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  1. After a more complete reading of the rules....... the question is withdrawn. Greg
  2. Can a battle line be attacked once it is completed? I couldn't find anything definative in the rules. Greg
  3. gbierl


    ROLE: Pllayer LOOKING FOR: Group TYPE OF GAME: Online SESSION SPECIFICS: Voice or Forum based REGION: US East Coast SESSION TIME AND TIMEZONE: Evenings 8PM+ GAME STYLE: Flexable GAME SPECIFICS: Wanting to run a BA Assault Marine COMMENTS: Newb looking to learn the game gbierl727@gmail.com
  4. I find this entire idea to be very intrigueing. If it were me I would lay the idea of a kill team firmly at the feet of Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines. This would be taking place during the time he was developing and expanding upon the idea of a standardized "codex" from which all legions/chapters (writer skillfully avoids slap ) would base their tactics upon. I can see were an indiividual might see the use of a small group of highly trained marines would be useful in handling those matters where the use of an entire legion is either wasteful or lacking in clandestine roles. Just my $0.02 for what it is worth.
  5. I would have to agree that in terms of skills and talents Rank One DW characters don't really feel like veteran marines. But to increase these would lead to a character that is entirely over the top for Rank One. I think a partial fix for this can be attained by spending time with the creation of the character background. The GM and player can put their heads together in the creation a mutually suitable background that can not only add flavor and detail to the character but also the GM can "tweak" attributes, stats and abilities to showcase the experiences gained.
  6. Lots of good stuff here, both pro and con. I would like to point out one thing though. Deathwatch marrines are not by any means "young pups". While they may be new to the tactics and procedures of the Deathwatch, they are still experienced members of their chapters who have fought many battles and earned the requisite respect that had them seconded to the Deathwatch to begin with. These marines are definately not nubes. As for the dreadnought question I think I will try to integrate a rescue mission as an early scenario for my players wherein they will recover the badly damaged dread from some enemy or other and return him to his rightful place in the Deathwatch. Subsequently he may appear in scenarios from time to time as an NPC or a one mission character for a player. The players actually salivate at the thought of running this thing. Now I need to figure out the storyline as to who captured the dreadnought and how. Hmmmmmmm.........
  7. Charmander is thinking along lines similar to my own. The last thing I want is for the Kill Team to have a four ton babysitter. The dreadnaught itself is meant to be a plot tool more than an avalanche of firepower. I see him making "cameo" appearrances at pre-planned times to add a little excitement to the story, not as a regular. Greg
  8. My group is getting ready to kick off a new DW campaign and after getting their grubby little hands on Rites of Battle all of the players are itching to run a dreadnaught. Since they will all be at Rank one this is obviously not going to fly, but could be turned into an interesting game plot for a first mission. My thought is this, having the PC's run an adventure at the end of which is a dreadnaught that has been held in stasis by an enemy. The details are not important as what I intend to do is run the dreadnaught as an NPC during missions specifically tailored to it. My questions for the group are: 1. Has anyone ran a dreadnaught in a game before? Was it as insanely powerfull as the rules make it appear? 2. Is this thing too unbalanced to even run as an NPC? Comments? Greg
  9. Glad to see so much interest! I live in Florida and while I have been a DM in the past, it has been many years since I have done so. But I would be willing to give it a shot. I thinkI need to look into maptools as a start. Greg
  10. Does anyone have any room for a player in an online game? Nobody near me so I thought I would take this to the net if possible. Greg
  11. Is anyone running a Deathwatch game online? If so are you interested in new players? Just looking for a game........... Greg
  12. gbierl

    Space Hulk Tiles

    The boardgame was exactly what I was referring to. Sorry for the confusion, and I think I'll go with 2-3 meters per square Thanks again, G
  13. I am getting ready to run my first session of DW and want to place the adventure aboard a spacehulk. Given the movement system of DW how large should each square on a Space Hulk tile be? Thanks in advance, G
  14. gbierl

    Lightning Claws

    Pretty much what I was thinking except I was going to keep the penetration down to a six. Thanks for the input, Greg
  15. Has anyone had time to do stats and rules for lightning claws? Just something to hold me over till the book comes out. (I WANT IT NOW!!!!) Best regards, Greg
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