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  1. This was the game I was looking forward for the end of this year! No update, nothing at all?! What is happening, really?! WHAT is happening?
  2. Oh my goodness.....! What have I done? Is this game already OOP?!? Oh my God! I am quite in a shock. Please, can anyone tell me any shop which still sells the game? I am from Europe. Thanks a lot to all.
  3. Hmmm, I am sure that lonely 1 ten-sided die is only for deciding who the first player is! Seriously now, that's good news! Phew!
  4. It is all about Corey Konieczka, ftw! Of course there will NOT be any dice involved here. That would be a huge put-off for me.
  5. Oh my, Curator! Your study is very pertinent, in a fantasy kind of way. A lot of truisms there too. So all those who play Solo are potential malevolent human beings simply because they don't have another human player to play with in their neck of the woods? Is there yet a League or a Party dedicated to the eradication of the solo-players? It should be. Oh la la. In the immortal words of Sam: "You are clearly over-reacting, Pippin!". Still, an awesome message.
  6. Rumorgod, I hear thou! Every game should have Solo rules. I know, it sounds bad, but I mainly play Solo. Lately we, the solo players, were royally spoiled: DungeonQuest, Castle Ravenloft, Defenders of the Realm and let's not forget about the amazing The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, which also support solo play. I am VERY excited about Mansions of Madness and I will buy it as soon as it is out but lord HOW I WISH this can be played solo!!!
  7. I absolutely love Arkham Horror, but something about Mansions of Madness is a bit off-putting. The map tiles look kinda lame in their faux-realist approach. Nah, they are not kitsch, nor cartoonish but close. I am 100% buying the game as soon as it is out. Hopefully my fears will prove wrong.
  8. Shmoozer and DoomTurtle, thank you kindly, gentlemen! I am going to print your very helpful messages and read them in the next few hours. I am not going to capitulate this time! Now or never! Many thanks, once again.
  9. Is there any kind soul willing to help me (or maybe I should say "us") with a streamlined and very concise explanation of the solo rules for combat? Step by step, if possible. This is killing me! I've waited for this game for an eternity it seems and now I am unable to play it because of this ridiculous combat system. The fact that English is not my first language either is only making things worse. I've wanted to teach this game to a few of my friends but I can't even play it SOLO! I just cant understand why FFG release such heavy rules games when everything should have been, you know, fun to play and relatively easy to learn/teach.
  10. Another thing I don't understand: Why the monster token life value is being kept hidden from the Hero? I mean, how will the Hero know when he defeated or not the Monster, if the Monster's life value (on the bottom of the round token) is hidden. This way, the combat can go on for hours and hours. What is the point of keeping its life value secret? Yes, the combat system is a pain. I still cant play the game because of it. It makes little sense to me. Ah yes, I should mention I am playing it solo. And the solo rules for combat makes it even less clear, if that's possible. No matter how much discussion is over the rules for the Castle Ravenloft board game, that game is way easier than DungeonQuest. A pity, indeed.
  11. Oh ****, I think I just might be a little too late for this. Is there any other place where you can still order the deluxe edition? It seems out of stock.
  12. 2011?!?! Tell me you are kidding!!! No way, I hope this game will be out in maximum two-three months from now on. The anticipation for this game is absolutely excruciating! Not even an update for a couple of weeks now! What's happening?!!
  13. I am intrigued to read the Dungeon Quest learning curve is similar to Talisman's. Are you serious?! Talisman can be learned in 10 minutes maximum. Dungeon Quest? It seems pretty complicated to me. Certainly not Arkham Horror or Android but still... Well, yes, I am also a very slow pupil and usually takes me days to learn a game.
  14. SoylentGreen, not to be indelicate but can you tell me where did you get the game? I am from Europe and I cant wait anymore! I want to buy it from U.S. if that's the only option right now.
  15. The market is saturated with non-single player board games. Social activities are pretty dead in these dire Internet times. The art of friendship is also buried in the past. So, yes, it is a miracle when a board game supporting solo play appears on the market. I admit that is precisely why I am so **** hooked on DungeonQuest. I also buy it exclusively for the promise of single play.
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