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  1. I know that with conflicting passives the first player decides the order, but I'm not quite sure how it works in the following scenario: I have a single standing Kingsroad (either winter or summer) in play with a King's Ground on it, so Vigilant and the Kingsroad's passive conflict and the first player decides. Easy enough. If the Kingsroad is kneeling however, is there a conflicting passive or will Vigilant always initiate first since the Kingsroad can't be used unless it is standing?
  2. Your opponent controls an active Dragonpit (characters controlled by opponents who do not have more cards in Shadows than you do get -1 STR.). You play Daenerys Targaryen (GotC). 3 printed STR and characters you control get +1 STR. Can your opponent respond with Pyrophobia? (Response: After a character's STR is reduced to 2 or lower by a card effect, return that character and all attachments on it to their owner's hand.) It is like the Bolton Refugee/Winterfell Castle/Dreadfort situation, where Pyrophobia can not be played because at the point of the response Dany's STR is 3?
  3. If you're using Maege you could add a copy of Winterfell Castle for the STR boost. The problem is winning a challenge with Maege though... Another way is to use the immune the events characters (like Damon Dance for Me or Riders of the Red Fork) and slap Nymeria on them. Targ decks often depend on just Dragon Thieves as their attachment control, so a unique attachment like Nymeria is safe. With events immunity, an attachment and a repeatable save it's safe from most things Targ can throw at it. Wolf Dreams can get you both Nymeria and the Riders. Event wise, Direct Assault gives you a STR boost and lets you steal a location. It also helps you out with your winter economy and puts some choke on the opponent. Dissension should hit most of their characters but may be a dead card against the rest of your meta. You can also attack the HoD location itself with A City Besieged or Rally Cry. As you're not running too many shadows The King's Law could also give you a turn's reprieve and metas nicely against the new Kingsguard decks. Hopefully some of that helps.
  4. Here's one from Damon about splitting your deck for Black Sails, reported by Lucasz Omasta on agotcards: "You may not count cards. The Black Sails Agenda reads, "When you reveal Black Sails as your agenda, shuffle your deck and cut it into 2 stacks." Counting cards is not cutting a deck once as indicated but making multiple cuts each of one card. And nothing in the card text indicates you may make more than a single cut. "
  5. Deadly only works if you double up on the flush and your opponent has no Kings. That's what I assume anyway, I haven't read the rules either.
  6. I don't know if anyone else was wondering this, but naval enhanced characters cannot be declared as naval attackers/defenders when knelt during Battle for the Shield Islands. Here's my email and reply: "Can kneeling characters be declared as Naval attackers or defenders during the Battle for the Shield Islands Epic Phase, in order to trigger the Black Sails agenda for example? The relevant text from the event: "Plot: After the dominance phase this round there is an epic phase during which each player may initiate a single challenge of his choice. Characters with 1 or more enhancements may be declared as attacker or defenders while kneeling."" "No. they can only be declared as regular attackers or defenders."
  7. mdc273 said: Shouldn't the game be about your ability to make good decisions, not your opponent's ability to prevent you from making decisions? No. The game, and probably every competitive game, sport, whatever, is all about limiting your opponents decisions as much as you can. Every Military challenge removes an option from the table. Every Intrigue challenge randomly removes a decision from their hand. Every Power challenge you win limits how many rounds they have to make decisions. By your logic every card is a NPE card.
  8. I don't really see how Margaery is worse than any kneel, control or removal effect in the game. In fact she's a lot more interactive. The knelt character still adds its STR and abilities to the challenge. One with its icons removed or whatever can't do anything in challenges.
  9. I don't think there was an FFG ruling on keywords but there was one that "loses all traits" means "all traits now and future": http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=18&efcid=4&efidt=749349&efpag=0#754763 From that we assumed it applied to "loses all keywords" as well.
  10. Black Betha: Response: After you win a challenge in which you have declared a attacker, kneel Black Betha to attach the top card of your discard pile face-down to a unique character as a duplicate (Limit once per round.) Can you use this effect to dupe a character that is immune to locations, since it doesn't choose the character as a target?
  11. You played Lethal Counterattack? *throws all decks into a gully*
  12. Word count on Agot wiki page: 7171 Word count on MtG wiki page: 10896 Word count on Yugioh wiki page: 5246 As we can clearly see Agot is far more popular than Yugioh, but not as good as Magic. SCIENCE!
  13. They're conflicting claim replacement effects rather than conflicting passives, but the outcome is the same - the first player decides the order they occur (with the 2nd effect being the claim that is applied)
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