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  1. Sometimes, I give the players a success even if they totally botch it. Makes it SOOOOOO hilarious if they always look for the hook and just dive deeper and deeper into whatever problems they had. Or give them what they want. But with a looooot of hooks and problems. Other then that? Embarrassing and potentially deadly stuff, such as having the map turned the wrong way, costing them a few hours. Or gloriously rolling down a flight of stairs. Sorry of this very general advice, but I construct those sort of scenes always from the current context in play.
  2. Omni-Sight on bow But you could always get more then one bow. Like, one for "long-range engagements" and one for more Short/Medium ranged combat.
  3. O____O Y'know, I was just thinking the same thing for my Haarlock-Legacy Campaign. That is, writing the Journal or at least excerpts.
  4. One adventure in Purge the unclean also has a section taking place on Ambulon. It's described as a city of Artisans and Artists. Also, when you have no reason to be in the city, you get thrown off. Rooms are small (and apparently sometimes ways cross through them) and buildings are not very high (the whole shaking and stuff). Add to that the heat of the area Amblon tends to stride through, and you technically have a pretty sucky place to live. On the other hand, you'd be living on an EFFIN HIVE TITAN! So, yeah, I'd instill a sense of claustrophobia yet artistic beauty, with relative strict controls by the Magistratum. Add in a lot of shaking (tests vs. sea-sickness?) and possibly some sunburn and i think you're good. Just my opinion though.
  5. Usually in our friendly neighborhood tavern. Medievally styled, outrageously big selection of various refreshments and the place is full of people doing LARP, PnP, Boardgames and PC/Video Games. Hamburg, Germany. If you also live around here, send me a message, always nice meeting new faces!
  6. First of all, I make up the basic scenario. If it means running a homebrew adventure/campaign, I will read my notes over and over again, think about how the various NPCs would act if the players did X, see what ideas I can come up with how the players might derail the plot. All of this is usually a few hours before the actual session. Up to the last minute I'm sitting at my PC and mobile, see if any of those *censored* thinks it's funny to do a last minute cancel again. I then prepare eventual handouts and get my big suitcase of gaming-equipment ready and start heading to the location. On the way I tend to read up those last few rules I just remembered I might or might not need during the session. When I arrive, I start building up my GM-Screen and Laptop, get my dice and notes ready, hand out the character binders (yep, we're using that 40-pages Character Folio) and wait for the players to hand me a beer. I then drink a bit and start the session with "Let's see how I'll kill you today. *Playername*, can you remind us of what happened last time?" Methodically, how I prepare depends on what I want to run. For longer Campaigns, I tend to make a lot of notes about what happens when and why, who is up to what and why while also maintaining notes on how the PCs influenced events. I tend to go over these notes over and over again, in order to maintain continuity during my campaign (which is the most important thing for me when GMing, trying to depict a world that is alive and having things happening besides the PCs). For a more One-Shot type of session I usually roughly make up what happens, maybe what scenes I want to show them and how I can connect them and otherwise just wing it. Reminds me of that one time when we decided to play a short session of "The Pool" once. I just said "Okay, everyone, write 50 words about your character, it can be ANYTHING, I'll see what we'll make of it." It was a hilarious(ly awesome) fustercluck. One of the most awesome but most exhausting session to GM.
  7. Heh, I'm mostly writing what I'd do if stuff like that came from my players. My basic approach is the following pattern: 1. Check if it is something the character can reasonably think of (No development of new types of Plasma-Weapons which don't overheat, for example, as that knowledge is essentially lost and if a character were to do that, he'd have to journey from Forge World to Forge World, working decades to be allowed to take a look at the blueprints etc etc and so wouldn't be an actual adventuring PC) 2. Listen to what problems the thing might have during it's development and throw a few more at them to see how they solve it. Some of those problems might not be visible at first 3. Solved all problems, tests successful? You may now keep whatever you created. Overall it means that simple inventions (like your shocking mirkers greaves) are pretty simple to build. I also go by the Motto of "Fluff is free", so if you want a Rainbow-colored Lasgun, hell, why not? As long as the Item in question does not change it's basic function, it's fine with me. When it comes to mechanically different Items (especially weapons) I tend to create them myself, but player's ideas do inspire me occasionally. One of my players in a Rogue Trader Campaign once build an artillery-cannon in order to shoot the nukes they acquired on another planet, to use them in the war they were fighting on another world, Player of the Explorator thought "We just put this pipe here and it should work out." Luckily for them, they did not fire it. The results would've been devastating, but not exactly for the enemy.
  8. I can't imagine any way to incorporate an Auspex like that which would not impair your vision in other ways that isn't made up by modern-day standards (remember, we still have to think from the perspective of the Character and Lore), but feel free to convince me otherwise. Not at all. In fact I think the Privacy Field might even be a liability in that case, as it tells everyone who isn't half-blind "HEY SOMEONE NOT WANTING TO BE SEEN HERE!" which will likely cause a suppressing barrage, a good old nade or a burst of hot promethium. Cameleoline Cloak is far more useful in that scenario, with less risk of Tech-Priests running amok. But for taking out single Guards? Hell, why not? True, but... why not just take a grappling hook, combined with a clip/drop harness? Again the far more simple and reliable solution. Eh, that's by far the least problem Melee-weapons have in terms of sidegrades and differentiation. Too many weapons are just direct upgrades, with no system being in place to make certain weapons better in certain conditions. However, at least in the group I GM, Items with special fluff tend to be harder to get on a narrative level, as "current state of the Calixis-Sector" factors into availability of the various items, with some Items being flat-out not available unless under certain circumstances (I doubt you can just go into a shop and buy a Power Sword.). Players will probably hate the increase in price on firearms when Severus starts his little secession in the periphery... As I see it, you should probably turn it down a bit and look for simpler solutions, as they have the habit of being more reliable... y'know, the more complex a plan is, the more things can go wrong (unless it's made by Tzeentch). Addendum Power Curve Items Leatherwort: +2 Armor, adds with anything, Vox-Legi Shotgun, a shotgun with more stopping power then A BLOODY BOLTER, only two name two of my most hated items from the Book of Judgement. Oh, and pretty much anything from the Lathe-Worlds turns a Tech-Priest into a machine of carnage, bloodshed and... pretty much anything else, if you use the right Alternative Ranks. Also Alternative starting-rank for Guardsmen including free Implants every second rank, a free slightly-downgraded Power Armor, overall beefed up weapons, blah blah blah I'll just stop ranting here, nothing good will come from that. Edit: Guess I should invest some XP in Scholastic Lore (FFG-Forum Software)
  9. Okay, here are my thoughts as a GM on the matter 1) Might give you a bonus, yeah, maybe a -5 to an enemy's parry, but also a -5 on your WS, since you can't exactly estimate the length of your weapon. Feints would get a +10 bonus though. Also, anything that has one of a few traits (Unnatural Senses, as well as probably from beyond/Daemonic) would laugh in your face and shred you regardless. 2) Privacy Field I'd be cool with, that thing probably takes a few moments to set up. Privacy Field is one "of those Items" of the book of Judgment which belong to the dreaded "Power Curve" Type of Items. Considering it's a Servo-Skull which can break due to any number of reasons, I might or might not be cool with it. 3) Good Idea, but hell, be prepared for me rolling for falling damage EVERY SINGLE TIME. "Being thrown away a few meters" is anything but controlled, after all. Also, you'll almost always be prone, so try charging into enemies that way 4) The Comparison between Rogue Trader Equipment and the Equipment of any other system is moot, since they're technically different system. If your GM is nice, then, yeah, go for it, but for me as a GM, we have a list of sanctioned items, anything else is mostly GM-Fiat. On the matter of Tech-Heresy, well, the more you tinker especially with the complicated Equipment of yours and the more you use it for NOT it's intended purpose, the more you're coming under suspicion, but the line is very blurry.
  10. Note that the Warhound is the smallest type of Titan - a Scout-Titan (whoever came up with that name had a sense of humor I'd say) The bigger classes field more weapons and have better reactors and shields. I further assume Titans are - theoretically - far more independent, with more operational time and, assuming a pattern using only energy-based weaponry (Turbolaser Destructor comes to mind) would only need to return to base for refueling. Oh, and they can operate in certain Hive Cities. I think I remember a story about Armageddon, where they used artillery - within a factory hall. Because the Imperium of Man is like that. Edit: Fail, didn't realized the Vehicle-Rule Spacecraft also allowed for in-atmosphere flight. First part (now deleted) was written under the assumption of Starhawks and ships with only the Spacecraft-Trait not being able to enter the atmosphere of a planet.
  11. Please note that it's very difficult to port characters between DH2/OW/BC and RT/DW/DH1, mostly due to the different system. Why not let them start new and let them discover the Impact their Characters had from the end of the campaign onwards? Or let them view the events from a different perspective? My 2 thrones.
  12. Not just you - get everyone in the group involved, in order to really get your point across. One player talking to me about the game sucking? For me as a GM a reason to ask everyone else if there are problems, but your GM does not seem to be that type. I do hope you find whatever solution is best and most fun for all of you though
  13. Talk to your GM as a group, with everyone, telling him about your collective expectations about that "Empire-Building" stuff, as directly as possible (But be polite, as I won't be responsible for any injuries during a potential brawl. I endorse violence only against NPCs and PCs) If things doesn't change, hire a new GM. Roleplaying is about fun and if the majority of the group (the players, mostly) are not having fun, the GM has failed.
  14. Yeah, play your baddies intelligent, use all the moves they can use and the players should be sweating a bit. A far bigger Problem I see, however, is the Church of the Damned Adventure: If they're already on Ascension-Level, they're probably (in)famous enough to be known by the ecclesiarchy, thus making the whole undercover-part pointless, but perfect time to let the players control a group of Acolytes under the command of their Characters. Another few Ideas I had is using a lot of sidegroups, with a group of soldiers fighting in the war, a group of heretics trying to please their lords and should the PCs die in the final fight, have a group of Grey Knights come to the rescue - controlled by the players
  15. I think there are a few drugs which increase willpower for specific purposes (resisting Fear/Possession etc etc) Don't know what you need the increased Willpower for, so I can't exactly give more detailed tips
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