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  1. OK then, your answers seem to leave no doubt about how to understand this. Thanks everybody !
  2. What... just one answer ? Thanks Parathion for replying, but... does that mean nobody cares ? Or does everybody agree with you ? Descent players, I need your "two cents" !
  3. Ok so we've got a real big problem with this one, regarding the boss "Gorg the Crusher" and his special action described as following : "when adjacent to a rubble [...] can pick it up and throw it instead of attacking normally." So, here's the question : is the OL allowed to play "Rage" on Gorg, attack, move, and then pick up a rubble and throw it ? We've had a real big debate on this, depending on the reading : - The OL understands it as "Gorg can pick up a rubble and throw it instead of making his attack. Picking up a rubble and throwing it is worth one attack", so with two attacks, he can replace any of them with a throwing. In fact, he could even pick and throw two rubbles if adjacent to two of them. - I understand it as "Gorg can pick up a rubble and throw it instead of attacking this turn", so after resolving the first attack, he can not decide to convert the second one to a throwing. Your thoughts ? Any official answer or rule that could help ? Thank you for your answers
  4. Hello, everyone. I've got a question about spawning monsters on island levels : Can the OL spawn his monsters ON the trees ? - If he can, it is based on the idea that figures inside trees get shadowcloak and are "invisible" to non-adjacent figures. So he can spawn on ANY tree provided no hero is adjacent to that tree (but if the hero is two spaces away from the tree, you can spawn on it). We used that understanding of the rules last time, and it was quite hard to handle for the heroes. - If he can only spawn behind the trees, then how does he spawn large creatures ? Sounds difficult. Thanks for your answers.
  5. Well well well... thanks everybody for your comments ! I fear we'll have to wait to get the final anwser, but this issue seems worth a FAQ update ! Meanwhile, I think my players and I will have to roll another die just to know how the damage applies...
  6. James, you've got my players' reading of the rule, you're not helping me ! Just kidding... the more we debate, the closer we get to an official answer !
  7. Hello everyone ! Here's the question : When a large figure (ex : ogre) moves one step into two squares with aura (ex : bottle imp, aura 1), does it take : 1/ the aura damage once ? (1 damage) 2/ the aura damage for each square with aura ? (2 damages) I know the answer to the question can be found here http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=4&efcid=1&efidt=298474&efpag=0#298482 and here http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=4&efcid=1&efidt=294970&efpag=0#295006 , but I'm playing with a party of real stubborn players, so I'd like real clear answers to this problem. Multiple answers would be perfect, to avoid the "that's just one guy's interpretation of the rules" syndrom.
  8. Hello dear overlords and nasty adventurers, I am myself an aspiring GREAT EVIL, playing the overlord in a Road to Legend campaign with a bunch of cunning heroes. So I'm here to ask you people a question about the red dark glyph, because its description seems really incomplete to me. It mentions that the activation and each use of that summoning glyph grants the OL the right to spawn 2 monsters (see list) following the normal spawning rules... What does that mean exactly, in the Road to Legend case ? Does the spawn effect count as a spawn card, or does it just refer to the usual line of sight rule ? What about the spawn marker ? Does it have to be face up, or the effect is canceled ? Do you flip it down when the effect is triggered ? Or is it totally independant, and can be triggered multiple times in a turn (should the heroes decide to be generous to their lovely little OL friend ? If a spawn is triggered, does it burn the one spawn per turn limit, or does it let the OL use a spawn card in its following turn ? Thank you for your replies, they'll help me press my advantage (twice the amount of XP ) on these pesky adventurers trying to counter my evil plot !
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