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  1. You could steal an idea from the old "werewolf the apocalypse" game, and have any duel set up by an agreed upon third party (chaplin, maybe?) who is charged with coming up with a balanced challenge. Anything from a sword duel, to wrestling, to an obsticle course, etc. That way, it's up the to Emperor who is more right...
  2. Nimon said: darknite said: It is basic math, if you duel wield you get 1d10+StB+1d10+StB , if you two hand wield it is 2d10+StB, which one is more? Even a 12 year old gamer would go duel wielder instead of 2h with this being the case. While the StB often outclasses the Armor and Toughness bonus, don't forget that if you attack with two attacks they will be applied twice, so the math is actually a little more complicated than you are saying.
  3. Also, I noticed that you bought Dodge. if you check pg 36, it states you start with dodge. The character sheet is missing a couple things you start with.
  4. Reading through this thread I've been struck by one thing: Two different people have specificly excluded unique models and characters from what should be considered possible in their games. Not what should be normal, but possible. Given FFG has stated repeatedly that DW characters are intended to grow into being such characters, I find it odd that so many people refuse to consider that DW kill-teams brothers are NOT a tactical squad, but are a unique group of hero units. Everything I've read and heard shows that for a large problem the IG might send 5000 men with navel support, the Marines might send a company of 100 with heavy armor, but the deathwatch would send 4 guys in a pod. Also, to keep this rule related.. a reason (other than the logistical one brought up already) not to give two bolters to every Tac Marine is that they are not trained for it, and may not be easily trained for it. While the RPG gives every DW candidate Abidex, and the two weapon fighting talent may cover every ranged weapon, a "normal" tac marine may not have either, let along both.
  5. Charmander said: Mjoellnir said: Direct quote from OE: "This situation is made more interesting by the fact that Cobb has no command over the Kill-team, nor do they have any authority over him." Which is a bit odd to me, as in other places it indicates that the DW speaks with the full authority of the Inquisition, but in places like this it seems to contradict itself. Based on my reading (which is almost entirely from the various RPG books) , a full on Inquisitor would not be able to give that order (or at least, not directly. I can see a few indirect ways) The Imperium seems to be set up with all the different branches that are equal, with no one branch being higher rank than any of the others (other than the Lords of Terra themselves) but each being supreme in their own area. In many ways it reminds me of the Scarlett Empire (in exalted), in that it was never really intended to function without the central leadership. Now, if an Inquisitor either believes, or is willing to say he believes, that the captain is fleeing because he's tainted in some way, or being mind controlled, or such, he has the power to remove the captain from power, which leaves the 1st officer in charge, and most likely unwilling to go against the Inquisitor, but that is an indirect way (which is, IMHO, how the Inquisition generally works, based on FFG's choice of creating Influence from Ascension.) Don't forget your grain of salt, Larin.
  6. Friend of the Dork said: Anyone else noticed that a tankard of ale costs more than a whole days wages for a servant? It gets worse. Anyone notice that the cost for a day's work from a unskilled worker is less than their daily wage?
  7. I also made Pilot:personal basic for SM and added the sniper rifle to their training, for exactly the reasons given. It's interesting that so many of us are making exactly the same changes.
  8. No. There is no XP cost in changing party sheet, either from basic to advanced, or between two basic, or from an advanced to a basic.
  9. The implants do do something other than make the later stuff available. Trait:Mechanicus Implants, Sidebar, pg 133. Under respirator Unit - "granting a +20 bonus to resist airborne toxins and gas weapons." It's not much, which I think is why they also get inproved cover.
  10. Sorry, I may not have been clear. It's when I changed groups that I ran into problems, as thought I knew how to play the game, having played for over a year. I came off as dishonest and lost a lot of respect from the new group.
  11. I would argue that your responsibility to your gaming group is to tell them the official ruling, then if you disagree with it, tell them what you are doing different. I think this because I have walked into a game I thought I knew how to play, only to find out the GM that taught my group was house-ruling left, right, and center, and not telling us. That made for a bad couple games, until I reallized that I could not trust anything I thought I knew.
  12. (slightly off topic) Type X damage does 1 additional hit, not +1 damage per hit
  13. Cleric Cromwell said: KommissarK said: I don't believe it attaches to a weapon, but its not like the sights would stack, so why ask? as a devastator marine i've noticed that there are relatively few add-on options for my heavy bolter, she's pretty lethal is she is, but overwhelming firepower is the name of the game for me, so since i can't equip a red dot or telescopic sight to the HB, the astates targeter seems like a great option, but so does the motion predictor, which i believe counts as a sight, so if i can get my hands on what is basically all 3 then thats exactly what i plan to do You might also look at the Diagnosticator Helmet. The bonus to Medicea might not ever come up for a devistator, but it also counts as a preysense sight, without taking up the "sight" slot on your HB. (all spellings from memory, since one of my players has my copy of the book)
  14. Quileurbist said: Atheosis said: They should also get Melta Weapon Training free if you ask me. All Deathwatch Marines have the Adeptus Astartes Weapon Training, so all of them know how to use Flame Weapons, Melta Weapons, Plasma Weapons, etc. There is no use to give such a specific talent to a Space Marine. I can actually think of one small reason, which is to assist in creation of Salamanders that have not completed their training. There are a number of redundent things throughout the rules for that reason.
  15. The adventure in Edge of Darkness is short. On the other hand, it shows how to utilize the system for a social encounter better than anything in the core box set, and builds Ubersheik into a fleshed out location. At the end of the adventure my players basically informed me that the game was going to be based in the city from now on. I'd personaly rank Winds of Magic as the first suppliment to buy if you intend to use magic or chaos as theams in the game.
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