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  1. First of all - it's not Self PRopelled, it's Solid Projectile. But yes, it's bullets and shells. Revolvers, machineguns, shotguns etc. But bolt weapons are separate class of weapon. And you don't need any weapon training to use ship's weapon. You only need good BS.
  2. -Where does it say cruisers can't fire their weapons when they perform any of those 3 maneuvers? Page 15, battlefleet koronus: "If a ship performs a Manoeuvre Action with a total modifier of greater than challenging it may not fire it's nova cannon in the same turn". Of course, if you can buy a gyro-stabilization matrix from Into the Storm, then you can fire Nova cannon even if you use aforementioned manoeuvres, but it's a rare archeotech. -Btw another Nova Cannon question just popped into my head. What happens when you use a nova cannon to bombard a planet? =P Fluffwise - one ship armed with nova cannon can exterminate planet. One shot is not enough to destroy the planet, but consequences still will be awful.
  3. Another variant of house rule: use "Big guns, small targets" but one weapon can target only one wave(or individual squadron) of attack craft. If carrier use waves of attack craft - more vulnerable against big guns, less vulnerable against turrets. If carrier use individual squadrons - less vulnerable against big guns, more vulnerable against turrets.
  4. Voronesh said: 3. The person who wrote the rules, actually had an extra box, allowing the big guns to target squadrons at an additional -20 to BS, on top of anything else. And a hit only reduces a single squadron, qhich isnt necessarily dead, but rather limping home. Why that was cut? No one knows. I hope this will be added to errata.
  5. In BFG lances and macrobatteries may be fired at torpedoes and attack craft. Are there any rules about firing lances/macrobatteries at torpedoes/attack craft in Battlefleet Coronus? Sorry for my english.
  6. They can. Rules don't forbid them to do it. They can buy Elite Advances for heavy weapons. In Ascension they can choose career of Interrogator and buy any weapon training. Hey, and what about psycannon? It's intended to be used by psyker.
  7. I have already said, that i am interested in examples, which screw you just because you are psyker, even if you don't use your skills. Or wargear/talents/something which psykers cannot obtain/use. Oh, I also remembered, that psykers cannott use halo devices. They don't lose too much.
  8. Lukkai said: - Does the Jovian pattern nova cannon ignore armour? All Nova cannons ignore armour. Page 16.
  9. I'm trying to figure out, what penalties rules impose on psykers not in the moment, when they invoke their powers, but just because they are psyker. I know about 2 instances: 1)They cannot wear psy-jammers 2)Some weapons are more effective against psykers(bolters with psycannon bolts, catechist crossbow etc). But all of these weapons either haard to obtain, or uneffective against non-psykers, or both(IMHO). Is there any other things, that screw psykers more than non-psykers, or don't allow them to get what other characters can get? (and yes, I know, that psykers are viewed by society as freaks, but i want to know about hard munchkiniac, non-roleplaying but rollplaying disadvantages) Sorry for my english.
  10. May be you shoulf allow them to find a doctor w/ Int ~40 and good equipment w/ good bonuses for medicae test. Using First Aid they can instantly restore at least part of their health. And rhose who are lightly wounded can restore half of the usual day amount of wounds( int bonus of Medicae's user) after 12 hours. Price, i think, ~50 thrones/person Sorry for my english.
  11. I have a question about the Tempered Will (schola progenum/blighted schola trait). What happens, if PC from schola test makes a willpower test with multiple modifiers. For example, sorcerer from blighted schola has rolled 99 on Perils of warp table. He must pass very hard(-30) test, but he is fatigued(-10) and in daemonic presence(-10). What happens? 1. Character from schola will never recieve modifier worse than (-20). 2.Tests with modifiers worse than -20 will be one step easier, than normal. (-30) becomes (-20), (-40) becomes (-30) and so on. 3.Only very hard test becomes hard, there is no effect for tests with modifiers worse than (-30). Sorry for my english.
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