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  1. Without a doubt, this has made the game that much more enjoyable for our gaming group. When you are first taught how to play AH, the game seems impossible to win; however, as many people have noticed, the longer you play the better you actually become at the game. There is without question a skill curve involved. The decisions you make as a group, whether its deciding to speed close gates or farm your characters, impacts the way the game develops. A group who knows these and other strategies has a definate advantage over a "green" group. The 50/50 ratio seems to be just about right. It has brought about a new challenge for our group. Of course again I am hearing the call to get a new board game (honestly not sure why seeing as how we have so many already). Hopefully I can dodge the call, but its doubtful. Anyone have any exciting recommendations coming out soon? Been looking at Yaggadrisl (sp.). Finally I think that if FFG was to introduce a collectors edition variant I would be the first in line. The AH series and other ones like it are games I hope to play with my kids some day and pass them on to their generation. I remember playing Hero Quest 1st edition with my dad. I would wait all day for him to come home from work and have the board already setup and be ready to go. Its because of memories like these that I think boardgaming will continue regardless of how the video game market develops. Tabletop games have some sort of magic that cannot be recreated in RGB. Off the soap box and back to the horror. I am excited to see how these 50/50 gaming sessions will continue to progress. I think we will try to do a DH concentration next. My group has always debated if you could "farm" the horror for items and we shall soon see.
  2. This game is alive. Full stop no counter arguement allowed. There have been more times that I can count where my group has been one seal away, AO has 4 doomers left and he still wakes up and crushes us. A better example might be how we tried the same setup with KiY. Constant terror and act cards made the game seem actually self aware. The reduced number of mythos cards combined with the focal point on the expansion seems to be the right mix to increase difficulty. That being said we also seperated our monsters by expansion as well. Playing with the core + any expo monsters also increases the tension. Before we did this, I felt as if half the monsters we had never even seen before, even though we have played more than 75+ games. Finally we seperated out all items as well. I really wanted to experience the expansions as focused as possible. Having two seperate common etc decks makes for an interesting balance. We made the rule that when acquiring a new item you must first roll for which pile the purchase is coming from… this had some weird side effects though. For instance the core unique deck has, I think, 4 Elder Signs. While some expansions have additional unique items but no additional Elder Signs. Thus going to purchase new uniques could yield that purchases only come from the expo deck… thus reduced probablity of Elder Sign acquisition. Finally we are going to be trying one new expo + core a week. I finally feel like our group is seeing what each expansion has to offer. Last but not least we still have yet to pick up Miskatonic (sp.) expo… is this truely worth it for what we are trying to achieve? Cheers
  3. So my gaming group and I moved away from AH in search of new worlds and boards to conquer a few months ago. Just recently though we have heard the siren's call and rejoined the ranks of AH addicts. We have been playing slightly differently this time around however. For each expansion, we own all of them, we take that expansion's mythos and a even number of core mythos and blend them. Therefore we are trying to achieve a sort of blended focus of single expansion with core mechanics. We felt that we owned all these expansions but never saw many new mechanics, this seems to be a common problem on this board. Now the observation part. Since this we have yet to win a single game. Not one. Before we were regularly stomping through AH winning I would say 75% of the time. But now with this new concentrated approach, we are getting crushed. Anyone else seen anything like this before? For the record we started with the revised pharoph(sp.) and got smashed repeatedly. Does the concentration really matter this much?? Sorry for the ramble and most likely repeated grammatical errors, trying to type this out quickly before work gets going. Cheers, Mike
  4. Any idea if they are going to update the iPhone app with the MH expansion? Wishful thinking maybe this soon but I hope they continue to support this app. My table is much cleaner now given that I have the iPhone app.
  5. Just a quick question. If you are solving a rune puzzle, lets say #8 which pieces do you deal out? I believe there are three total rune puzzles; however, do you only use the pieces from puzzle #8 or all 20+ pieces when dealing the random starting board? It seems that if you use all the pieces from all three puzzles it would take the whole game to solve it, considering it takes 2 intellect to swap a piece with a new one... Any advice? Thanks! Mike
  6. Exactly what I thought. Not wantint to reveal to much, but here is my spoiler alert!!! The game we played has the final objective stating the investigators need to flee out of the house. Now I forget which objective this is tied to however could the investigators simply on the first turn leave the house and win the game? This was my question because technically I do not think the clues reveal anything you need to take from the house to win the game. How would this be resolved?
  7. I am sure this is in the instructions somewhere but I could not find it. Played scenario 1 last night and we had event 4 happen, where the keeper revealed the objective card. However our investigators had not found the third clue yet. Because the objective card has been revealed, do we the investigators simply try to complete the final objective and ignore the third clue (technically I guess this is the first clue becuase they get revealed in reverse order...)? Or do we have to first grab the third clue then attempt the final objective? Don't want to reveal the objective but needless to say given the fact that we had only 3 turns until event 5 occurred it ended in a draw. We decided that since the objective was infact revealed we could skip the third clue. Thanks! Mike
  8. First this is not a game report but rather how the iPhone app really intergrates into game play: So this weekend we attempted our first game using the new iPhone app and I have to say the results were impressive. The setup was simple, we had three players each playing two investigators and we had two iPhones total. We decided to give KiY a try with no other expansions. No touring mode, but just decided since we own all the expansions already why not try each one on its own then combine a few to give an increased challenge. The iPhone app lets you choose which expansions you use during your game. Again you must purchase each epansion in addition to the app. The KiY expansion was $.99 and includes all location cards. Only thing that is not managed by the app is the Mythos cards and equipment cards. Since we had only two phones but three players, we had to pass the phones around. This worked out fine, but I could see in a large group it could be a pain. We used the phones only for location and outworld card replacement. Each of us agreed we wanted our investigator cards and clue tokens to be managed infront of us instead of on the phone. Also you would need a phone for each investigator you are playing because you cannot manage more than one investigator at a time on the app. Setup for the physical game was much quicker as well as clean up. With no location cards to speak of we had much more space for drinks snacks etc. The actual app is fun to use and added to some sense of excitement of clicking on a button and having your fate revealed. The only thing that was eliminated was the pain that is associated with shuffling cards. Some people may enjoy that, but for my money I would rather spend more time playing rather than shuffling a deck. Also in the app is a dice rolling ability. Again we all agreed we wanted to roll our own dice due to secret dice rolling rituals/techniques. All in all the app is a good tool for eliminating clutter at the game table. However I would stress that the investigator management tool needs work as well as possibly intergrating the inventory cards. Seperate note: one of the players wondered if we could hack an old PC monitor so everyone could see the card result. I thought this would be a great idea and instead of each player having a phone they are given a wireless mouse. On your turn you could click the location on the much larger PC screen and all players could view it instead of one person reading aloud. Could lead to excitement/laughter etc if we could figure out a way to make this happen. Not sure if we have to many tech geeks out there but any input would be great! The price of the app for me wasn't as big of an issue because again it reduced clean up and setup time as well as expedited play. Good app but still could use some tweeks. Just wrote this quickly at work so I am sure there is typos, bad grammer etc. Go easy on me for my lack of typing ability. Cheers, Mike
  9. Completely agree that dilution adds a certain flavor to the game and increases the size of the RNG monster (Random Number Generator). However I realized that since my gaming group has been playing dunwhich the thing has never even spawned! Which might be a testment to our awesome gaming skills (completely sarcastic). More over I was wondering what people's favorite expansions combos are... We own all the expansions and have yet to use the extra rules from goat or lurker... Just curoius which people have enjoyed... Also we have never used a herald either. Cheers all, Mike
  10. So lately gotten away from AH for other games (Dominion, Ravenloft etc) however played a game this weekend with only Orginal and DH expansion. So my question to you faithful gamers is that when playing with only expansion which cards do you use? We used the gate markers from Lurker because its exciting to know if your on a unstable location you could be devoured. Simply played the rule that if someone drew a location in outer world we didnt have it was a new gate draw. We also used all items,spells,uniques from all expansions. This is really the important part of this discussion. I am at work right now so I cannot check but are they items etc labeled with the different types of expansions like the mythos and location cards are? If so do you remove them from the game while you are not playing that expansion? It seems that the more dilluted the unique deck becomes the more difficult to draw the limited number of elder signs etc... Just curious what people thought. Also the results of the game was that the investigators (4) were successful in stopping old Cthulu from crushing the world... Woo Hoo! Mike
  11. So far our betryal tiles have not warped, but then again have only played three total games. This actually got my fiance interested because it doesn't contain the usual swords/sorcery role playing. She likes the idea that your teammates could end up being the people you play against. The experience of revealing the "bad guy" and having everyone leave the room and crowd around the rule book to figure out what is going on is a very cool one. We had people talking in code and passing notes because the good guys don't know what the bad guy is trying to do to win the game and vice versa. Ravenloft is great but to be fair have only played once, everyone keeps wanting to play betryal, in fact have another mid week session tonight because people want to play so bad. Just a good change from AH however I had people confusing the rules of AH with this game because of the cards stating a required number of successes etc.
  12. Actually ended up getting Ravenloft and Betryal at house on the hill... Ravenloft is great; however, like a lot people have said, there is limited explanation of the rules. Compared to AH rules which are carefully refined... some sarcasm there... Ravenloft seems lacking. Many times a complicated idea is raised during game play (it could just be that a everyone has played AH before and wants to plan things exactly) and the rules do not elebrate on these concepts. Not much strategy in terms of monster movement etc, but still very fun. Big con right now as far as I can tell is there are only 10 missions and the first mission is designed to be solo. The second mission is an introduction to the overall game mechanics for your group. Therefore 8 missions in total each about an hour. We only played the first two missions last night to get a feel for the game, but still wish there was more replay there. The minis included with the game are fantastic though. High quality casting that will last quite a while in my opinion. I do think that some people have created custom scenarios online, but again for the price I wish there would have been more overall quests. Betryal is excellent. That is all I have to say about it. The game has two phases pre haunt and post haunt. Pre haunt everyone is a team moving around a haunted house exploring rooms collecting weapons etc. However at the end of each turn; each player roles for the haunt. If conditions are met a seperate rulebook is opened and team is split up. One person is now possessed by the house and has a new objective to win the game, while the remaining humans must stop him from doing so. These objectives can range from killing the other team to collecting certain items or going to a certain room etc. They are all very different and interesting. The way the game twists into a PvP concept is excellent and I love the notion that at the beginning of the game your best friend could end up being your worst enemy. Overall it is a unique gaming experience with 50 seperate scenarios. Great game, even better if you can get 4-5 people to play. Last night we had 4 people and while it was a great game, if you had a fifth it would be excellent. No static board either the game builds itself as you explore the house. Lots of replay value for this one. Took a look at descent also and just could not bring myself to get it. So many pieces and it being another 4-6 hour board game just didn't appeal to me. The fact that I have two full tackle boxes of AH pieces and the realization that I would have to get at least another two for descent made me think twice. That and the threats from the fiance that if we have "more games all over the house, I am leaving you" made me rethink my purchase. As you can tell she is not a gamer by any means. Just my two cents for people looking to branch out a little bit from AH. Mike
  13. These are great suggestions!!! Thanks a lot guys, I think I might get descent and possibly the Betryal at house hill. I do enjoy the co op games a lot, there are just so many great boardgames out there and I want to play them all. I used to be a huge gamer but recently I have had a mini renassance towards board games for some reason. I am 26 and it seems as I get older the pull of these new games just isn't there as much. Don't get me wrong I really enjoy SC2 and I am very excited for Diablo 3 plus the amount of time I dedicated to World of Warcraft is almost criminal; however, board games just seem to bring a much needed flare these days. Just my brief walk down memory lane and I will post what I end up getting and how my sessions go this weekend. Cheers, Mike
  14. Fellow investigators, A few friends are coming over for game night and wanted to try and add another game to our usual AH schedule... I love AH and like the idea of the co-op board games; however, I would be willing to branch out into something different. So far I have identified to possible alternatives: Ravenloft (board game) and Descent (board game). I have not played either and wanted to know what people thought about these... Also are there any others that I should consider? I am going to pick up the game tomorrow after work so any thoughts would be great! Cheers all, Mike
  15. Forget how this situation began but wanted a quick opinion on it. My group was playing on Saturday and there was a card that sent an investigator to the Abyss to have an event. However the investigator became trapped in the Abyss when no gate to the Abyss was in play. How does this impact the investigator returning to Arkham etc? Thanks, Mike
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