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  1. Heres some of the stuff I've been working on.
  2. I don't feel like it's an incredible disadvantage to play against the allies but looking at the associated heroes indicates on an inconsistency in movement, meaning they A: Can't group up or B: One of the stats is off. Not being able to react to movement plus the speed does feel a bit much, They would still kick A** with fast and jump. They do tend to be the squads that end up breaking me.
  3. The rule book states that the Grim reapers, the Hammer Boys, and The Tank kilers, can move 12" Their respective heroes with jump can only move 6 Now, for a hero to join a unit, it must have same ARMOR and same move? Which one is right? With a movement of 12" can they march for a crazy number of 24"??
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