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  1. Lynata, if you disagree with the way all of this is written, then write your own rules. It's painfully obvious to the rest of us that you just want to whine about...something. If that is the case, call Glenn Beck. Otherwise, drop it. I know of no one else on the boards who eats as much space per page as you. Most of it is nitpicking. If you can't have a good time with the game then don't play. BTW, Dragon Age is crap. A tabletop RPG based off a video game RPG based off a tabletop RPG? Give me a break. Anyone who wants to really write up WH 40K in a game should check out the HERO system. Of course, no one (including myself) who plays FFG's version wants to put as much time as is needed into devising WH 40K using the HERO system. I believe that FFG has a solid system. Space Marines, pound for pound, are going to outdo Inquisition in damage output. They're going to be better at combat (which includes better weapons, overall) because they're the best humanity has to offer. On occasion, the Adepta Sororitas may get a bolter that is an equivalent to an Astartes bolter, but that's the exception, not the rule. Live with it. Remember, WH 40K is thematically designed to be in a longer, higher tech Dark Ages. Nuns with guns are not going to be treated as special as the Angels of Death because they don't have the proper equipment. It sucks, but it runs that way. If you don't like it, that's too bad.
  2. As to the flying enemies bit, I was running Extraction, the module from the back of the book. I used the guidelines and the chart on pp 384-385. That's all. It could have been much worse. The problem was that they got surrounded and slipped into D&D mode. They still have the mindset of party as opposed to team. Unfortunately for them, they were in the middle of an open area with no cover or concealment.
  3. Fear imposes up to a -30 on Willpower tests and can kill cohesion, but that's all it does to them. I took it easy on them. I allowed them to enter squad mode before the Shrikes landed. My players should be grateful for that, but they had no idea what they were doing. This was the first time that any of them played in a WH40k game. If an enemy possessed of the same fear rating had attacked them in DH, it would have been much worse. As it stands, I take the blame for this. I assumed my players read the book at least a little. There's the rub...assumption. I did not want to "lead them by the nose" so to speak, so I let them handle the situation as best they could. At least, I thought they could handle it. Live and learn. Apparently, I should be more proactive in my role as a GM.
  4. That is a bad idea all the way around. Nascent. Psyker. Astartes. Not cool. Imagine what would happen. Mortals are hard enough to contain. Space Marines..? I shudder. I suppose it might make an interesting story. Of course, anyone who knows 40k knows could predict the outcome. Please keep that suggestion quiet before a fanboy reads it and it makes the web in fanfic or something.
  5. I'd say it's a valid question because, if you will remember, in Ascension for DH, the Primaris Psyker and the Inquisitor (Psykers can become Inquisitors) have access to Unnatural Willpower all the way to x3. It's expensive, but it can be done. Combine the broad range of powers and abilities to which the Primaris has access and compare that to the powers available to a Librarian. Librarians don't stand a chance in that realm. Of course you could look at it this way, Primaris Psykers can't do what a Librarian can. Really, if it comes down to a showdown between a Lib and a Prim, my money's on the Lib. This is simply because the Lib wears power armor, knows how to use a bolter and could, with bare hands, rip a Prim assunder. All-in-all, it's your choice, but I wouldn't do it. Remember that Librarians are Astartes first, no matter what.
  6. Okay, I see your point. Still, with their Biomorph descriptor (which makes them far deadlier than the stat entry) they seem to have a great deal of disparity in comparison to other Elite-tier enemies.
  7. The issue is moot. I understand the desire to want to run the games parallel to each other, but DH and DW just won't mesh like all of you are discussing. You could bring a Space Marine into a DH Ascension Game ( a la' Kill Marine) or you could let DW player take on the role of a Throne Agent, but it doesn't matter. Space Marines are meant to be more physically powerful than any other human. Their weapons hurt more because they are better crafted. Their promethium DOES burn hotter because it's purer than others'. They are the Emperor's chosen. This is not to discount the importance of the Inquisition. Space Marines are powerful, but subtlety is not what they do. The Inquisition is quiet, and what most Throne Agents can accomplish in an investigation, Space Marines would never be able to achieve. Also, in DH, it's kind of okay to voice your opinion. I would think that in DW, giving your Watch Captain a piece of your mind may get you beaten, if not shot for insubordination. I think being an agent of the Inquisition is much cooler than being a Space Marine. I like the espionage and detective work inherent to the theme. I like the idea of pulling yourself out of the mire of normal humanity and becoming something better. That's a lot of fun. However, there is something to be said for having the strength to dismember a Grox while barehanded. There's a scale of EPIC in DW's form and theme that's almost Biblical. If I were you, I wouldn't worry too much about Space Marines having Unnatural Characteristics. It really doesn't matter that much. Yes, they can take a lot of punishment, but Tyranids and Tau dish a lot more. I wouldn't want to place any DH character against a horde of Hormagaunts. None of them would last long.
  8. I agree. First founding bragging rights are entirely worth more.
  9. Yeah, all of that would have been nice, except that they were all rank 1, they chose the Dev to be the leader; he has no Command and only 32 Fellowship. When they got ambushed by the Shrikes dropping from the sky, their Fear rating destroyed any Cohesion to be had. It wasn't pretty. No Cohesion = no Squad mode; no Squad mode = death, destruction, mayhem. On top of that, they succeeded at maybe 25% of the rolls, if that. Regardless of any of those factors, they could have succeeded if they didn't have to wear down enemies with 48 Wounds and a soak of 18. It was a bad time all around. I am an advocate for my players, but I also believe in letting my players do as they see fit. I want to see that they succeed. This is my problem. The high damage threshold combined with the maneuverability and damage output is problematic, especially for new players. Maybe I ran the scenario wrong. I don't know, but I would like a legitimate answer to the question of the high amount of wounds. I don't especially care how your group fared in the situation.
  10. I honestly do not understand why the Tyranid Warrior has as many wound points as it does. With its UT and AP it should be able to shrug off most attacks that Initiates can throw. Unfortunately, I almost had a party wipe because the team couldn't overcome 5 Shrikes. I had a Tac, Dev, Tech, and Apo, but no luck. Doc went down first, then the Tech. At that point, they retreated and retrieved the bodies later (more than -15 wounds on each). Part of this is because the players are new to the game, but the other part is that they should have been able to kill at least one before 2 Battle-Brothers bit it. What gives with the high amount of wounds, especially compared to other creatures/antagonists of Elite status?
  11. That is a far more eloquent summary of my statement. Bravo. Sometimes I need a proofreader and an editor.
  12. To me, it doesn't seem any more implausible than their ribcage becoming a solid bone vault, or the ability to stay awake for hundreds of days without threat of psychosis or tech-priests removing parts of their brains to provide more room for computers, no more, no less. Spit acid, Marines. It makes sense in their universe. I accept this if I'm willing to accept the bolter.
  13. I'm a bit of a rules lawyer, but there are some situations that I believe require the GM to interpret the rules in a creative manner because the designers didn't foresee the consequences of the rule as it was written (not written). I am a veteran who has handled, maintained and fire many types of firearms. I have a fair grasp of their function, so I address the rules from that vantage point. Single shot is optimal for accuracy and economy of ammunition. Burst (or, as the game designers call it, semi-auto), is a fair balance of rapid-fire firepower, accuracy and maintenance of ammunition. However, it is less accurate. Although full auto is highly inaccurate, it is attractive for engagements where overwhelming firepower will nullify a threat efficiently. Players should not automatically have access to the ability to automatically place called shots with single shot. Called shots should be challenging to a player. Where is the sense of reward if you can "pip the ace" with every squeeze of the trigger? Also, there are talents available to reduce and/or eliminate penalties to called shots. Removing the penalty from the jump invalidates these talents. There's no need to re-edit the book. With burst fire, there should be no option for the number of rounds fired, but the burst attack should be a standard attack, with the option to move as normal. In this case, I would not allow called shots. That's too much. I have some experience with burst fire. It takes no more time to fire on burst than it does to fire single shot. I know for a fact that moving and shooting are the same either way. Full auto is a different story... the rules accurately reflect this.
  14. So, I've been researching Calixis Sector as best I can, but there's just not enough info to provide me with the answer to this question: are there any Space Marine chapters (discounting Grey Knights and Deathwatch) in Calixis Sector?
  15. So, I've been researching Calixis Sector as best I can, but there's just not enough info to provide me with the answer to this question: are there any Space Marine chapters (discounting Grey Knights and Deathwatch) in Calixis Sector?
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