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  1. Hi, i been reading the rules for vehicle combat and now i have this questions: - Can a person with step aside be able to use jink twice in a round? - Is jink considered an evasion test? is jink affected by inescapable attack? - How do you rule jink if the character is using a clone field? (page 45 enemies without), could you jink twice? - Could a driver use dodge if he is attacked using the called shot action?
  2. well i have this question guys, how do they does this? every ship would need a navigator?, can they jump through the warp and just follow the ship where the navigator is?, how do you handle this?
  3. And there are some nasty bugs in thr app...i think meaby thast why the devs havent done, too much recently
  4. just bough the supplements and some skills cost more than it should, for example a +10 tof psynicience with 2 aptitudes cost 300 and it should cost 200. Edit: this bug happen everytime you add a new forbidden lore (havent tried with other lores), the only solution is to reinstall the app.
  5. Tried to make this, failed miserable xD. I just couldnt understand how to make excel auto fill some cells based on a selection :c
  6. This is what i was refering to. Jinx:....the operator can make a Challenging (+0) Operate test with a penalty equal to the vehicle’s Size trait. If he succeeds, he negates one hit from a single attack, plus one additional hit per degree of success he scores beyond the first...
  7. Ok after reading this combat action im not sure i understand it very well. So for example if someone is riding a size 6 vehicle, he gets a -6 penalty?, a penalty equally to the "modifier to hit"???
  8. Hi guys, i wanted to know how do you ha dle the energy needed to keep a power weapon on?, i personally never reallu cared about it, but after reading the power fist entry, this came to my mind, how much time do you think for example that the energy of a power sword would last?, and what doyou think would be the availability of a weapon battery????
  9. i agree with this, but remember too the craftsmanship of the cibernetics replacement, a best craftsmanship bionics doesnt need to be bulky (actually this ones can give bonuses to interactions and subtlety). So if he want to stack, I personally, would rule that he would need best craftsmanship cibernetics.
  10. have you consider doing a GM helper?? xD, honestly even tough the official app for dh2 is good for a player, i find it slow for a gm to use, a Gm tool, i dont know, where you could put your characters, npc and pc, an initiative helper, skills and trait (with somekind of explanations if you forget something), bullet counter and thing like that. I think something like that would be very very usefull.
  11. Does the reload button works for you guys?, it doesnt for me :c
  12. Honestly im not very sure, first lets consider this: "E (Energy): Using electromagnetic energies, photon blasts, or even arcane power fields, these weapons burn and scar with horrible effect." Im not sure if you can say that a laser is a "heat" based damage, i mean i does "burn" you, but extreme cold does too. UV light can damage your sking but not because it is heat based, its because it damage your DNA. But i honestly would say yes, but i would need more information about lasers to confirmate it.
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