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  1. the game wouldn't be any worse for "casual gamers" if they had provided a better balancing. i don't understand this panic at all. anyways, i started modding cards because i'm sure it's not possible that future APs will fix the balancing issues. northern trackers, burning brand... too many things already out there, that absolutely kill many possible great ideas. they already started using "cannot be affected by player cards" and "cannot be prevented" as work-arounds. so don't be afraid, there won't be anything else. as a side note... usually the majority doesn't really know what it wants. they think they know something, of course. but when they get it, they aren't content anyways. just look at politics
  2. jhaelen said: Untergeher said: Sorry, but did I miss something? It hasn't been a year since the game came out and we haven't seen all of the adventure packs of the first cycle, but we're already talking about banning cards? Is this really happening? Seriously... come on! Yep, I think you missed something: Look at who stated that opinion You can safely assume no one else shares that opinion. i share his basic oppinion. i just have a different approach to solving it: i started modding the cards. many of them. for example, all titles, signals, skills are conditions, unexpected courage is unique, costs 3 and no character can have more than 1 condition attached (suddenly the choice to play one of these condition cards involves some planning and decisions). gimli gets +1 attack for every 2 damage. gandalf is an event. many more... not all cards need to be totally balanced, but with some streamlining of their power, the game became more interesting to us. the choice, which cards to use or remove became much harder. i also boosted some of the too weak cards, but mostly i reduced the power of the overpowered player cards to increase the challenge. i also modded the encounter deck. i detest the banks of anduin effect for example, so i replaced it with a serious location. i always hated that East Bight patrol is a tree card, when the East Bight is Wilderlands, so i shuffled some cards around (more spiders in spider deck, more orcs in orc deck etc). i also modded some stats. again, in general i increased the challenge and we like it better that way. this game has such a great potential. it is good the way it is published, but it could be so much more. i'm trying to get my version there.
  3. a quest has 1-4 cards. 2 additional quests would mean like 5 cards less in the encounter deck. no one would miss that. it does not reduce the player cards at all.
  4. DurinIII said: Hey, not a bad idea Glaurung. That would be cool if they could somehow make a quest function as both easy or hard. I am not putting forth how they would do that. for example, when playing down the anduin, put 2 trolls in the staging area instead of 1 i wish they would release MORE quests. as people have shown, the cards available would allow for many quests to be designed, but they stick to one quest per AP. this would also satisfy people better who want easier/harder quests. they could easily make 3 quests per AP with different difficulty levels. as it is, the game has much potential, but only a fraction of it is used.
  5. we removed most possibilities to get devoured because it's more fun to us this way. and/or play without martial law. that takes away from the theme, but it makes it easier, removes annoying moments and speeds up the game.
  6. Woz said: By no means have I ever played a solo game where I'm thinking if I have Northern Tracker I win. If not, I lose. location flood is a problem of multiplayer, not of solo games. in posted my fix here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=201&efcid=4&efidt=530016&efpag=0
  7. richsabre said: i tend to really get into things i enjoy- this game especially, so i think im going to follow/play this game for as long as my interest lasts, but how many of you intend to buy every expansion for the foreseeable future?i like the basegame but i didn't buy any expansion =) (i think they are overprized and have too low replayability - yes i did play them)
  8. Bohemond said: do a better job of presenting a challenge over the whole of a scenario (instead of just at the beginning).carrock doesn't have much more than the beginning, does it?
  9. mine are here (just cards from basegame used): http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/68050/custom-scenario-helping-friends http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/69557/letsdance-custom-scenario-2-the-escape
  10. locations are only an issue if you don't have a northern tracker. then they don't really matter anymore. that's why i always play blue when we try a new scenario. like i said, we didn't setup the decks, but i do use the rule that allows me to (once) redraw my start hand, if i want to. for blue that is when i don't have unexpected courage or a northern tracker.
  11. Iver said: You will wonder, but it took me and my wife 3 tries before we managed to beat "Gollum" recently and the new packs are all difficulties 6 or higher.... my friend that i play LOTR with, and me have beat gollum and carrock at first try, with monosphere decks as they are shipped in the basegame + these expansions, not even removing the worthless cards. but in my oppinion, the main balancing issue is not the difficulty of the quests. it's the huge gap between the powerful and the weak cards. every card should have a situation (1) where it's needed. and every card should have a situation (2) where it's not needed. for some cards i don't ever see (2) happening (which is the worse problem). and for some cards i never see (1) happening. i understand they are trying to make (1) true with future expansions, which seems a bit artificially to me (they should instead focus on other things). but anyways, balancing should exist in the basegame without any expansions.
  12. again a scenario, that tries to raise the difficulty while going through the stages. it needs just the basegame and is high difficulty (like 7). available for download on BGG: http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/69557/letsdance-custom-scenario-2-the-escape
  13. Woz said: But you did comment on 2 players.northern trackers are absolutely required to win scenarios with certain player numbers. for the gollum expansion scenario it seems you even need them in 2 player games. true. though i put an "it seems" here, because i'm not sure. after playing HfG twice we decided to bag it again and leave it there, unless we want to use parts for a selfmade scenario. that's not really enough to make a qualified statement. but i don't think the problem persists with 2 player games in general, just if you have unlucky draws and in HfG because it has a very high percentage of locations.
  14. i've played it twice yesterday (2 player monosphere decks with just all cards for that sphere from core, HfG and CatC). it seems there are 2 possible strategies, both include spending a few turns in stage 1 to power up a bit: 1. keep threat low, using blue, and then kill the trolls off single. this was quite easy using red + purple decks. we've been lucky with draws, but considering that we used non-customized decks it looks like it's not hard to do. the main problem is getting enough quest points with 3-4 trolls in staging area but with faramir that was easily solved and we could even explore the carrock in 2nd round. 2. play purple and get the ally quick. he's so overpowered that the fight isn't really hard with him. we played our 2nd game with green + red and didn't have the resources to buy him and enough threat to be attacked by all trolls as soon as we hit stage 2. still, the fight was surprisingly close, but we would have lost it even if our threat didn't go to 50 because of the trolls special feature. with the ally i am sure we would've won. the scenario solves one basic problem of the basegame, which is the game being too hard at start and then too boring in the end. in CatC after you beat the hard part, it's already over. i like that, altough it makes for short games (especially if playing the low threat strategy). it also gives you some time to power up at the start, but while imposing a danger to you (similar to what i tried in my custom scenarios, so i like that too).
  15. with the gollum scenario we also had the problem with 2 players. FFG seems to agree, that "active location effects" are redundant with northern trackers. i just played conflict at carrock and all positive location effects trigger only when you travel there, while all negative location effects trigger when it's in the staging area. assuming that this will also be done on future cards, it at least fixes that issue. it just sucks that "old" and "new" locations now follow different guidelines and it's not really thematic. the problem of accumulating locations without the use of northern trackers is also still unsolved.
  16. Woz said: For what it is worth, I completely agree with SiCK Boy. Northern Tracker is a good, strong ally; A staple of the spirit deck; It is certainly not mandatory to win. No reason to change rules for it. I've won many scenarios, including HfG solo and duo, without him coming into play.as i have stated every time i posted in this thread, it's only a concern for 3-4 player games. it doesn't matter at all if you play solo.
  17. SiCK_Boy said: I think the main point is that you simply find other ways to circumvent this intrinsic difficulty of locations (the fact that, normally, you only clear 1 / turn, even if you may add more than 1 to the staging area).but there are (almost) no such ways. the only one is striders path (and that's just a patch to help you through one round maximum), provided that you have the gollum expansion (which shouldn't be required). play a 4er where you get average 2 locations per round and cannot get rid of them. quite soon their accumulated quest resistance kills you.
  18. i still wonder if you play this correctly. besides that you now added about 3-4 more cards necessary to remove additional locations than you did before (with them it is indeed possible, rarely), there is still some errors in your reasoning. 1. not so few locations need more than 2 progress markers, some even need 6. this kills all your ideas of discarding them so easily. 2. then there is this: GhostWolf69 said: As a Response to this Travelling you play Strength of Will and immediately resolve that location as well. So that is 2 Locations. So now you Quest... potentially removing a third Location if you have one up there... 3 Locations done. you can't travel to a new location before resolving your quest, which means that in this scenario you cannot explore a location with questing. 3. unless you're playing with trimmed decks of 30 cards with 3 copies of all powerful cards in them, i don't see how you explore 2 locations every 2nd round without using northern trackers. of course, if you have such powerdecks i am sure there are northern trackers in them. anyways, you just add new fiction with every of your posts. if you don't see how locations without northern trackers are broken in 4ers, i guess this discussion with you is pointless.
  19. to mestrahd: i still don't understand your reasoning. northern trackers are by far better than lorien guides. look at the stats besides their ability. they might change their function from discarding locations to fighting, which is a good change in my oppinion. but one northern tracker can still place more than 1 progress token, if there are multiple locations in the staging area, whereas lorien scouts cannot. @ghostwolf: with 4 players in some scenarios you draw an average of 2 locations per round, but can only discard 1. sure, you can be lucky, but usually this leads to locations stacking up in the staging area. this kills your questing, so you can't even discard the active location every round and the problem accelerates itself. you'd have to be very quick ending such a scenario. legolas cannot discard locations from staging area (maybe you played that wrong?) so i don't see how this fits here or how he can possibly help you to discard locations. i also don't see how striders path helps you to discard more than one location per round. you can only play it when the location is revealed (not when you choose). and you put the old location back in the staging area, so the total count stays the same.
  20. questing becomes easier - yes a bit. but if you look at the whole picture, i think the game becomes harder in most scenarios. i don't see why this forces a need for lorien guides. besides the fact that lorien guide only gives 1 progress marker no matter how many active locations you have, you can as well get those progress markers by questing. the problem with large games under original rules is, that you MUST discard locations from the staging area, because you have NO other choice.
  21. thx =) i also suggest using my supplement rules card to give locations higher importance, found here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/1054832/the-lord-of-the-rings-the-card-game
  22. problem: with larger player numbers you draw more locations than you can possibly explore each round, due to the limit of 1 exploration per round. to make the game still playable, ffg added northern tracker who take care of the problem, because they can discard any number of locations from the staging area. it's a bad fix in my oppinion because it causes the following problems: 1. northern trackers are absolutely required to win scenarios with certain player numbers. for the gollum expansion scenario it seems you even need them in 2 player games. 2. with northern trackers, the abilities of locations become obsolete, because you are just discarding them from staging area anyways. i often caught myself not even reading the effect on locations anymore, because i knew i won't travel to them anyways. both points are a major issue for me. 1. because no single card should be absolutley required (it's not the case with any other card). and 2. because travel and persistent effects on locations are really cool, thematically as well as mechanically. so here's my suggested fix: A. The players may travel to multiple locations during travel phase. B. There may be one active location for each player. If there are multiple active locations with less progress markers than quest points, the start player decides on which location progress markers are placed. C. Only active locations may be discarded as explored, and this is only possible between the quest and the travel phase. this means you cannot discard any location without triggering its "travel" effect, and you have the persistent effect active for at least one round. northern trackers can still scout the locations for you in advance, but you have to actually travel there in order to fully explore them. i created a rules card, to be used with my custom scenarios, that shows this. but it can as well be used with any other scenario: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/1054832/the-lord-of-the-rings-the-card-game
  23. updated version available on BGG (see link in the OP). higher res (300 dpi), better formatting, some tweaks to the mechanics and better scaling.
  24. conykchameleon said: No offense to the OP, but I just can't believe the things people find to complain about with this game. If you want a smaller pool of cards for your custom scenario, just write out a list of which encounter cards are to be used. If you're going through the trouble of creating and balancing a custom scenario, taking the extra 2 minutes to write out a list of encounter cards just doesn't seem like that big of a deal. funny, i wasn't complaining at all. but people always find something to misunderstand and flame. of course handpicking cards would be best for custom scenarios. but it won't happen for a single reason: who wants to spend half an hour before every game to search each single card? and after the game sort them back into their card pools? no one. i wouldn't even want to do it for my own scenarios. there is also no place on the scenario card to write a list of 20+ cards and i really like the place restriction that comes when keeping to the original scenario card size and layout. therefore successful custom scenarios will have to use the preset encouter decks, at least as a basis. i will just repeat myself: what i suggest hurts no one, and helps modders, and likely even FFG themselves. of course you have to expect getting flamed in this forum as soon as you voice any oppinion. but it still always surprises me how stupid some people are (yes, you may flame me for that statement, i will stop posting in this thread).
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