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  1. I have never had a problem ordering from Mini Market, but I have also never pre ordered something from them.
  2. The roles aren't locked in casual play, when playing with friends as most people tend to do. Go nuts! When playing at a tournament or event it's about the same as playing with the guidelines of a banned/restricted list. If you think having roles creates stale decks look at other games and see how even without roles eventually all decks settle to an "efficient" deck and people just net deck that template.
  3. yeah it did seem kind of odd that their events weren't posted early on the first showing as they have been in the past. BUT it is not uncommon if they are trying to gauge what day would be best or their submission of events did not make it on time for the first go. It will mess up the schedule slightly since it will be hard to gauge the exact time., most likely it will be the same time slot as last year with no inaugural tournament (thankfully).
  4. Well you know. Common Courtesy is a thing when playing online or in person. Also thinking your way out of a problem is part of the game. I see people load up turn one run into something they don't like and just leave on second turn. Even when im losing horribly i try and play it out. If i can't I will concede to my opponent and tell them "didn't draw X or Y" or you got me with that last flop gg". There are games on there where people see you are about to win and say "i have to leave can't finish game" then they just leave. Don't say GG, don't concede or even admit they are defeated, nothing they just leave. I find that incredibly rude. There have been games where the opponent is smashing me to bits then i get a good turn or they run into the wrong province and the game turns for me... 20-30mins into the game i'm getting beat horribly but i hold on.. the second it turns against them they just leave... WHAT is that? When you play ANY game there is a social contract to be cordial. Just because people can hide behind a screen doesn't mean they don't have to care about not being a ****. I know people will say 'well i invested time and i'm not having fun 20 mins in..." i'm sure the first 20 mins you were playing and crushing your opponent it was "fun" the second the tides turn oh no.. no more fun for me this is a waste of my time let me just DC or leave game.
  5. I use vallejo paints, i like GW metals and some of their washes, but i think wash wise army painter/secret weapon have some really nice options. For primer i've been using Tamiya's Fine Surface Primer it's a little pricey but it was recommended to me and i've never used anything since it's one of the best i've used.
  6. But they aren't a waste of paper.. because other people can use them..
  7. I mean the Clan War miniature game WAS a thing by AEG. They could even use the same mechanics as Runewars and i think it would still be pretty successful... I actually have a few of the old minis and they are quite nice.
  8. They could of also benefited from a microphone or speaker system, that is my only gripe but in my matches (all 7) we never had a rules question so never had to call over a judge. They did the best they could (pax) on short notice it could of been even more of a ***** show but i honestly didn't notice it too much.. maybe i just had low expectations lol. I would go again as it is a nice get away and close (about an hours drive) to attend another grand event (gencon being the bigger one).
  9. Think my buddy is up to 7. But thats because he loves deck brewing and hates taking apart decks for certain cards. He is REALLY into card playing so he will play as many matches as possible back to back in the span of 6-8 hours on game days when we meet every saturday.
  10. I play FFG's other LCGs and the CORE boxes always stay relevant, look at ANY deck built and more so competitive decks and you will STILL see core box cards being used even after countless expansions. Also multiple cores lets you build multiple decks so on game nights you can cycle through decks and not get burned out just playing one clan OR you can bring multiple decks to teach people how to play.
  11. In casual play you are allowed to use any role you wish, store tournaments are up to the organizer but higher level tournaments official roles only or none (if you wish). So far everyone i've encountered at my local stores (i play at two different stores) no one has even questioned the use of current roles. As far as pack legality for premier events its 11 days but otherwise street date is legal for games. For myself I strictly follow the Roles because I tend to go to a lot of tournaments and don't want any complications the day of play.
  12. In the other LCGs and other ffg games regionals are done in gaming stores but not sure if they have any story effect or decision making at that level. At the regional level hatamotos can gain more points for their clan right? rather that is the minimum level for that to take effect?
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