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  1. oh so you mean that you can decalre one of your own naval characters as naval attacker on opponents side?
  2. Then I can forget about my thoughts on using black sails as agenda as well. Since that has the same writing.
  3. Tnx for the quick response, this changes everything. Then these cards aren't as effective as I thought. I will have to re-think my whole strategy
  4. Hi So I was building a rush deck with Bara with Oakenshield Port as my House of dream card. Then I got told that I couldn't use that because when using HoD agenda it doesn't get it's gold coins on it. So I maybe will replace it with The Iron Throne (ASitD). Anyway here is the question I have regarding cards like Oakenshield Port and Black Betha: When it says something like "After you win a challenge in which you have declared a [Naval] attacker" does this mean: 1. That it's enough that I win a challenge with a character that has a naval enhancement on one of it's icons? 2. That I must win with a charachter that has a naval enhancement icon and I need to win that specific challenge typ it got it's enhancement on? 3. I need to win a challenge where I have first declared a regular character and then declared an additional naval character to participtate after defenders have been announced? Tnx
  5. Great, then we played it as it was supposed to. Tnx alot for the quick reply and detailed info
  6. a situation came up which we where a bit uncertain of last night. I took control of starks kennel master and the stark player had 2 direwolfs. Do the kennel master still get +strength from the direwolves even though the wolves are not in my control? The question is basically does charachters that get bonus stuff depending on cards with certain traits, does only the traits of your own characters count or the whole board? The second question would be, if you take control of a character/location that has an attachment do you get the attachment as well?
  7. Thanks a lot for the detailed answers, I get the use of it now. Suddenly Varys card became very useful and sneaky indeed. thanks again for helping me with my questions, I will update this same thread if I have some more questions in the future so I'm not creating unecessary threads.
  8. ktom said: 3. Plots have three separate states: plot deck, used pile, and currently revealed. Varys only affects plots in two of those states. The currently revealed plot for each player stays where it is (and could actually be "captured" into the other player's used pile during the exchange period). Thanks for the fast replys to my questions much appriciated. Ktom: I got a bit confused about this reply, I understand that you saying that Varys ability affects used pile and plot deck. but I couldn't understand the caputered in used pile part. Is it because you put the revealed plot in the used pile as a last step before the round ends? Also I'm not sure about this but is my suggestion of triggering his ability before people actually play plots a valid way of getting to play plots from someone elses deck?
  9. Hi again, We have now had a couple of more games under our belt and I have also built the four 60card decks with 2xCore that Darkbane recommended. Man this game is awsome, so much tactical possibilities. Only downside I see is that it's so much stuff that you need to remmeber that it can get overwhelming sometimes. Anyway, I have some more question I was hoping you more experienced players maybe could help me out with: 1. Ser Davos Seaworth ability reads: "Response: Save Ser Davos Seaworth from being killed, then pay 1 gold or return him to his owner's hand. " What does this mean? We have played it as you can save him and if you pay1g he stays in play otherwise he goes back to your hand. Not sure if the first part is correct that he always can be saved. 2. If a card says "immune to character abilities" does that include stuff like Stealth and Deadly? 3. Varys ability reads: "Plot: If you have more than one opponent, kneel Varys to choose an opponent. Until the end of the round, switch plot decks and used plot piles with that opponent." Does this include the active plot as well? or is it more that you should trigger this before people play plots? 4. Winterfel Castle reads: "Each of your House Stark characters gets +1 STR." Just wanted to confirm if this is something that is permanent during all phases? When we played this was just so freaking powerful. 5. Winterfel Kennels read: "Any Phase: Kneel Winterfell Kennels and pay 1 gold to search your deck for a Direwolf card, reveal that card to all players, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck." In for example marshalling phase can you pay 3g and search the deck for 3 direwolves? 6. What do you do if you get duplicates of unique locations/attachments? I guess you cant "attach" them like you do with duplicate characters right? 7. Lady Daenarys Chambers reads: "Response: After you play a House Targaryen character, return an attachment with printed cost equal to or lower than that character from your discard pile to your hand." The way we understood this was that during marshalling after each character played by the Tagaryn player he can search his discard pile and put an attachment into his hand and also play it during the same marshalling phase turn. This seemed extremly powerful and just wanted to know if we played it correctly? this are all the question for now Thanks
  10. Hi, last game the situation came up where we were in stage1 and Sauron had 4 influence in the shadowpool. He then plays a shadow card (can't remember the name) that allows Sauron to put additional influence in the shadow pool. So the question is if the stage limit of influence in shadow pool is there even if you play shadow cards that give you bonus influence?
  11. Thanks guys for the fast replies, and thanks a lot for the clarifications. I will post in this same thread after our play's this weekend if anything else comes up so I don't clog up the forum with new threads. Best Regards Pers
  12. Hi everyone, I have played my first couple of games with the core set and there where some questions that we werent completly sure if we played right and would appriciate to get help clarifying. (I tried searching but either no one have asked this or the forum search is poorly constructed) 1. If not specified does plot card effects affect everyone? For example there is a Lannister plot that simply says "Skip taxation phase this round", does that mean that all players skip taxation round or only the Lannister player? 2. Is there any rules to when event cards and character abilities can be happen? For example my opponent have have done a military challenge already and now is going to declare a intriuge challenge. I know that I will loose the intriuge challenge. I know I will loose it so I play my any phase event card that raises one of my characters even though I had saved it for a more important situation just so it atleast gets used and not randomly discarded. 3. When we played we seperated the discard pile from the dead pile was this correct? Not sure why we did it but I noticed some cards refeered to the dead pile and some to the discard pile so just guessed it should be 2 different things 4. Can a charachter have negative strenght? For example if he if he/she has a attachment that puts it into negative 5. during marshalling if you play a location card that allows you to kneel to get your next card -1 cost, can you kneel it the same round you put it into play? 6a. When you loose a military challenge it's the defender who chooses what character that gets killed right? 6b. If 6a is yes, then can you choose a character that has for example a attachment that saves it from being killed? which then actually means that no one got killed That's all question I had right now, I will post more in this thread if I come accross anything else. Thanks in advance
  13. haha ye they are not relaly thinking and want to do as much as possible during their turn. But this means that it's basically a good tactic if you have low cards on your hand to rush into a shadow stronghold if there is a minion or monster. Because either way if you die or make it out alive you will start your next turn fully recovered. which is better than waiting and resting on your next step since you have also either removed a monster token from the game or at least dealt some damage to the minion. Really wierd, I think we will keep our house rule that he has to waste his next round to get defated.
  14. Hi, the situation below have happened in our games like 3 times now and I haven't found any clear answers on this in the rules or on the forum. So please help if you know how this should be handled: Example: Hero moves to a Shadow Stronghold, and fights a monster token there. He kills the monster but is left with 1 card in his hand which he cannot use to move away from the location and since it's a SS location he may not rest next turn. So he is basically stuck. I do know that the only way for him is to get auto defeated but here is the trick: Does he declare himself defeated the current turn or does he have to end his turn there and at the beginning of his next turn defeat himself? Just as a discussion basis our gaming group decided that he must wait until the next turn to defeat himself because otherwise it would be a very good thing for him to get defeated since he gets teleported to the nearest Heaven and can start his next turn fully healed.
  15. juggernaut1002 said: Let's get right to it … 1) If monster tokens are scouted and revealed to be blank, are they discarded? 2) If a moved-to location is perilous and contains a monster and/or a minion, is the game mechanic-y way of dealing with this (from the hero's perspective, if Sauron chooses to resolve peril) a) Resolve the peril b) Finish the turn there c) Remove influence during Saurons turn d) Ambush the monster/minion 3) It seems as though the heroes have limited capability to initiate combat in perilous locations occupied by monster/minions - if you move out of a location and back to it during the same turn, does Sauron have to choose something different the second time? 4) Are event cards that remain in play (e.g. the ones that move Sauron's markers) not discarded from the board until another such event is drawn? This isn't clear. 5) The text of many cards could use a comma to clarify choices. 6) Do exhausted combatants have a "printed offense/defense value of zero"? Thanks in advance! Hi 1. If you mean scouted with Araglads special ability then no, it's not discarded, but if you move a character to a non-peril location with a monster token you have to flip it and it will be discarded if it's blank. 2/3. It's not in the official rules but have been answered by game designer that if you move into a space which is poth peril and has a monster/minion and Sauron chooses peril for you, then after you have resolved the peril you may during your explore step choose to fight the monster/minion as well. I beleive it's in some thread in boardgamegeek forum. 4. It should be explained on the event card that if the heroes explore the affected location they can remove the event marker (thus stopping the movement of the Sauron marker) 6. I'm not 100% about the printed attack/defence but in the rules it says that when a hero is exhasted the attack/defence of that hero is 0. So I would say yes.
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