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  1. If you are in the US I highly recommend using Team Covenant. I didn’t miss a single book with promo cards. They just show up at your house.
  2. The more options the better I say . I wouldn't buy the go7 gaming version if it cost me $70 just to ship either. I think it was closer to $7 for shipping for me in the US. My only concern with the foam ones is how well they hold up and based on the pictures it doesn't look like they leave you any room for expansions which the go7 ones do.
  3. No, it does not. It took me about 3 hours to glue together. Once complete though it looks and works great. Everything fits nicely in the game box now.
  4. In case anyone was waiting for a storage insert go7 gaming just released theirs. https://go7gaming.com/product/ah-001-for-arkham-horror-3ed/
  5. I have 2 copies from taking my son to Arkham Nights last Oct. I'm willing to part with one copy. Message me on here to discuss further.
  6. I assume they are still going to have Arkham Nights this year? Seems it is usually announced around this time.
  7. So my son and I played Carnivale of Horrors and once we got to the boat and had to make the rowing checks to get away I thought Cnidathqua was supposed to attack us both each round. So it doesn't get normal attacks every round also?
  8. How is this even a question? You can't pay the cost so you take the damage. Seems completely cut and dry.
  9. While that case looks pretty cool it looks far less flexible for holding cards into sets. I wish the custom painters case was cheaper but it actually costs more.
  10. I'll post pictures with some cards in it. The cards stand vertically in this.
  11. So I used Broken Tokens insert for the core box set which works great but it only holds the core set and 1 or 2 more expansions. So I had this made which fits over 2,000 sleeved cards. Think it will work really nicely. The design is laser etched into the wood case.
  12. Once you save the file as a jpeg it will reduce that 500 MB to something around 20 MB (at least it did for me using Photoshop). Again if you need a place to host the files without ads or anything else let me know. I have a paid MediaFire account. I will be on here for another hour and watch for any questions.
  13. You will want to use some wood glue to hold the center token box together. I have a detailed post on reddit here.
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