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  1. the long island meta is either dead or has banished me because i haven't gotten an email about a meet up since 2012, but so it goes ive been holding myself over with the long but rewarding Battles of Westeros and since my wife surprisingly likes giant monsters i recently got into the dead ccg Monsterpocalypse, too bad i never got to try out my everyone dies martell deck
  2. well Stark is by far the strongest but i think Lannister is second using Shagga can be a real beast and Lannister has some very good Commanders, Baratheon is last hjust because i find that the honorable keyword is such a problem for me, most of my offensive strategies revolve around flanking
  3. ok So i just played Steel Rain skirmish and a few things came up that i wanted to ask for help with -the skirmish card says place terrain within 4 hexs of your boards edge? doesnt that leave the whole middle of the board open like a giant braveheart battle? maybe we set up incorrectly but thats what we did and it made it so the 2 armies had very clearly defined sides of the battle? - in a scenerio like Steel Rain where your only real objective is to not get units killed while killing your enemy, what benefit is there to actually engaging your opponents army, for the first 3 rounds we barely risked anything, just slowly inching up while firing off ranged attacks it made for a very boring scenerio - When using the crossbowman aimed shot ability against a red unit i discarded a green token and used Kevan Lannisters add 2 ability to have them roll 4 dice against a red rank calvary and eliminated them with 3 greens, this isn't a question i just thought it was really cool - what do we do in case of a tie at the end of the game - whenever my opponent would have only one figure left in a unit he would retreat that unit back to his board edge, so we wouldnt give me the VP, seems like a crappy way to avoid losing, anything i can do to stop this outside of calvary running him down -what do you use to mark VPs dice? a tokens? - if a command card says order 3 units of the same rank can you only order 2 if thats all you have available? - a blue ranked house brax pikeman unit is attacking a green rank calvary inside a forrest, the pikeman are in hedgehog formation, how many dice do they attack with? - this scenerio seemed lacking for me, anyone else have a better choice, the only expansion i dont have is Brotherhood
  4. do people have a favorite skirmish, im gonna play one tommorrow and im not sure if were gonna play Steel Rain, Westerlands Bounty or the Lions Den, just curious if people had one they thought was more enjoyable
  5. ive played through the first 7 core set scenerios and 1 of the wardens of the west and 2 skirmishes, imo the most fun scenerios are Wolf Raiders and Battle of the Green Fork. i really liked wolf raiders because of the burning of tents and the palisades and i still find Battle of the Green Fork to be the most fun because as a Lannister player your lack of information makes it interesting and as a Statrk player its interesting trying to feint your opponent. in my noobish opinion i felt like Clash at the Kingsroad was easier for Stark Paying the Piper was easier for Lannister Riverlands Rescue was easier for Stark Battle of the Green Fork was easier for Stark Whispering Wood was easier Lannister Wolf Raiders was even Rallying the Remnant was easier for Stark
  6. continued. I think Targaryen, Greyjoy and Wildling would be the easiest for an army expansion While Warrios Sons/ Poor Fellows, Tyrell, Arryn, Frey, and Martell are the easiest tio imagine as ally expansions
  7. Well ithink targaryen makes the easiest case for another big box expansion Seven commanders are easy, Daernarys Targaryen, Ser Barristan Selmy, Ser Jorah Mormont, Khal Drogo, Aegon Targareyn, Rheagar Targaryen, Jon Connington Units are easy, Sellsword calvary, Unsullied Infantry, Dothraki Calvary, Dothraki Calvary Archers, Newly Made Knights, Freedman, and Brazen Beasts But the actual scenerios would be rough i think greyjoy would be the easiest but i think its more likely to have a Tyrell Ally expansion like Tully, Knight of Flowers, Mace Tyrell and Garlan Tyrell, another easy one would be a Frey ally expansion, with Black Walder, Hostern and Rheagar
  8. god **** i cant believe i lost that game to you i was at 18 power and you just kept bouncing mance off the board. good deck and well played glad you enjoyed the experience
  9. one game in my melee group we wanted to experiment with less defined alliances so all table talk about the gamr itself was banned and rach pkayer got a pen and paper. each round each player could send one note or raven to any other player but the other player but no other talk about the game . not saying its a fix but it was definitly a fun variant for added paranoia
  10. how many times does the word collusion appear in this thread
  11. The Cossack said: jack merridew said: "A pedant is a person who is excessively concerned with formalism and precision, or who makes a show of his or her learning." calling a hyperbolic statement hyperbole would fall firmly in the category of keeping a discussion honest. Thanks for making a show of your learning there. ;P it was a show of your misuse of the word. . . . . =/
  12. The Cossack said: jack merridew said: Twn2dn said: . If you don't win with your control deck, as Chad pointed out in another thread, then you're OK. But if you win, better watch out because winning with the same deck = collusion. Hyperbole Pedantry "A pedant is a person who is excessively concerned with formalism and precision, or who makes a show of his or her learning." calling a hyperbolic statement hyperbole would fall firmly in the category of keeping a discussion honest.
  13. Twn2dn said: Dobbler said: widowmaker93 said: Remember when Melee was a viable format for competitive play? Me neither. That is simply nowhere near the truth. The melee game has absolutely grown on me over the years. I would still play in Melee worlds even if it no longer factored into the overall championships. Some people might find aspects of it not to their liking. Thats fine. But it is still a viable format for competitive play. I agreed 100% up until the November 9 ruling. Frankly, there are now so many murky rules and even murkier enforcement that it's just not fun, and I certainly can't consider it a serious format. I enjoy playing control decks, and it seems to me the vast majority of decks (probably all of the decks) that will be affected by the murkiness of this collusion ruling will be control decks. Had DC brought rush decks to the melee, nobody would be complaining if three were at the finals table. Since they brought control, they were disqualified. Does this mean that any group of metamates who bring the same control decks to melee should be DQ'd, while bringing rush decks is OK? I guess it really comes down to whether they win. If you don't win with your control deck, as Chad pointed out in another thread, then you're OK. But if you win, better watch out because winning with the same deck = collusion. Twn2dn said: . If you don't win with your control deck, as Chad pointed out in another thread, then you're OK. But if you win, better watch out because winning with the same deck = collusion. Hyperbole
  14. ^^^^ sry i just copy and pasted, this is a session for The Battle of the Green Fork
  15. backround i play lannister always and my opponent plays stark always as they represent our 2 favorite houses. We are working our way through the scnerios and i just started painting and bought the 2 wardens expansion so hopefully we get better as time goes on' just looking at the scenerio before Stark even places his tokens i am positive that he will be ignoring the tokens around the Mountain. the only other scenerio that i had the Mountain i absolutley demolished his forces with him and his 4 capture rating. so i was expecting him to plant the tokens all around Marband and towards the eastern middle flank. Round 1 starts and with speed he starts moving robb and all of robbs forces toward the middle of the board, i respond with pushing kevan my archers up onto the tokens and take a few fires even with off balance that actually hit. he completely ignores karstark and his whole flank this round and focuses his efforts on robb and his war host of the North, he rallys around robb and is able to take a few of the hills. I decide to take advice i got on here about Marband and his offensive abilities and attack the outlying war host units with my calvary and again do decent enough damage i think 7 hits spread between 3 units Round 2 starts and he is using robb as a battering ram, he eliminated my archers on one of the locations and advanced capturing one flag. he surprised me with Karstark and ran over to the western flank of my center landing on a location and taking it. and again i started using Marbands troops and started just wrecking his guys left behind. using Marbands flanking ability and pursue he gets another token after my archers die to his red war host Round 3 Nothing Happens, seriously i move around some more he brings some of his war host up closer to the center, oh and he uses grabs another token with the war hoston the west near gregor, this whole time the Mountain has been on top of what i correctly guessed was the only green on that whole flank. he did pretty much nothing the entire time. Round 4 If Marband was this good in the books the war would have been over in half the time, marband eliminates another blue war host pursues and eliminates the rest of his green archers. since hes so focused on the center i completely abandon the eastern positions and move my other blue calvary towards the middle to help agains his red war hosts, he snags 1 more token and starts to move his 2 soldier archer unit away from the calvary. i kill a lot more of his soldiers, seriously the death toll right now is like 8 to 26. Round 5 i am decimating his forces in the center, kevan keeps giving his 2 dice ability to blue ranks and i am dominating on flank attacks. but his lone green archer on the east of the board moves his 2 onto the marker i abandoned and wins the game. . . . . . at the end of round 5, in a game i was killing everyone. Turns out Gregor and Kevan were both sitting on the other green tokens, i had thought there was one underneath my red pikeman which is why i abandoned my position and this scnerio really made me more of a fan of this game thoughts - I no longer hate Marband, his flanking ability coupled with Pursue 2 made him into a beast this game. granted i have never really like him before this scenerio but maybe i was using him incorrectly. he personally took 4 units off the board this game. - i still cant believe i lost, when i was breaking his army in so soo many ways, but this scenerio wasn't about that and i got too scared about losing the center that i gave up the east and the win - most balanced scenerio so far IMO, having to go against Karstark and Robb is rough but giving them no other calvary helped even it out, even almost captured the karstark, 4 dice 3 blue and a valar, but it was infantry attacking - really easy to set up with barely any terrain and a useless forrest hex right at the top - gregor might as well be called the turtle, if hes not in the action it takes 4 rounds to get him even close - i both understand starks decision to leave gregor alone and hate him for it, really made the scenerio feel much much smaller - this game really made me appreciate Kevan and Marband much more than i did before Both of Kevans abilities helped me to maintain his hex and Marband was the Demon of the Green Fork in terms of his attacks - Heavy Infantry is overrated IMO, the heavy armor trait didnt help me nearly as much as advance or pursue - I Hate Robb Stark
  16. yea i could play wildling i guess, it just feels vulnerable to Choke and Kneel any chance we can get together at the Game table one night to test out my 3 options, would really help with picking the best choice
  17. I'll be there competing for the Sansa Stark award, hopefully with some ill conceived deck like Martell Dayne, Greyjoy Holy or Lannister Knights
  18. I started playing at the start of the 60 card model with the Brotherhood cycle, through the entire time ive been playing the game i have never once witnessed a cycle come out or be announced and just been blown away by what it was, Maesters blew me away because Fatmouse made it pretty clear early on how much it would dominate the scene but i have yet to see something really get me excited about buying it and seeing how it works. . . . except the expansions. . i've been around for Baratheon, Targaryne and Lannister and all of them got me really really excited for the game, maybe i just need another one to get me amped up. heres hoping for a Roberts Rebellion box
  19. ok so we played Riverlands Rescue and i got pretty slapped up it took until turn 4 before my contingent of pike man with Kevan even reached the river crossings and by that time Stark had set up pretty well with his archers and war host, i was able to hold the western crossing with marband but once Stark got over there he pretty easily captured Marband and with the Karstark holding down the middle and eastern crossings i was dead by the end of Turn 4, couldnt push anyone off the fords or bridges and he got his instant victory - surprised how weak i find dogs of war, i dont fear them at all and find them pretty fragil against my pikeman -some units are so slow it makes it such a hassel to even get them into battle -still hate marband -switching Karstark and Robb confused me but robbs such a beast i couldt really do anything to him either - Kevans Ability with Archers was good advice, thank you looking foward to the Battle of the GreenFork and getting The Mountain back under my control, any tips for lannister would be greatly appreciated -also just strated my painting process, started with the Bear Island Shieldmaidens because were not gonna use them for a while, cant believe how quickly a can of primer goes, now onto painting the bases green
  20. Romeny is running a Targaryen deck that has a lot of moving parts, sometimes it looks dangerous sometimes it looks weak but most of the time no one knows what the hell is going on Obama is Running Stark Siege, starts strong, has a few hiccups and looks beatable until it rises up again freezing you where you stand like Fear of Winter
  21. if i may ask Which version of Robert, Stannis and Knight of Flowers?
  22. if i may ask Which version of Robert, Stannis and Knight of Flowers?
  23. When you little scamps get together, you're worse than a sewing circle. but seriously my favorite part of this little witchhunt was hearing people associated with the collusion at the Melee Table complain that if Penfold is in fact Damon he might be snooty towards them. . . . . .. . . .. . . . . better get those torches
  24. Lannister4live hopefully you respond because no one else seems much into these forums im playing Riverlands Rescue tonight as Lannister and im pretty stuck strategy wise, the Karstark is a beast but Robb Stark and his troops seem pretty formidable as well, my frist thought was to take all my troops west towards the inns and the stark objective point, then hopefully hold my ground there while picking off some of the green Stark troops and hoping to edge by him by round 5 in VPs. is this bad commanding or should i maintain the split Lannister forces and engage both Karstark and Robb? seems like a risky play for lannister either way with the crap commande3rs of Kevan and Adam
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