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  1. I hope another company picks up BoN. I was talking with my club we would love to see more expansions. It is a terrific game. If we the fans keep asking for the expansions, that games producers will see that there is a market. And they will fill the demand.
  2. Does anyone know when the next installment of Battles of Napoleon is going to be on the market? I read on gameboard geek that it is called Grand Melee.
  3. Yes I know that they were mainly held in reserve, however the Guard made up a large portion of the army it would be nice to have them. The middle and the young guard did see a lot of action. Maybe my question should have been Where is the Guard?
  4. Flintloque and Slaughterloo are fantasy Nap. War games. If leading Wererat Highlanders is your thing or fighting Zombie Russians or Leading Elven French are your thing look for these games. Give me a good Napoleonic War Game any day I'm just glad it does not have 10000 figures like most minature games. Keep up the good work and keep it historical. Thanks
  5. First off let me say I love the game, everything. I have one question where is the Old Guard? For that matter where is the French Guard? I have been playing the scenarios and having fun, However the English have the Guard but the French are missing the iconic troops of the 1st Empire. Will they be making an apperance in the set or will cards be available for them. Waterloo without the Grumblers is missing something. By the way where is Napoleon. I know he only faught Wellington at Waterloo but ....?
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