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  1. Thanks for all the advice everyone. We've got two solutions to go with. In game the RT is going to find out if he did have a clever plan (knowing how he's been playing his charater so far we're not convinced on this one though) and then if it wasn't part of clever plan when he goes to the med bay to be fixed from the heavy flamer damage they all took he's going to wake up with a small explosive implant. Outside the game I'm going to find out what he was hoping to achieve. Unfortunately due to scheduling issues we haven't had another session yet.
  2. The rogue trader in the campaign I'm running at the moment is trying to come up with suitable punishments for one the arch militants in the party but isn't sure what do to as he isn't sure if he should just go for the execute the character option. The party were in a firefight recently and while pinned down by some flamer toting servitors for reasons best known to himself the arch militant shouts out to the operator that if he promises him safe passage he'll help against the rest of the crew. Before anything more could happen on this events happened to wrap up the fire fight but the RT and the others are now in the position of figuring out what to do (if anything) with this character.
  3. Thanks for the advice as all four explorers who have hellguns are looking towards customisation to get the reduced reload time benefit from the rule book .
  4. How has everyone handled their explorers getting customised weapons? Has the explorer customised it themselves (with an extended tech use test) or have they found someone else to do it for them. I'm asking as I can see how a voidmaster for example would be able to strip and rebuild a lasgun as their built for ease of use but can't really see one taking apart a plasma gun.
  5. Thanks for the advice got the next planetside section coming up next week so will give them a go
  6. - It's not combat servitors it's oathsworn bodyguards for this encounter (they have autopistols) - They used as much as the PC characters as there is a fair bit around on the map - Tried to surrond them (3 either side) - Aimed and fired in surprise round but it didn't achieve much - Focussed on the arch militants and the RT (who had the plasma pistol) - Didn't use surpressing fire - Usually aimed then fired (a BS of 35 needs a fair bit of help to hit) - In the story it says lady ash is just meant to escape in this encounter so she didn't stick around to use her powers - They weren't in close range without breaking cover (15m for the pistols). They were unfortunately well within close range of the parties hellguns - Did forget that the autopistols have manstopper rounds and didn't use their smoke grenade either - Tried to but I think this was more hampered by my inability to make any hit rolls (out of 6 guys firing a round I was lucky to hit once a round) Tried to fit as intelligently as the Explorers though in retrospect could have done other actions like smoke grenades to cover advance so they were within close range etc
  7. This is the first Rogue Trader session that I've run and I just have a quick question about the first combat in Enter the Maw adventure in the main book. The explorers in my book took out all the ambushers with only taking about 5 points of damage between all of them so just wondered if this was right or if I need to start ramping up the difficulty level? The party consisted of: 1 x rogue trader 2 x Arch Militants 1 x Navigator 1 x Seneschal 1x Astropath
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