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  1. Any information how many copies there will be available at Essen 2011? -Nick
  2. Why is this inconsistent with the text for the Egyptians? The civilization sheet for the Egyptians says: Start with a free ancient wonder drawn at random in their capital. Once per turn, during City Management, the Egyptians may build an unlocked building for free by using an action. Nothing more.
  3. You are right, there is nothing said in the rules. I asked the FFG support for that. At BoardGameGeek there is a video from Essen fairy and at roughly 7:40min it is said that entering the space to the second cultural level (2 columns), all remaining ancient wonder cards in at the market board are drawn off and replaced by the 4 medieval wonder cards, the same for cultural level 3 and modern wonders. I hope the support can confirm that. -Nick
  4. I was a lucky guy and got one. I recently wrote a short review on BoardGameGeek which will hopefully be online today. I will also upload a technology and wonder overview today evening (CET).
  5. The game IS sold at the Essen fairy for 55€. That's what I can confirm. Greetings from Germany
  6. Hi, do you have any date for publishing the rule book and will the game be presented/sold at Spiel '10 in Essen in October this year? -Nick
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