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  1. never forget never forgive,we shall hunt everyone of the fallen to there last for what they have done to our chapter.
  2. well im looking for players in the north platte nebraska area and im running a mixed game with dh rt and dw,and i only have 2 players so far and would like to have at least 5 to 6 players total,but i can run with 3 to 4.and ive been running and playing these kind of games for many years and ive ran and played all of the three diff games,so i have a pc psyker and a pc guardsman,this game is starting out at rank 1,and most class's are open with some non exceptions,ie chaos lol and certain xenos races.but aside from that its an open game.
  3. just for the record inquisitors word is law and no one can tell them what to say or do,they fight the darkest of all that 40k has to throw at them,and as well if an inqisitor wants something he or she gets it it might take them forging paper work or shooting a govener to get it but it will happen,or out right destrying a planet to prove there point
  4. well merry met im looking for players in the newark ohio area or at least nearby and blessed be
  5. well my players are fine with having sisters of battle along side space marines so im ok with it to,and it does not help that ive drilled 40k into all there heads,but in terms of brute force the sisters of battle have more faith(and faith can and always will best strengh) and the space marines have brute force
  6. brother maven wolf of the deathwing reporting for duty in the name of the dark angels and the god emperor
  7. i have one for a comisaar and a tau(fire caste) i did not make them but a friend gave them to me for helping to get them out to other gms
  8. um what about terminaters? im sure that there will be some in the death watch
  9. well how about this have an inquisitor with some sisters of battle as his or her acolytes and everyone can be happy lol there problem solved
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