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  1. I may just have missed it but it states in the rules that when you inflict a critical hit you roll 1d5 and compare to the chart. How do you then get the results on the chart higher than 5?
  2. I can't find the stats for the bloody thing. Anyone know where I need to look, I swear I've checked all the books cover to cover.
  3. As an addendum to each of the ideas put forth here and to make each rate of fire a viable choice in a given sitiuation make single shot remove the penalty for called shots. You're a space marine, if you tell me you can't put a single bolter shell where you want it how did you ever get into the deathwatch.
  4. I think that the big distinction here is the guy who names himself to be awesome aka "I go by havoc" cause he feel he needs to add cool factor for some reason. And a name/descriptor that is attached to your character because of past actions or a trait they have. It's one of the most universal opinions that nicknames you give yourself are lame, where as ones you earn are actually awesome. My favorite primarch Conrad Kurze even had the "nickname" even though title is more appropriate of "Night Haunter" Nicknames can happen but some self titled thing like "havoc" is just....well lame.
  5. See I personally think that one of the greatest parts of any RP system is the fact that you get to be someone you're not. Of course no matter how good an RP'er you are some of your personality leaks into a character, but being able to be "evil" in an environment where there are no real casualties and no one really gets hurt can be incredibly fun. I've had players who out of game are saints of kindness and generosity play characters that were unmitigated bastards. The most recent example I can think of was in the last DH session of a campaign I've been running the PC's got stuck on a ship in the warp with a rogue eversor assassin on it. This thing was WAY more powerful than them and had been cutting a swath through everything they and the NPC guards could throw at it. The one thing that had slowed it down at all was when the pc's purposfully traveled through populated parts of the ship as it followed them as it would stop to kill every living thing on it's path between it and them. As they started taking wounds and running out of resources they had to find more and more crew/passengers to keep between them and it to have time to plan and reload/recover. The finale of this whole session will probably live on in infamy for being one of the biggest ******* moves I've ever seen a PC do. They had tried using grenades on this thing before and even tripwired explosives, but every time they had it had either been too fast and avoided them or too perceptive and disabled them. So using the knowledge that it would stop and kill anything alive and that they were running out of people to slow it down with they strapped a bunch of explosives to some hapless passenger and shoved him out into the hallway with the assassin who promptly spent his turn cutting the guy down and then dying in the resulting explosion. The PC to formulate this plan is the biggest hippy love/peace vegan pansy I've ever met. Your in game decisions are just that, what your character would do, not what you'd do in real life.
  6. I'm currently GM'ing a DH game in the sacramento CA area, I've got seven players but am looking for a dependable eighth to even out the party. If anyone is interested I'm reachable on aim as kaeluntouchable. We currently have an assassin, guardsman, psyker x2, Sister of battle, tech priest, and arbiter. I don't mind overlaps but something we don't have would be awesome.
  7. ItsUncertainWho said: The Eversor assassin is in Ascension as a NPC/monster to wipe out your players with. Your take seems sufficiently evil. Well I feel like a twit then. I haven't had the cash to nab Ascension yet, and as my PC's are all in the rank 2-3 range currently I haven't needed to. Well I'll have to scour some of my notes for something more original and post it up here. Until then break out your baddies guys, lets give our little acolytes something to fear.
  8. While it Is very powerful it doesn't have the instantanious nature of a fate reroll, you have to set up with a half action and save it for that one moment you need it. Fate points are always there and can be used no matter what even when you have no prep time.
  9. While reading through the different DH books, (and I haven't had the funds to buy up RT yet so bear with me) I noticed that while there are a quite a few different enemies to have and some great tables for creating your own, the deamonhost one being a personal favorite. I realized that while I have pulled from the books a lot I've also found myself needing to craft up and housemake a lot of adversaries for my acolytes to fight. Under the assumption I'm not the only one to do this I figured we could all share a bit and garner some cool ideas for our campaigns. I just used this guy for a great session where the PC's had to do some seriously quick thinking and forced them to start making choices if their lives or those of imperial citizens were more important. To preface this whenever I make an NPC or antagonist I just make even numbers for ease of calculation and creation feel free to tweak them as you like Eversor Assassin WS 60 BS 60 S 40 T 40 Ag 50 Int 20 Per 40 WP 40 Fel 10 Wounds 40 Traits/talents Heightened senses (all), Ambidextrous, Autosanguine, Weapon training melee/missle (all) Blademaster, Blind Fighting, Catfall, Combat Master, Crack shot, Crushing Blow, Counter-attack, Die hard, Fearless, Frenzy, Furious Assault, Hard Target, Leap up, Lightning Attack, Mental Fortress, Mighty shot, Quick Draw, Rapid Reation, Rapid Reload, Step Aside, True Grit, Wall of Steel. Now for the special stuff Combat Drugs. The Eversor assassin can activate this as a free action and may sustain it a number of rounds equal to triple his/her non enhanced toughness score. while under the effects the assassin gains unnatural strength, Toughness, and agility x2. and can make dodge attempts in a single round equal to enhanced agility modifier. The eversor can activate this ability as many times as he/she wishes even while it is already active which does stack the un natural modifiers, however each time within a 24 hour period causes him to make a Hard (-10) toughness test increasing by (-10) for each subsequent activation or take 1d10 wounds unmodified by toughness and suffer a level of fatigue. A secondary failure causes the eversor to take 2d10 wounds and lose his fast shot and overwhelming assault abilities. Neuro Gauntlet. Treat the gauntlet as a normal powerblade with the special property that it ignores all toughness bonuses. Fast shot. When charging an opponent the Eversor can fire his pistol twice at the target he is charging. Overwhelming assault. While under the effects of Combat Drugs you may use your lightning attack power at the end of a charge. Bio meltdown. when the Eversor is ever incapacitated, killed, or if capture seems imminent he goes into bio meltdown and in 1d5 rounds explodes violently causing 1d10+4 Pen 5 damage to all creatures within 5 meters of him. Acolytes can percieve the changes happening with a hard (-10) Perception check. The special pistols they have I just treated as a bolt pistol and a needle pistol in one gun that he could choose which one to fire on any given shot.
  10. Personally I think the best way is very simple. We want this guy to be insanely powerful but we don't want to have to make up a ton of rules for it. My suggestion is take an unbound daemon host from the core book, add all of the demonic talents from the radicals handbook, then a pact boon of your choice to top it off. Build/hand it a suitable demonic weapon and you'll have yourself an easy to make but horrendously powerful antagonist in no time. That's at least the quick and dirty way of making one imo. You also might want to hand it huge size and any other nasty little effects/abilities you can dig up in the books. These things are creatures of the warp that have willingly gone there for power, don't be scared to just hand them any power/ability/talent out of any book that isn't holy based.
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