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  1. bulldoguk said: May I ask from whence you hail? Just wondering if I am missing something over here in the UK or we are still waiting for those new axis tanks to be released! I've had my axis flame/laser walker from Book Depository for over a week now. Edit- yeah I live in the UK
  2. Hey Denied, dont think you need to take extra panzer support for your 150 list. With the Sturmpioneers leading you get access to an extra sniper or Beobachter team so so thats 10 more points.
  3. As much as I like the option to do an armoured list, given the apparent tournament focus I'm not sure how easy it'd be to sufficiently points ballance such a list. Lists going heavily in 1 extreme tend to break 'normal' points values but I guess that platoon could have its own points values?
  4. Running the risk or insighting nerd rage I use zip lock bags. My walkers are in the origional core set box partitioned with foamcore but all the infantry get put in ziplock bags by squad then chucked in either the core set box or one of the infantry squad boxes. The ones I've painted so far survive fine (with a light coat of varnish) for 6 months+ with no chipping or flaking. The minis are so light and flexible plus have no sharp edges so personally I dont see the need for a foam bag. Obviously as I dont use the ones I have.
  5. The origional box, the revised set and some command squads (Axis and Allies not the SSU one) are a good core force. For Warfare you might want the NCO squads as well as they give you the option to take another platoon type without heroes.
  6. Algesan said: The problem is that DW has gone from dead tree edition to half-price PDF download in less than a month. Not surprising considering the botched butchery done on the great DT system. Hopefully you guys will get your subforums and maybe next time FFG will keep the GW 40K vet the pork away from the world of Dust. You're so cool.
  7. For a set of rules that seems so focused on competative play it should keep these types of interprative rules to a minimum. As a gamer whos never been or or wants to play in a tournament it doesnt bother me and I prefer the tone of writing but I can see how it could create 'problems'.
  8. A printer friendly version for us ink-impared cheapskates please .
  9. Could be to do with game length as well? The average DT game is 8 turns I think compared with 5 for Warfare.
  10. Another typowatch, it also says "improves over by one step" under suppressed units. I'm liking the QR sheets though. To the printmobile!
  11. Thanks guys, i guess hard cover it is then.
  12. A weapon chart that included special abilities would be better than the one in the back of the book.
  13. Sorry to add yet another cover topic but I thought I'd ask. Command radius is pretty huge for a 5 man squad in Warfare so theres a good chance at some point you can get a unit with 2 miniatures obscured in in soft cover and 2 obscured in hard cover (the other guys out in the open poor fella). Undoubtedly the unit is obscured but which cover value do you use? Fairplay™ says use the lowest value but are there any rules I'm missing on this?
  14. I really dont get this argument, as far as I remember a unit gains a bonus to armour rolls due to cover if the lines from centre base of the firing units leader* hits a terrain piece** before the base of the minis for the majority of the figures in the target unit. I dont see how an individual mini touching tereain or not here is relevent? Colour me confused. * - or spotter in the case of artillery. ** This includes the terrain pieces base and/or agreed upon limits before the game.
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