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  1. I didn't appreciate any of the OP characters above. I think this Kasrkin is fair are pretty good representation for them.
  2. Coyote81

    the inner tier

    Yea I totally played a game where I had Sister of Battle with maxed out cunning, 12 lives when I got to the center and some cunning weapons, and Corruptis handed me my puss filled warped body back to me on a platted, had to start a new character. Just because you have a few lives doesn't mean you can win the game.
  3. I agree, with several of these posts.A board game is only what you really make of it. I enjoy talisman because it is random, and it doesn't take a lot of decision making, it allows for entertaining game, seeing players run into amazing, exciting moments, and also moment where they die a grizzy and gruesome death. I for one look forward to one based on 40k (my favorite game). I'll enjoy rolling dice and hoping my Imperial guardsmen is more like Marbo, and less like a nid lunchbox. For the Emperor! er, um, the Dice Gods!
  4. I'm looking forward to it. But I don't know if my GF will like it.
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