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  1. This is a great ides and will make lotrlcg.com even more my favourite LotR resource page… mason240 said: Hannibal_pjv said: Nice tool! One problem that I have found out is that it is very difficult keep up with all these new custom made scenarios and cards because they are all shared in different plases… I am wondering if we could make one portal or site where anyone can save and upgrade their own custom cards… like google docks for LOTR lcg, or something similar? Now the hunting down all these fabulous cards is full time job… I am actually building this right now at LotRLCG.com. It should be done be the end of the year. You will be able to upload, comment on, and rate user scenarios.
  2. You have more choices of heroes but less choices in hero combinations. You can't use the Ranger that refreshes himself after questing along with the Ranger that reduces your threat to your starting level for example. If Loragon would be another character you could. And in a 2-player game if I use Loragon you have not only one hero less to chose from but two…
  3. I wish FFG would not pursue the idea of introducing the same hero in different spheres. It not only limits your hero composition choices but also makes 2,3 and 4 people games increasingly difficult to pull off without preparation. I've heard it was really difficult to get a 4-player game going at Gen Con because of the same hero showing up in more than one deck - this problem will increase the more heroes get a variant from another sphere.
  4. Sorry, I meant Arkham Horror not CoC LCG. I dont play any of the two so I assumed the cards are for CoC LCG (FFG uses the same artwork anyway). (The Arkham card tool is incuded in Strange Eons by default)
  5. Hi Pete, I opened/created couple of CoC-LCG cards and the bold/italic commands do work, the text changes on the fly as I typed in the commands. Afterwards I openend several different LotR-cards (your card examples) and bold/italic was not working. I understand you cant solve this problem as you are not using a Mac.
  6. Many thanks to HilariousPete for providing us with such a magnifient tool! I am using the plug-in on my Mac and have a problem: The bold and italic text commands (html) are not working on the card text, alignment and size do work though. Any idea how to fix that?
  7. The Cardboard of the rings podcast rocks! I neither want a sterile nor a rules fundamentalist game podcast. Stop feeding the Trolls and the only thing remotely funny in this discussion is that Mitch and Glaurung are sharing the same profile pic…
  8. Thumbs up for Mason240, its good that lotrlcg.com is back on track. I always loved the minimalistic approach and easy usability of that site. Thanks!
  9. Yes and it's one of the weakest deck designs I've ever seen: starting threat of 32 and not a single possibility to reduce threat, spotlighting the two Noldor tactics allies but no card draw ability to support them or ability to utilize the discarded cards from your discard pile either.
  10. When we play, its common to get rule changes introduced by the quest card wrong or overlook them (like Hunt for Gollum, when to reveal that cards? How many now? ). It happens all the time. sometimes I wish they would include a summary card where all the game changes are shortly recapped and when they happen…
  11. I think sooner or later many of the 3-cost allies will be replaced by better 2-cost ones like Warden of Healing, Arwen, Zigil Miner, Stargazer etc And I would judge Leadership allies differently to the rest because most of them suffer the "Leadership tax" and cost 1 resource more than equivalent allies (statwise) from other spheres.
  12. Bohemond said: I find the complaints about his defense amusing. As long as you draw one feint card he is one of, if not the, best defensive heroes in the game. +1 for this And "The eagles are coming" in an egale deck to get all your eagles into your hand in few turns (paying for Hamas abilty with multiple Landrowals afterwards for example) Awesome Hero
  13. I don't care what you do and I don't care what you think what I need or not. I won't start another deck building game where the core set distribution doesn't match the individual card limit and the distribution in the expansion packs. Toqtamish said: Shelfwear said: I will not buy this game if they stick to the 3x/2x/1x distribution in the core set. It's either all 1x or 3x for me. I own three LotR core sets bc I'm one of those completist minded guys. But I rather don't play Netrunner at all if they should stick to the LotR distribution for this. Then you won't be buying it. I'll buy your copy as my second. FFG stance is and always has been it is better to have card diversity over quantity. And you don't need 3 of every card. I own 2 sets of AGoT as it gives me extras for more decks.
  14. I will not buy this game if they stick to the 3x/2x/1x distribution in the core set. It's either all 1x or 3x for me. I own three LotR core sets bc I'm one of those completist minded guys. But I rather don't play Netrunner at all if they should stick to the LotR distribution for this.
  15. The preview says: "Get your hands on Ring Mail (The Long Dark, 80), the Erebor Battle Master (The Long Dark, 79), and Ever My Heart Rises (The Long Dark, 82), as well as the new hero and other exciting player cards when The Long Dark arrives at retailers everywhere next week! Keep checking our website for the on-sale announcement, as well as a spoiler of the Adventure Pack’s superb new Tactics hero!"
  16. Nope, worst casting for LotR was another Elf: Haldir, the chubby elf with a five o'clock shadow…
  17. Mattr0polis said: and they definitely don't go to Dul Guldur. Maybe not the Dwarfs but Gandalf goes to Dol Guldur and raids the fortress with the help of the Elves after he leaves Thorin's Company & Bilbo temporarily. Even though this is not mentioned in "The Hobbit" book, it happens as Tolkien wrote later and the occurences will most probably be part of the film as the trailer suggests.
  18. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=201&efcid=4&efidt=598404&efpag=0#598580 booored said: so? Who cares about power creep? Why is this even a bad thing... Power creep in a dueling game can be a very bad thing.. not so much in a LCG.. it is more of a problem in collectable card games were the "completeness" of personal collections is much more patchy... so basically whom ever spend the most money wins. SO there are some arguments against power creep for dueling games. This is co-op / solitaire... power creep means nothing... yes quest get easier as the card pool gets bigger.. so frick'n what? I would rather have great new cards come out, and also the current quest that come with those player cards will be of proportional difficulty. You can always just use the restricted card rules when making your decks to limit the card pool to make it more challenging when going back to old quest as well. My point is .. yes there is power creep.. my other point is so ******* what? Since when you care about power creep?
  19. Why he does cost 3? Neither his stats nor his ability justifies this cost (plus he is unique). And concerning his ability when playing a scenario with underground locations: I want questing power, having quest progress and getting rid of locations and not keep their threat low and let them pile up in the staging area... Even with Dain in play Bombur is mediocre. The only credit I give the game designers is that they captured perfectly the feel for the fat loser among Thorin's company who does nothing than getting the others in trouble...
  20. lol Compared to the Dwarrowdelf Spirit allies (Bofur, Zigil Miner, Arwen, Rider of the Mark) all Leadership allies in the game look like crap...
  21. Here you can see the new cover, it's the same for all different language editions, I have the English one http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/758698/new-edition But I like to point your attention to this thread: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/769402/question-about-board-stability-and-storage It seems that the game board of the new NurgleCover Edition is faulty in two ways: Some people report that parts of it rip off as they take it out of the box, secondly it's folded differently than the previous editions, with the effect that you can not properly fold it together once you have attached the Chaos Dials... Maybe you should wait untill FFG resolves this problem or buy an older edition.
  22. Just got my hands on a brand new copy of CitoW, it's obviously the new reprint edition bc it has a new cover (Nurgle). I quickly browsed the contents and the rulebook. The Chaos symbols of the 4 powers are slightly altered (on tokens and cards) but the Rule Book Errata or the FAQ have not been incorporated (which is a let down). Are there any other changes I'm missing here? I'm happy to own this fantastic game now even though the old cover had much more class
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