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  1. This link appears to have expired. Does anyone have the link to download the final adept power conversion, please?
  2. I love the AFmk2. Both in design and practice. It brings me joy to see everyone refer to it as the space whale. My only quibble with wave 1 is that the Rebels have three unique ships, but the Empire only has 2. Its just a little bland on the grey side of the table.
  3. I have bought a number of pads from inkedplaymats and am always pleased with the speed and print quality of the product. It's printed on the mousepad foam and works great. You could buy two of their 36"x36" pads to put together, but it would not be cheap. I don't have experience with anyone else that does the mousepad mats. http://www.inkedplaymats.com/products/custom-playmat-36x36#.VVysdPlVhBc
  4. welcome to the internet I'm sorry, but this idiot is in the wrong here. You don't start a thread asking if people like or dislike the look of an item, and then condemn people for answering. The thread wasn't "why the Soace Guppy is the prettiest bulbous one engined starship ever designed" it was "I like its looks, others don't, what do you think?" It wasn't even "I'm building a list to win, here it is" followed by responses of "it's too fugly to be viable, I hate it and I hate FFG for ever building it!" If you don't want to see people answering a question you disagree with, in a thread asking people to either agree or disagree with an OPINION, then don't open the thread! I don't see why you're getting so worked up. He simply stated his opinion on the aesthetics. The only one getting their metal bikini in a wad here seems to be you. Step back and reread what he wrote. You can't chide someone for giving their opinion when they disagree with your opinion.
  5. Here's a mock up I just threw together for fun.
  6. You are a monster. Think of the families of those pilots! You're as bad as the Imperial scum we are trying to save this galaxy from. /endscene
  7. SKUs are killers for minis companies. That's why so many of them package in bundles rather than individuals. Less SKUs equal smaller catalogs. This means less individual products taking up shelf space in LGSs. Which by extension means those stores are more likely to be able to devote space to your product. Malifaux does this as well, Masters (the 39 different commander models), their themed henchmen, and their themed totems are only available in single combo boxes. Warmahordes is doing this more often and even that old dinosaur GW is having to turn to this (the Dark Elf Warrior box can make 1 of 3 or 4 models). That makes sense. I figured it was more of a production decision (I was thinking product packaging costs and such).
  8. I would assume that your choice to use X-Wings over A-Wings is based upon having only the core and two AFII's. I found your build intriguing so I took a stab at it: Each AFII has a different role in this set up. The Gallant Haven escorts the 3 or 4 of the X squadrons to the enemy team while the Paragon hangs back and peppers the opposing team or seeks out objectives. At 296, you have a good chance of initiative, but you could increase that if you want second player as the objectives are fairly beneficial to this setup. You can increase to 298 pts by swapping Enhanced Armaments on the Paragon for XX-9 Turbolasers and a Gunnery Team on the Haven. I can't see getting to 300 pts and maintaining build integrity, but maybe one of you can. I think that Luke is a valuable asset to this build as your squadrons are fairly limited and the Haven is really squadron focused (something I think this build benefits from). If you increase your component availability by adding a squadron expac, then we can really change things up. Having so many points invested in two ships and so little CAP support is going to be a major competitive struggle for this build, but I think it may be able to withstand a few teams. I almost want to pull some of the upgrades just to have a little Corvette to fly around for objectives and a distraction. Objectives: Advanced Gunnery - if your opponent chooses this one, you have a major advantage with the Paragon being able to hang back and pepper the same target from the one broadside. This also pulls some of the focus off the Haven which is truly the centerpoint of this build and its squadron control. I almost chose Precision Strike since all of the fighters have Bomber, but I really liked the idea of splitting the opponents focus between the two AF's. Fleet Ambush - You get to send your fighters in to engage faster and your opponent's forces are split. Dangerous Territory - The obvious advantage of being able to land on obstacles without effect for you, while your opponent takes damage is why I chose this. The Paragon can focus on reaching the objectives while the Haven & fighters can run interference. I almost went Superior Positions, but there wasn't as big of an advantage there. Anyway, it was a fun challenge given the restricted components.
  9. I wish they had released the starfighters differently. I'd rather pay $6-7 for each fighter type (bundles of two) than $20 for four fighter types.
  10. Wizkids? Why is it evil? There are many cases brought against Wizkids and why they are not a preferred publisher to most gamers. Personally, I have never been wow'd by their component quality and frequently disappointed (mangled miniatures, sloppy paint jobs). But the very worst problem I have with Wizkids is their terrible development and rules writing. So many games are released imbalanced or confusing. The best comparison for this forum is the Star Trek Attack Wing vs. X-Wing: The Minatures Game. STAW models look bland and cheap when compared to the stunning detail of the X-Wing games. Ships (from what I understand) in STAW are not very balanced, where XWTMG is heralded as a fine, tournament-worthy game of balance (in most cases, some strategies will always be more popular in any meta for any game). XWTMG promos feature alternate art, where STAW promos give you game changing, powerful, new dice or ships (or upgrades?). Not to mention, they really didn't have much developing needed to the AW franchise given that they licensed the rule set from an existing game so there isn't much excuse for the lack of balance to their game. TL;DR: Wizkids produces a product quality that is significantly lower than most modern publishers (especially FFG) and their competitive games frequently suffer from balancing issues.
  11. I appreciate where you're coming from in this comparison, but I would change up the comparisons a bit (unless you're going strictly off points). [Edit: I wouldn't compare the Y-Wing and the TIE Fighter as their roles in a battle are completely different. One is a bomber and the TIE Fighter is strictly developed for dogfights.] Y-Wing vs. TIE Bomber Lore: Y-Wing would come out in a dogfight due to better shields and the turret. Armada: The Y-Wing would likely come out ahead even though the black die has slightly better accuracy; 2 blue dice would over come the one less hit point. A-Wing vs. TIE Interceptor Lore: The A-Wing could take a hit or two, but in the end the Interceptor's firepower superiority would take it out. Armada: The Interceptor would come out ahead with the extra die in most cases; if there is a friendly squadron nearby granting Swarm, it's a no brainer in most cases. The A-Wing has a bit more flexibility being able to hit ships harder. X-Wing vs. TIE Advanced Lore: The TIE Adv was specifically designed as a counter to the X-Wing, and usually the pilots were some of the top guns of the Empire. I'd give the advantage to the TIE Advanced here. Armada: The X-Wing is superior to the Adv in most ways in Armada and only costs 1 more. Which leaves the TIE Fighter and the B-Wing, but these ships aren't really comparable. The Fighter is best lined up against the Z95 Headhunter for a 1:1 comparison (which is a fairly even fight), but as an EU fighter we probably aren't going to see the Z95 for a wave or two. The B-Wing is basically a cross between the X and Y wings giving it the dogfight ability of the X and the bombing capability of the Y. Unfortunately, the B-Wing is sorely under represented on paper in Armada. It'll be interesting to see if the increased firepower will make up for its sluggishness. Anyway, that's all my opinion and completely debatable.
  12. If you want to fly 100pts worth of Y-Wings, you'll need 5 packs... But we don't know how viable that's going to be. I really want to see it flown however. That being said, I'm probably only buying one pack for now. I don't want to end up in the same place as I did in X-Wing where I had more ships than I could field with expansion packs (specifically the "Aces" packs and the Rebel Transport). I suspect that we'll see some rereleases in this game as well. Two packs is probably reasonable, but I can't afford to blow as much money as I did on X-Wing. Especially if I get it to the table as frequently as I did X-Wing.
  13. Let the Advanced Sensors builds start rolling in... I'm going to put my money on the first build. A-Wings just don't pack the punch that you'd get from a single Ibby.
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