always GMing some system, mostly something 40k-related. 
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    DarkForce2 got a reaction from Calgor Grim in Artifacts, antiquities and oddities   
    I'll just put an artifact I created for a Dark Heresy Campaign into the thread.
    The Accursed Marksman Rifle
    This ornate musket fashioned from bone and steel is a mighty tool in the hand of any assassin employed by the dark powers. It uses special Warp-Infused ammunition, which is said to never miss it’s target. However, every so often, the Rifle itself selects the target, at first subtly but then more and more openly in order to bring harm to it’s enslaver. The Demon “Samiel” bound to this weapon revels in harming it’s targets from afar, not outright killing them. The Weapon has the following Profile:
    Range: 100 Meter RoF: S/-/- Damage: 1D10 +5 Type: Impact Penetration: 0 Clip: 1 Reload: 4Full Special Qualities: Unreliable, Warp Weapon, Accursed Ammunition*
    Range: Melee Damage: 1D10 +2 Type: Rending Penetration: 0
    Special Qualities: Tearing
    *Accursed Ammunition: The Ammunition for this Weapon is a special, Warp-Infused silver-bullet. These must be poured by someone able to do this (requiring a routine (+20) Trade(Smith) test) and someone preparing the Ritual. The Silver must be mixed with the blood of the marksman who will shoot the weapon and in a ritual requiring a Difficult (-10) Scholastic Lore (Occult) Test infused with the power of the Warp. 2 Kg of silver will produce 10 Bullets. A normal Success means that 5 bullets are “Free Shooting” shots, while the other 5 are Accursed. Each degree of Success will convert one of the accursed shots into a free shooting one, while each degree of failure will convert one “good” bullet into a “bad” one. Make sure to keep the results of this test secret from the player! The effects of the Ammunition are as follows
    The Weapon is not restricted by the normal ranges, being able to hit anything within line of sight of the user (Possible Perception Checks are more than appropriate in extreme cases). Anything further than 500 Meters counts as “Extreme Range”. Regardless of ANY OTHER modifier, the weapon grants a +60 on any test to shoot it as well as a re-roll as a full action in the next round as the user “guides” the shot to find it’s target should the first try miss (which is an unmodified Test on Ballistic Skill). Should the +60 result in a modifier of more than +60, reduce it to +60 (which should be more then enough). However, there are three cases in which the Daemon takes control of the shot
    - The Bullet used is an accursed one
    - The weapon Jams
    - The second correction-shot is missed
    In this case, the Daemon takes control of the bullet and tries to somehow harm it’s Master either directly by aiming at him or indirectly by harming his friends or something else. For the purpose of hitting, use the Daemon’s Willpower and resolve it as an attack of the Daemon using the Weapon (He has the Training to use it, duh) from roughly where the bullet was when this quality triggered (Position of the User in case of an Accursed Bullet and a Jam, the position of the target which was missed twice). Samiel’s willpower is 45.
    Edit: Apparently the Forum's software does not approve of Google Docs :/
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