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  1. @ Gregorious21778; think of the marshall as a judge dredd figure, while the mortiurge is more like the punisher!
  2. 2. though with such a low willpower, id invest in an advance or two as well!
  3. if none of your team speak german, i would recomend rammstein; german industrial rock, very good for hive and forge worlds
  4. Gregorious, as a long time gaunts ghosts fan, let me say this. Throughout the series, the regiments master sniper, Hlaine "mad" Larkin, refers to using a special type of sound suppressor designed for the long las variant sniper rifle; although the exact nature of the suppressor is not mentioned, in the novel "Ghostmaker", Larkin explains that he uses the suppressor because hes a sniper and doesnt want to be seen
  5. cant you just frag the imbecile? on a more diplomatic note; why dont you start stepping back when he goes into combat? just let your character hang back for a round here and there, show a little hesitancy. let the scum take more than his share of bullets. when he questions why you held back, say that when you looked at him, he appeared a little distorted, like he was in the middle of a heat haze. do this sparingly, but when he needs you the most, and as long as you dont make it obvious what youre doing. if he asks for an explaination ooc, say that your psyker has become concerned by the amount of attention his character is paying her, and has become shy/nervous about aiding him too much lest he turn on her for every helpful act she performs
  6. rayze

    In Memoria

    this stuff is literary crack. I NEED more!!! please!
  7. dreadnought are a nod to the anime "patlabor"
  8. corebook pg49 rank; magister psy rating 2 @300xp psy rating 3 @500xp
  9. shotguns with inferno shells, frag grenades, fire bombs. the emperors gift to taking out retarded psykers!
  10. yes you were mad. in fact, you were f***king mad. but i take my hat off to you sir(?) for taking on such a challenge. also, who says a little madness is a bad thing?
  11. i always saw the creatures in the mist as those from the poem beowulf; they come with the mists, kill everything that crosses their path, then fade away again without trace. otherwise, i'd personally use a bastardised form of shamanism/voodoo to represent both their folklore, and their planetary specific psychic powers/history
  12. description of shields states that using a shield to attack is -20. i personally would have that stack with the -10 from the defensive quality. however, a decent gm could house rule a talent that would offset some of that penalty due to training/techniques
  13. i believe that it means, as suppressive fire is a random burst of unaimed shots( more or less), good quality armour doesn't get the +1 on the first hit. christ alone knows if i'm actually right. my grammar may be good, but i can be incredably dense at times
  14. they don't get it, as far as i can tell
  15. rank 4. "renegade"; eighth line of talent/skill box; deadeye shot 100 xp requires ballistic skill of 30+
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