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  1. Well, I probably shoudn't say this, but I just downloaded OCTGN 2 on my computer, the only problem is that it won't let me play Call of C'thulhu on it. I found and downloaded the definition and marker, then I downloaded the card packs, but it still won't let me play the game. I even made sure that they were all in a Zip Folder because for some reason OCTGN 2 will only play that. But it seems that everytime I try to manage my decks and install Call of C'thulhu, it won't even show in the folder that I designated them to (and no, the folder I put them in is not a Zip Folder, the Zip Folders are the ones that were downloaded). I am running on a Windows XP, and if anyone could help, it would be much appreciated, you can probably also find me on mibbit as Vorvadoss if you would like to live chat to make things easier.
  2. Hey, I finally found out how to play using the OCTGN v.2. program. For some odd reason it won't let me play any game that is on this site. But to anyone who would like to play a game of Magic the Gathering, I would be more than delited to invite you, just join the game using this IVP4. Just try to get in around 1300 hrs. central time. Other wise I might be at school or asleep.
  3. Well, I finally got the OCTGN program up and running, but alas, for my arifact of a computer will not allow me to play but Magic the Gathering. Oh, well, just wait till I have the opportunitey to buy the core set.
  4. Sorry, it just turned out that I didn't know what I was doing. But now, I just don't know how to run the game that I most desire. Is there any friendly advice you can give me?
  5. I just went and googled "Call of Cthulhu LCG free to play online" and it went to their homepage. After that it said that I had to register, and when I did they told me that they would go over my registration and email me when they approve it. It's not till then when they'll let me log on and use their website.
  6. No, it's not just that, it's that they basically have to email you to tell you if you're WORTH allowing to play on their website.
  7. Well, with the response that they gave me so far that seems that I must be worth it for them to let me play online, it almost makes me not want to join. Plus, it's been almost a week since I tried to register and they haven't given me another email saying that they approve my registration. So I guess that either they're to busy being high and mighty to read my registration, or they're just being too much of a jerk to want to let me register. Either way, I'm about to just give up on them. The real reason I put this topic up was so that I could find another way. You see, I currently lost my job so I have no way to buy a core set to play with. Not only that but I live in the festering ignorance that is Arkansas, so most people haven't even heard of Magic the Gathering, let alone Call of Cthulhu LCG. So the way I see it, if I could just find another way to play online for free so then A. I can actually play the game within my apperent budget (which is $0) and then I could play online with people who appreciate the game. Thanks for your response, Vorvadoss
  8. Hey, just happen to be curius as to if there is a way to play Call of Cthulhu LCG online for free. I tried a wesite called octgn.net, but the way they register you is that they view your registry, then email you on wether or not you are (for a lack of a better word) worthy to play on their website. Please, I realy love Call of Cthulhu (heck, I even downloaded the real Book of Dagon by the auccult) and I have never played the card game. I checked it out on this website and watched all the tutorial videos, so now I have a good grip on how the game is played. It just looks really exciting I would like to play it and I'm sure that I will get hooked on it easily. In need of assistance,Vorvadoss
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