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  1. I would suggest an entirely different approach when it comes to damage, armour and penetration: raise the numbers Hitting an unarmoured person with a solid projectile weapon in head, chest or groin is quite deadly. Almost always. Meaning a stub revolver should deal enough potential damage to kill an average Joe with TB 3 with a single shot! A stub revolver with 1d10+10 damage? Why not? On the other hand, modern armour should give adequate protection against primitive weapons. Like a stub revolver. For instance it should be virtually impossible for a stub revolver to penetrate Power Armour. Power Armour AP 25? Why not? When you are wearing power armour, it shouldn't really matter whether you have a TB of 3 or 5. Your body is made of bone and muscle, Power Armour is made of ceramite plates. A melta gun is built to penetrate almost anything? Even Power Armour? Melta Gun Pen 30. Why not? I know that big number can get uncomfortable. But they can be fun, too! Don't be scared of them!
  2. I always find it a bit curious how a 250-page book is reduced to 2 unbalanced career classes: "Ascension is broken."
  3. LordBlades said: Cymbel said: I think the current ruleset of Dark Heresy is pretty solid , but there's just a few concent you simply can't do. For example, take a regular guardsman who one day discovers he has psychic powers and decides he wants to develop this aspect further. If this happens in the character's background, no problem: take the Psyker class, buy some appropriate weapon trainings and you're golden. Doing that in game(starting off as a guardsman who discovers his psychic powers) on the other hand is much harder. You could get the Nascent Psyker elite advance, but that only gives you 1 power and you can't improve on it, or you could take Warp Dabbler, but that's Chaos Sorcery mainly. Switching your career to become an Imperial Psyker is impossible in the world of 40K. Psykers are carefully selected (most are simply killed) and then shipped to Terra where they undergo years or even decades of training and indoctrination. If you survive this ordeal you will be Psyker for life. You do not choose to become a Psyker. The career system of Dark Heresy is a good representation of the rigid society in 40K. Some switches would make sense, most wouldn't, and some are downright ridiculous.
  4. Caliban77 said: Any word on when this book might hit the shelves in the UK? Doesn't seem to have made it over here. Which is odd considering I have copies of Novis Primer and Only War on my bookshelf, not to mention Tome of Blood is in stores next week here. Regards Cali I got mine from the UK several weeks ago. Odd indeed. Try Celestial Games and Books.
  5. There are no female Space Marines. Apart from that girls are good to go.
  6. What HappyDaze said, and it doesn't make much sense themewise either. In Dark Heresy you play anti-heroes, low powered thugs that an Inquisitor won't miss much if they get themselves killed. Well, at the beginning at least. Small and dirty detective stories are your routine. In Deathwatch you play the mightiest champions of battle the Imperium has to offer. The stories are accordingly epic! In Rogue Trader you play archtypical adventurers who boldly go where no one has gone before. You get the drift. In Black Crusade you play evil Heretics who want to bring down the Imperium and get the attention of the Dark Gods while doing so. You see, they don't really mix well. It can be done of course. But what's the point?
  7. As far as I know FFG does not provide to Amazon directly. Amazon got their own distributors. And these guys are slow.
  8. Well honestly: if you order from Amazon, you should complain to them. There's really not a lot FFG can do about it.
  9. What HBMC said. Also I get the feeling that this book is not just scraps and pieces but actually gives you an in-depth view of the matter. Reminded me of the Radical's Handbook a bit. The description of the Dead Cabal and the Dark Pattern is thorough, detailed and well written. I love the NPCs, they're just on the right side of weird. There is a common theme to the whole book, it feels so complete. Good work indeed!
  10. Just read through half of it. My impression: This is FFG's best 40K supplement since they took over from BI. Whoever was in charge of this: thanks!
  11. Been using it for years now. Wouldn't know what to do without it.
  12. Lucifer216 said: The book definitely works in providing players and GMs with more detail about the setting, but comes short when it comes to giving them ideas about how to roleplay Adeptus Mechanicus characters in a distinctive fashion. For example, in Titanicus, there is the following exchange: "Macaroth will be pissed off with us, won't he?" Crusius halted and looked down at his famulous. "Of course he will. Additional: where did you learn a phrase like that?" Sonne shrugged. "I… I don't know." "Pissed Off. That's very earthly. Very Imperial. What's the rule?" Sonne sighed. "We of the Mechanicus prefer cant and system code imagery to biological ones." "So?" "Macaroth will be very error shunt abort with us." "Better." It wouldn't have taken much effort for the authors to have had a quick flick through the existing Black Library novels dealing with the Mechanicus and try to provide general rules of thumb, such as the above to help players and GMs give some depth to their roleplaying experiences. It's not without this sort of thing doesn't have precedent in roleplaying games. Most White Wolf game lines have a lexicon at the front with terms and slang that characters regularly use, while the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer game line has an entire section devoted to Buffy-speak. My point exactly!
  13. Yeah, signoftheserpent does that. Don't worry too much about him. It's a lost cause.
  14. FieserMoep said: Just take a look into some Mechanicus Novels or be creative. Thats the job of the GM.^^ Well, of course I can make all these things up myself. But my impression was that I pay money for sourcebooks so I won't have to.
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