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  1. How consistent do people show up for weekly meetups there? I would be interested in coming up maybe once a month for the league tournament but only if people are going to show up. I'd hate to drive 2 hours and then be the only person there...
  2. I have a shub/syndicate deck as well but ours looks somewhat different. If you are looking to compete with this deck don't forget to take out the rats. For whatever reason fantasy flight has decided to ban them.
  3. So that means we will have 24-48 hours to make deck changes after we see cards. Great! That sounds like plenty of time to playtest! Lol!
  4. So, if Terror in Venice is released at Gencon like most are expecting then it WILL be legal to play in the North American championship according to the FAQ. For this reason I almost think that it wont be available at Gencon. Do you think that Fantasy Flight would throw that many cards into the card pool 2 days before a big tournament?
  5. I e-mailed Fantasy Flight about the ticket situation and they have added 6 more slots for anyone that cares that would like a ticket that hasn't already got one.
  6. I was on the gencon page just now trying to get a ticket for the Cthulhu tournament and I couldn't because the event said it had a maximum number of 22 players allowed to compete for the championship and apparently all the tickets have already been purchased... This doesn't seem right to me. Wouldn't there be an unlimited number of people allowed to play in this event? If only 22 players are allowed to compete I'm gonna be ticked! Although it is cool because already more people are signed up this year than played last year. We had 20 last year I believe.
  7. A few things I'd like to address on mine and the coc community's behalf: 1. It would be nice to know if Terror in Venice is going to be out and legal for tournament play at gencon, considering gencon is less than a month away! 2. An update to when the players should be expecting new story cards would be nice 3. An update about the reprint of the dreamlands cyle would be nice
  8. Is there a rule on the limit to the number of conspiracies you can have in play? I looked in the rulebook but didn't see a restriction rule. I feel like I've read somewhere though that there is some type of restriction on them. Thanks, -kama
  9. what happens if i pop a dimensional rift whenever my opponent has an infirmary in play? does he get all of his guys back or do they all get destroyed along with the infirmary?
  10. Where were you guys this past saturday for the regionals tourney!? I thought we'd see you there. We ended up with 7, it would have been nice to had more. :-( Maybe next time we will see you guys there.
  11. Can someone please explain to me why you have to use the top 2 cards of your deck when you play Erdrich nexus? Obviously the first is your resource but why do you have to use one as your domain cover?
  12. What's the difference between a triggered effect and a card effect?
  13. Anyone on the forums going to be at the lousiville regionals? My friend and I will be attending. I hope to see some of you there.
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