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  1. Ok. Thanks for clarifying that!
  2. So what is being stated is R2 can take 2 wounds off the target and only place one wound token on him? He gets a 2 for 1 deal....... interesting. If this is correct, then R2 is very powerful in repairing.
  3. I don't think I am. If I am repairing 2 (Repair X), you are placing 2 wound tokens onto R2, not 1 for the 2 you remove. Whether you repair 1 or 2 damage, you are placing 1 to 2 tokens on R2. The last line of the rule is being ignored in your statement. This ability cannot be used if the card that has the repair x: capacity y keyword has a number of wound tokens on it equal to or exceeding y. So if the number of wound tokens (T) equals 1 (T=1), you do not equal or exceed and can use the ability 2x. But if the number of wound tokens(T) equals or exceeds 2 (T≥2) and you cannot use the ability because Capacity Y=2.
  4. But Capacity Y does not state 'the number of times Repair X can be used. ' This is where my confusion is stemming from. No where in the rules does it say this. Where did this statement come from?
  5. I have read this thread over and over and I do not think it is 2 or 4. RR page 59: REPAIR X: CAPACITY Y Repair x: capacity y is a free card ability and can be used as a free action during a unit’s activation. When a unit uses the repair x: capacity y ability, place one wound token on the card that has the repair x: capacity y keyword, and choose a friendly droid trooper or vehicle unit at range 1 and in line of sight. Remove a total of up to x wound, ion, and/or vehicle damage tokens from the chosen unit or restore up to x miniatures to that unit. This ability cannot be used if the card that has the repair x: capacity y keyword has a number of wound tokens on it equal to or exceeding y. The last line of the rule states 'This ability cannot be used if the card that has the repair x: capacity y keyword has a number of wound tokens on it equal to or exceeding y.' So if you have R2-D2 repair 2 the first time, he cannot repair again. You have now equaled the Capacity Y amount and cannot use the ability again according to the rule. Now if you repair 1 the first time, the second time you would be able to repair 2 once again to equal 3 total wounds repaired. This would allow for you to repair twice. I am not sure where people are seeing that R2-D2's Repair 2: Capacity 2 is allowing for a repair of 4. The word capacity means the maximum or number that can be received or contained. Was there a ruling on this to state that Capacity X equals the number of times you can use an ability, rather than the amount it can hold? I cannot find anything on it.
  6. I believe you have to have 4 of each, randomly shuffle discard one of each and turn the 3 of each face up. According to the tournament rules: players must bring 12 unique objective, deployment, and condition battle cards, four of each type.
  7. quick image found through google searches:
  8. Ironbudha


    RRG, Pg. 65: If a trooper unit gains a suppression token or performs a move, an attack, or an action, it removes any standby tokens it has. But, if the standby triggers prior the that units activation, you will essentially get two attacks with the unit on standby. One for the standby and one for the normal activation. Also: RRG pg 65: A standby token may be spent before any effects that trigger after an attack, attack action, move, or move action. For example, Darth Vader performs a move action to move into range 2 of a unit of Rebel Troopers that have a standby token. Before Vader can trigger relentless to perform an attack with the “Saber Throw” upgrade card, the Rebel Troopers spend their standby token to perform a move, taking them beyond range 2 of Darth Vader. With no enemy unit in range 1–2, Darth Vader can no longer perform an attack.
  9. I live in Tacoma as well. I play with a group at Terracrux every Thursday night from 6 to close. Feel free to drop in or send me a message.
  10. My understanding is that this is correct. the two rules from the creature trooper section of RRG. » Creature troopers displace troopers when moving through them, and cannot move through troopers that cannot be displaced. » While engaged, creature troopers do not have to withdraw to perform moves, and while moving can displace non-creature, non-emplacement trooper units with which they are engaged.
  11. So a debate sprang up in a game last night. The debate is this can a unit use one action to attack an enemy unit, wiping them out, then use the second action to move and engage a secondary unit? What occurred was that a unit of 3 wookies were engaged with a shoretrooper unit. The wookies activated and as the 1st action attacked and killed the the shoretroopers. Then as the secondary action, the wookies moved to engage Krennic. Is this a legal move? or legal simply because the wookies have charge? or an illegal move? I recall reading a FAQ or thread or something that stated the rules changed to where if you use a move action to move into base-to-base/engagement, you must be eligible for an attack action as the next action. Basically, you cannot engage a mini to simply tie them up. I honestly couldn't recall the ruling on this. Can anyone help please?!
  12. So we know what is coming up in the 1st quarter for Legion, but what single model or unit would you like to see show up in Legion? The model I would like to see the most is Thrawn. I think I might giggle like a school girl if they ever release him for the game. What would you guys like to see?
  13. So Veers has "->Spotter 2" and Electrobinoculars, the equipped unit gains "->Spotter 1". Does Veers gain Spotter 3 OR does he gain two instances of "->Spotter X"? I ask because as Spotter is a keyword and keywords stack, however as as each is an Action for the Veers and actions do not stack.
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