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  1. I remember seeing it on Dark Reign Radwraith but that site is gone. I might have the PDFs lurking in my computer still but I'll have to have a look about. The supplements for DH2E give a lot of suitable options including Astropaths and backgrounds like Rogue Trader Fleet and Imperial Navy. Personally I just go with using DH2E as my engine for games. For character creation I just have people go through the steps for DH2E and then pick a suitable class from Rogue Trader getting the starting skills, talents, special abilities and gear of that class. If you want an even more powerful group of PCs let them take all the perks of a Rogue Trader lifepath as well as long as it lines up with with their other choices. After character generation they advance as normal as for a DH2E character. Aside from that I only really use the ship rules from Rogue Trader though that's the main thing I think a Rogue Trader Second Edition would need to update as they are a bit ungainly at points. Aside from that the last game I ran I just gave the PCs Profit Factor as well as personal influence. Influence was great for them to pick up smaller items with and call in favours. But I'd be tempted in future games just to go with influence and have the PCs get a bonus to it based on something like a number equal to starting profit factor divided by five. But then again I'm somewhat unhinged and running a DW game using DH2E as my engine.
  2. I can sympathise with your characters position even though I don't agree with all of your points. I have been both a player and GM for Deathwatch. I do understand given the way your GM is presenting things how it can be frustrating but I don't believe ground work is beneath Deathwatch but their has to be a good reason. Most often this is because the mission is a crisis still unfolding and the Kill Team are being sent in as rapid response. Or because the mission area is so far behind enemy lines information is limited. Or because communication is difficult (shadow in the warp, electronic countermeasures etc). But I do think if your GM was presenting the Inquisitor and his staff better he'd be an actual ally and potentially a peer. Going over to Chaos is a bit much possibly. Becoming disillusioned with the Inquisition is clearly setting in and with the Deathwatch if they are standing their like it's completely ok. Raise the issue with your superiors as others have said. Asking for more information in missions during briefings and raising the point that the mission may be considerably easier if more groundwork and information gathering is done prior to your arrival by local or Inquisitorial forces depending on the mission. At worst you can put your requisition points on the line. Rites of Battle has a bunch of things you can spend your points on to gather more information. If you GM blocks you on this if it's rational (if there is an Imperial Navy ship in Orbit why can't you get Orbital Surveilance?) then he's got even less of a leg to stand on. I did have a Black Consul character who ended turning his back on the Deathwatch because the GM has a conspiracy among the Deathwatch expedition he was part of. So the GM got a man with no chapter to return to leave the Deathwatch and refuse to wear that nice silver shoulder pad.
  3. Ok I know Decessor and likely be one fo the players if he runs Rogue Trader again. He'll know most of what I'm saying here anyway but for others of interest for running games. Yes half the points are on psykers, they are fine to start but their power curve quickly gets silly... but that's my opinion and I get other people don't necessarily have this problem in their games. 1. I had some players complain that buying stuff has too many damnable rolls involved. So I cut the time down with a simple method. The degrees of success for finding are applied as a modifier to the profit factor roll to buy the item. Basically every degree of success past finding gives you a +2. However I don't do the opposed commerce check... if you have a skilled character at commerce they'll always go for that bit anyway so you are reducing the rolls by a third. I have found this makes buying more common things a little easier but but very limited in number items arguably a little harder to find. 2. Possibly incorporating legacy weapons from Tome of Blood. Obviously the Explorers don't have infamy (for now...) so perhaps treat it like the profit factor the group has at the start is not counted. Something worth considering. But the weapon has to be one of the starting weapons. Chain weapons in the long run have a problem with power weapons just breaking them but one of the fringe benefits of a legacy chainsword would be a much reduced chance. 3. Reduce power weapons breaking others to 25%, it makes power weapons too essential... a bit more variety amongst player gear would be nice. Make non power melee weapons more viable is an option. 4. Psykers... urgh they hurt my brain. Too safe combined with too powerful for my tastes as a GM and Player (if you want them more powerful in your games go nuts of course!), its the combination that goes too far for me. I have considered reducing the rate at which they get psy rating so when they hit the final rank they'll have six or maybe seven psy rating not ten. 5. Psy Rating of course adds to accomplishing psychic powers, but this is one I have considered more lately. Do not have the psy rating bonus count towards additional degrees of success... I remember being in a game with a GM who always advocated Psykers were fine. When a player astropath rolled 87 and the defender with a good willpower rolled 03 and the psyker still beat him hands down he started to get what I meant. You hit a certain point where unless you are a psyker them only thing that can save you is if the astropath or psyker using a power rolls 91-00. 6. Theomancy... demons are meant to be scary. Just ban this power. Astropaths can mind control most stuff but not demons, but with Theomancy with a roll of the dice all but demon princes are washed away. Sure it's mostly only good versus demons, but it just makes including them in adventures a moot point and means the GM will be less inclined to do interesting stories... horde of demons, screw the Grey Knights we've got Bob the Astropath... of course if a GM includes this and finds it's a problem well they are meant to be rare and wont it be worrying when a Demon Prince puts a bounty on Bobs heads that'd make an Emperor's Children sign. 7. Astropaths and Ship Combat... the shiny new rules they introduced in supplements to let astropaths start knocking enemy ordnance out of the void? etc. They don't need shiny special stuff, there's the augur array, there's put your back into it, there's firing the guns... really you can do a lot with the augur array and astropaths can get fantastically good at it. Some of the stuff they add in seems more on a scale with Primaris Psykers than should be coming up with Astropaths. 8. Psykers again- but with a twist... the one thing Astropaths actually aren't good at is sending astropathic messages. The table for Psy Rating and sending means that for the first half of the campaign you aren't sending messages to anyone outside the solar system you are in! Hear I say give the bastards a break and take about two or three off the numbers needed on that chart. 9. A lot more of it is actually attitude. I'm keener on using the Stars of Inequity rules to set up colonies and investing profit factor, but keeping the number crunch of it away from the gaming table. Just sort it out on google docs between sessions. I for one if in this game will be pushing for arboreatums and extended supply vaults. I've done the swimming in money crap. Let's explore again. Set up one or two agri colonies and stay out as long as possible. Leave Footfall a rare experience, become the urban legends on the far side of the expanse or whereever the game is set. I think the game actuall sets you up in the wrong mindset. You get some nice weapons but there are an awful lot of utility stuff you suffer for not having early on, basic stuff. So this is what I suggested to Decessor. Before character generation everyone contacts the GM and gives them a list of three types of item they think a ship should have quantities of outside the common quality gear. The GM reviews these if they are reasonable he might say the players have inherited the gear, if it is unreasonable he moves down the list. What I am thinking of as reasonable are things like auspexes, those flat pack landing facilities from into the storm not ripper pistols and power armour. Also it might give you an idea of who has more unreasonable experiences. By saying if something is rejected it encourages them to think, "Wait I get more stuff starting off if I am reasonable? I'm going for three useful things I know he'll find reasonable and I'll use!" Hopefully sets the trend towards not being focused on gear and shopping.
  4. Gaius

    Which 40k RPG?

    I'd have to agree, the game could be run in many ways. A tiny bit of modifcation and the players are armsmen in the Imperial Navy. Engaging in hit and runs, boarding actions, landing on strange worlds either untouched by man or for stately affairs with the local authorities. Even just sticking with the Imperial Guard, different units can get up to different things. For example in my own game the players are a Highborn Line Infantry Regiment, they've fought orks in the jungles, mountain passes and matched wits at the Subsector Governor's Court. I've listed their adventures here if it might inform you better: We've clocked up eleven sessions so far though I'm putting my own spin on the background of the setting to tie in with previous games I've run. You could do a game where the players are garrisoning a facility or sitting in the trenches, the posibilities are endless. Dark Heresy does have an interesting setting which Only War is tied to to a degree. I've done a few reviews of the lines you've asked about- Dark Heresy- Rogue Trader- Only War-
  5. Ah sorry, should have been quicker sorting out a character, been a little busy. Have fun.
  6. I would be interested but have a few questions as I have had experiences with play by post games. I could usually get multiple posts in a day or at least one the vast majority of the time. Firstly when doing combat do you have a time limit on waiting on player responses, as in within twenty four hours of your post as the GM? Sadly I've been in some promising PBP games before that just died the moment we hit combat because a turn could take a week… so one quick fight equalling a month usually doesn't even see the end of the month. Secondly you mention some of the options in Tome of Fate being available what about Tome of Blood, I'm mainly thinking of Legacy Weapons as I've just read the section and they sound like fun!
  7. Even in the Imperium older isn't better. The power armour they built (in bulk, ie most Legionaire/Astrates) and plasma weapons that they could build during the great crusade are actually worse than those developed later. In the case of plasma weapons this meant that later they developed a lower powered setting that was less inclined towards overheating (in one of the many versions of the setting, lets be honest games workshop does like their retconning). Power armour was refined from thunder armour to aquila power armour from the reunification of terra using the Thunder armour to the Aquila armour at the dawn of the heresy. The background generally agrees that most of the later armours are agreed to provide superior protection to the older though in the case of loyalists they put a level of prestige and honour due to the age and veneration of the older suits. Some Chaos Marines might indeed agree with this viewpoint and I can definitely get a nostalgic legionaire wanting to keep his armour. Different bits of background have Chaos Marines trying to get the superior protection of newer suits if they can (on top of the components being in working order!) in looting after battle… though I always suspected this was games workshop trying to explain why the models were blatantly wearing aquila armour and not older variants, though this trend seems to be changing in the newer line of releases! Still I can accept if the GM wanted to go with an approach like your own Gitsmasha.
  8. Perhaps put a copy of your adventure up in google documents and have it open for public viewing with a link posted here?
  9. In Chaos all things are possible… but I have to admit unless handled well this could come off as quite offputting to myself. If players and GM are happy go nuts. I wouldn't try and put their numbers anywhere near those of more conventional daemons and certainly if their are similar deities I wouldn't put their power level on par with the greater chaos gods (newborn Slaanesh, weakest of the greater gods, still tore Khaine apart!). I'd be careful about handling such entities in a game as it may end up as an factor that could divorce the game too much from more common views of 40k for a lot of people. Why must they be handled terribly different from other Warp Entities, they don't have to have the daemonic trait but I wouldn't rule it out, psychneuin and enslavers would be others I'd look at the stats of plus maybe some of the weirder Yu'vath stuff in Koronus Bestiary. Just because they are working against Chaos or at least aspects of it doesn't mean they are on the same side but might gladly appear to be. I for one could certainly find such a thing easier to stomach if once the curtain is lifted the GM reveals that some if not all merely want to get rid of the greater chaos gods so they can take their place. You could draw conclusions and questionable supporting evidence for the potential for such beings from a variety of sources. In the first edition of Warhammer 40k they talked about Khaela Mensha Khaine being an entity stuck somewhere between Khorne and Slaanesh but neither could claim it over the other and at an impass Khaine was more autonomous and somewhat free of their influence. Secondly you could point towards the Liber Chaotica books from warhammer fantasy… yes it's warhammer fantasy and the universes are a lot more loosely linked than they used to be but they've got a section where an character from Warhammer Fantasy in Liber Chaotica Slaanesh draws pictures of Noise Marines so for arguements sake lets include them. In these books there is a section which refers to all gods in Warhammer Fantasy being blendings of aspects of the four major Chaos gods but the sages of the High Elves though they new this nurtured some of the more benevolent aspects to use as allies and have as gods. If the warp is the sea of souls etc and is influenced by mortals there could be some worlds where the concepts of good daemons exist and so they do at some level if enough believe and firmly enough… hey there is a world where circles are outlawed because daemons can enter reality through them, and wouldn't you know it on that world they really do! Also look at other Warp Xenos which are more tied in with the current incarnations of Warhammer 40k such as psychneuin, enslavers, medusae and if you really want to push the boat with conspiracy theories crotalids.
  10. Lynata said: Human characters are comically outclassed in this interpretation of the setting anyways, and OP's game is CSM only, so fortunately for them they would not have to feel constrained in this way. For what it's worth, they could even kick it up to eleven and import the ton of bonuses and abilities that Space Marines get in the Deathwatch game. Squad modes for Traitor Marines? Different armour marks? Histories and deeds? Lots of possibilities there! I really like the idea of "run and gun", and will propose it to my emerging Deathwatch group. I'd second the idea of considering letting the PCs have access to some of the squad modes from Deathwatch as an option. The PCs would likely take cohesion damage a lot more regularly but if they have a close enough bond (for chaos marines) I don't see why they couldn't rekindle the use of some common "Legion Squad Modes" (the Codex ones initially). I very nearly organised an all Black Legion character game for my players around this very notion, renaming several of the Oaths in the book and assigning them to different achetypes (and character personalities). As for the run and gun rule, it's shown quite clearly through a number of squad modes in deathwatch with fire for effect and bolter assault (though in the case of bolter assault these are only for those wielding the more common bolt weapons and grenades) being the ones that come to mind. Take into consideration how the hip shooting rule would work in this situation, as this is the kind of thing it is meant for. If the rule is making the players and GM happy sounds good to me but maybe give the players a bonus to hit or an additional single shot if they take hip shooting. Just something for your consideration. I'm not so inclined to have mixed mortal/legionaire games after running my first game. I think there are some unique opportunities to having all mortal or all legionaire games and combat is a lot easier to balance for a one type party with the base game in abilities and gear taken into account especially early on. In the Black Crusade I've just started the PCs are all using the standard power armour rules in the core book however this in my mind is because they are wearing somewhat Frankenstein suits of power armour but they might be able to loot corvus and such armour off loyalists though I wont be giving the fellowship bonuses for suits like Maximus. In my mind amongst Chaos Marines having armour that old isn't to be revered but as a sign you aren't strong enough to upgrade it with superior and more modern armour.
  11. It's going to be a difficult item to repair and get up and running again. Since it's alien tech from the other side of the galaxy perhaps bring in another element to play with it if you don't want to have the PCs carting it out to every fight but also don't want to nerf it. I'd suggest whenever it takes serious damage and has to be repaired then the PCs wont be able to make it exactly as it was when it came from the factory as they simply don't have the components and know how regarding tau tech. Let the groups Heretek know this in advance so the PCs start to weigh up when to use it or not, if they drag it out for every fight and starts to pile up battle damage it might get slower or take longer to reload it's weapons or it's weapons might take damage and need to be replaced themselves, eventually making some kind of chimera machine of death that will be fun in it's own unique ways as you give the PCs the option of what to try and put on instead of the railgun on the left side. Ammo could also be something they will have to consider… the railguns not so much a problem potentially but other weapons will be hard to find ammo for if the game is set in the screaming vortex. Mark of the Xenos has rules for broadsides so that could be of use to you as well!
  12. I would suggest that it makes trying to use psychic powers for the wearer (or someone holding a quantity of the ore/metal) take a penalty to using their powers first off. Perhaps have a penalty to benefiting from beneficial psychic powers too and not just the negative ones. If you haven't nailed down how difficult to refine the ore into useable metal for forging or better yet the rarity of the ore this could be a good way of limiting the number of items that are made using it in the party. If the ore is rare and hard to find (even with loads of slaves and dark mechanicus allies helping to find it) meaning that gathering the materials is going to be slow. Perhaps the items will be harder to forge than initially thought. I wouldn't necessarily try and make it unusable. Though radioactive is an idea to make people be wary of using it this might give a big advantage to any nurglite in the party as I think they can get immunity to radiation eventually! Still it is an idea. I would personally lean to something that might give a solid penalty for everyone but not be something that's going to make them feel that it is useless after all they went through. Say daemons have an aversion to this metal because of it's obvious uses so that any character with an item takes a penalty to all interaction tests when dealing with daemons. Also I'd make it clear after the PCs have had a chance to examine the ore/metal more that it is by it's nature not something that could be used to forge a daemon weapon or daemonic war engine.
  13. Regarding the new player joining I would suggest perhaps the group finds them and give the Champion enough details to pitch the adventure towards the players. Perhaps encourage the Champion to reveal the true plan to the other Slaaneshi character… or a limited amount of scope of said plan to the whole party bar the Khornate renegade stating that if left unchecked the Khornate faction on world will destroy the others. A new Slaaneshi faction could balance the scales so to speak. Since it is the last game you could try and do something a little risky in when you are helping all the players with their personal objectives give them additional over riding objectives individually. The Slaaneshi characters get better bonuses and perks if the world is turned into a paradise world for the Dark Prince. The Tzeentch and Nurgle characters get bonus perks if they can redress the balance or even better skew it in their gods favour. The Khornate could be given the goal of undermining the endeavour and ensuring Khorne is in ascendance on this world when the dust settles, the one god to be worshiped. This last one might be a little tricky to do but the potentially more level headed undivided character could be used as an intermediary in this regard, perhaps they recieve a vision from a Khornate Daemon Prince, or are contacted by a Tzeentchian of some kind playing some long game or even the Dark Eldar NPC and encouraged to betray their allies for the glory of the Blood God. It depends on the group of PCs, some might OOC love the the internal politicing as well as dealing with outside forces. If you do this I'd suggest giving the non slaaneshi characters a chance to take over their own god aligned factions on world if they play their cards right. Perhaps even have someone put the idea into the head of the Undivided character that only they could unite the world, with or without their unwitting allies help. Becoming lord of this world with all bowing before them. As for the Orks, if the PCs use them for combat soon after landing then they wont have a problem as it will satiate the Orks bruttish battle lust and thin their numbers… though dangerous they could be managed in the medium term… perhaps being an asset in the short or medium term if the PCs are clever but turning into a potential long term liability in the adventure if the players leave them bored and idle too long. It seems like the PCs tried to get them so as long as they handle them with care why not let them play with their new toy.
  14. I do have a few ideas I made up for a previous game I did in the Screaming Vortex that I will briefly detail at the end. Also consider before abandoning the Calyxis Sector some of the other options as the Screaming Vortex wont be easy to get out of. A few adventures in the Spinward Front or the Koronus Expanse have their own advantages too as well as local Chaos Factions for the players to compete against in each of these. If you have access to some of the Deathwatch books consider the Jericho Reach as this has Tyranids and Tau as well as the Imperium to struggle against, as well as of course various Chaos factions being present (the Stigmartus, Word Bearers and the Pyre are all significant players in the region). Getting them there would be tricky but perhaps with a bit of a nod and a wink to the players out of character they end up boarding a transport vessel bound for the Margin Crusade (a front for providing forces to the Achilus Crusade in the Jericho Reach) either to flee an enemy such as an Inquisitor (or the fall out to one of their own schemes) or perhaps they feel that the reports of this Margin Crusade are either being too successful and needs to be derailed or is suspiciously successful! A host of new foes to entertain your players especially the Tyranids and Tau who they are unlikely to have faced before! -A former Commisar who was left for dead in a triage centre on some distant battlefield with his troops, slowly driven mad by his own suffering to the point where even his iron resolve began to waiver. Eventually the whispers of Nurgle brought him strength and renewed vigor before he led his men under malefic influence to slay those who had denied them aid despite their previous loyalty. A commissar turned villain could be fun to play around with! -A renegade Ultramarine champion of Khorne. Not a berserker but incredibly proud of his his martial honour to a fault. A dark parody of the Emperor's Astrates as any legionaire is but made all the more blatant by the fact he is from the biggest poster boys chapter for Imperials. -A band of Chaos Champions more akin to a DND party who wish to take the fight to the Corpse God and his Eagle Warriors who attacked their world under the banner of his servant (a Rogue Trader?). They know little of the Imperium but but worship the Chaos Gods as animalistic deities imbued with different traits. The Crow God (Nurgle), The Raven God (Tzeentch), The Hound God (Khorne) and The Serpent God (Slaanesh). This one was more an idea for a campaign I had with the players being the Champions of the Gods who must save their world from the Eagle Warriors (because the Imperium plaster the Aquila all over everything) who serve their dark God Emperor who sits decaying a upon a golden throne, a god so jealous he does not tollerate worship of any other within his realm. -An Astropath in service to Tzeentch who seeks to collect lore on esoteric subjects and does not seem to be trying to amass military forces. He gathers and collects information on Warp Engines and real space/warp intersections. Rumour has it he seeks to conduct a ritual to drag worlds into the warp using sorcery and technology. -An Adminitratum Official who has recently disappeared while on vacation, at exactly the same time as a serious of errors regarding tithes and supplies have been noted, flinging disarray into several nearby areas. A new cunning mastermind champion of chaos arises taking advantage of these weaknesses in certain key areas, the small band of pirates swelling as he has an unnearing accuracy at helping them avoid Imperial Navy patrols as well as potentially over run a world or two who have been left poorly defended due to others in the sector having being prioritised. -Rogue Trader Roberto LeGrange of the Saynay Clan. A self stylised swashbuckler this cannibalistic pirate serves his Mistress on Dusk much like the rest of his Clan however uses his own cunning and guile to masquerade as the latest descendant and owner of the LeGrange Dynasty thought lost in the Koronus Expanse… certainly he has the warrant of trade and the Vessel that his ancestors departed into the Expanse with even if he does seem a little odd to his peers, well Rogue Traders are often eccentric aren't they? -Cardinal Luccio Ferez. Tales speak of the days when the Calyxis Sector was yet young and newly forged, dark rumours abound surrounding one of the Cardinals from those legendary times. It is said his diocese was one of those on the edge of the sector, far from the eye of his peers. It is said that he came accross tomes left unscathed by the Angevin Crusade, in these he learned secrets and before he knew it was enraptured by the secrets of the Dark Prince of Chaos. He set up a cult around him, using his skills no longer to bring those into the fold of the God Emperor. Eventually members of his cult were uncovered and he wisely made his exit, disappearing from the Imperium. He is particularly skilled at converting members of the Imperial Creed to his masters service. Indeed it is said he will pay a bounty for any missionary brought alive to him, taking it as a personal challenge to bring them onto the Path of Glory… though he has not always been successful it is said some have been turned, sent out by Cardinal Ferez as missionaries for Slaanesh.
  15. The Viper Sloop though very small is a very specialised and somewhat rare vessel in its own right. I would suggest the Iconoclast (also in Battlefleet Koronus), this is almost more a broad designation than an actual proper class. It's the most basic form of warp capable vessel the Imperium makes as well as being made quite a bit outside the Imperium since it's so much easier to than other ships. It's fast, with room for two dorsal weapons and comparable armour to the Viper and comes in at twenty nine ship points. It has a special rule for doing long term repairs. Perhaps this vessel might fit the theme a bit more? A patchwork, cheap and undeniably "common" vessel. Dock it in port near Lady Sun Lee's vessel and the stark contrast of the dynasty's financial fortunes is plain for all to see.
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