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  1. In case anyone was waiting for a storage insert go7 gaming just released theirs. https://go7gaming.com/product/ah-001-for-arkham-horror-3ed/
  2. Steeljaw

    Arkham Novellas

    If you are in the US I highly recommend using Team Covenant. I didn’t miss a single book with promo cards. They just show up at your house.
  3. The more options the better I say . I wouldn't buy the go7 gaming version if it cost me $70 just to ship either. I think it was closer to $7 for shipping for me in the US. My only concern with the foam ones is how well they hold up and based on the pictures it doesn't look like they leave you any room for expansions which the go7 ones do.
  4. No, it does not. It took me about 3 hours to glue together. Once complete though it looks and works great. Everything fits nicely in the game box now.
  5. Anyone in the Sat 4pm group?
  6. I have 2 copies from taking my son to Arkham Nights last Oct. I'm willing to part with one copy. Message me on here to discuss further.
  7. Steeljaw

    Arkham Nights 2017

    I assume they are still going to have Arkham Nights this year? Seems it is usually announced around this time.
  8. Steeljaw

    Carnivale of Horrors SPOILERS

    So my son and I played Carnivale of Horrors and once we got to the boat and had to make the rowing checks to get away I thought Cnidathqua was supposed to attack us both each round. So it doesn't get normal attacks every round also?
  9. How is this even a question? You can't pay the cost so you take the damage. Seems completely cut and dry.
  10. So I used Broken Tokens insert for the core box set which works great but it only holds the core set and 1 or 2 more expansions. So I had this made which fits over 2,000 sleeved cards. Think it will work really nicely. The design is laser etched into the wood case.
  11. While that case looks pretty cool it looks far less flexible for holding cards into sets. I wish the custom painters case was cheaper but it actually costs more.
  12. I'll post pictures with some cards in it. The cards stand vertically in this.
  13. Once you save the file as a jpeg it will reduce that 500 MB to something around 20 MB (at least it did for me using Photoshop). Again if you need a place to host the files without ads or anything else let me know. I have a paid MediaFire account. I will be on here for another hour and watch for any questions.
  14. You will want to use some wood glue to hold the center token box together. I have a detailed post on reddit here.
  15. Imartin91, first I love what you created. As a photo guy I have a couple suggestions to make these really shine printed in large format. Also, I am more than happy to help fix them if you want any assistance (including hosting for the large files). I enlarged them but there is a fair amount of image noise around the words. Ppi (pixels per inch) is set to 72 which is great for web but terrible for print. Magazine photo's and anything for high print quality should be 300. Printing what you posted would only look good at 5x6 inches. The images need to be 6,900 x 7,500 pixels to print at 23x25 inches. When you zoom in a bit you see a lot of artifacts around the text (that font is awesome btw). Standard large format print sizes don't match 23x25. I suggest formatting it to either 24x24 or 24x30 since these are standard sizes. These are just my suggestions for getting these printed and looking great. If you print what you posted in anything close to 23x25 I think you might be disappointed in how it turns out. I have full blown Photoshop and Perfect Resize Pro 9 for enlarging images. If you want any help in enlarging them or if you enlarge them and want file hosting let me know via a message here.
  16. I got my core set at Arkham Nights and after checking out several vendors decided to try Broken Token set (ORG007). I had no trouble putting them together and they sit inside the box set perfectly. It let me store the base set and the Curse of the Rougarou easily with some room left over. This way you can separate the decks yet keep them in the core box. Yes, FFG sleeves work for sure. See in pics. Pics
  17. Steeljaw

    release date??

    I am excited to see what you guys think of the game. My son and I got our copies at Arkham Nights last month and just finished the campaign this past Sunday. You guys are in for a treat. In my opinion it is a great game. We didn't play Arkham Horror or Eldritch Horror very much because of the setup/play/breakdown time (4+ hours) and it is amazing to get such a good experience from a card game that takes under 2 hours start to finish per scenario.
  18. Steeljaw

    Inserts and tuck boxes

    I just put together 2 of these Broken Token sets (ORG007) for 2 Arkham Horror core boxes and they work perfectly. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to store their cards in a organized fashion. Also, the core set and Curse of the Rougarou set fit in the core box no problem.
  19. What Discord channel? Is there a Discord server for FFG games?
  20. Steeljaw

    Well Done FFG!

    This was my third time to go to Arkham Nights and I agree with the OP that it was really good and probably the best one we have attended. Both play rooms were packed but we had no trouble jumping into or signing up for whatever games we wanted. It was a great weekend for sure and I really enjoyed playing the new Arkham Horror card game. We even played with the one of the game designers Matt Newman (holy cow the Curse of the Rougarou expansion is tough!). Highly recommend going to anyone that enjoys these games.
  21. Steeljaw

    Approximate Attendance?

    Last year was a pretty good crowd. I would concur with the above posters in around ~70 players. No problem finding a group to play your favorite Arkham themed game. It's been fun every year I have gone.
  22. Steeljaw

    Buying Tickets for 2016

    So I went to the pre-order page and it will only let me select 1 ticket. I need 2 tickets for me and my son. Do you have to place 2 separate orders? Wasn't an issue last year. Update: So it appears you have to add each ticket to the cart separately. Seems kind of dumb. Yapsody isn't the best site.
  23. I can't, I'm not Devin. As people pay to get new Star Wars tokens he releases them for free for everyone else. So you either have to wait for others to get some made or pay to get a custom token. I have paid to have 3 created and added already.
  24. In case you guys haven't seen them yet Devin Night has created a Star War's themed token pack that is free for everyone. They are amazing. Link to his blog Link to the pack You can get custom tokens created for $10 each. Enjoy.