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  1. @Tibs a couple of quick questions... - in the Statistics... is there a way to see the date (day and hour) when we made the submission?? - in TOP CONTRIBUTORS I have 76 games.... but in SUBMISSIONS I have 64 games... why the difference??
  2. hey! @Avi_dreader ..... can you re-share you Herald Nyarlathotep?? cant find it in a good quality to print it
  3. great GREAT job here Tibs..... I back to arkham last night after 2 years and FINALLY we can beat Atlach-Nacha with "victory by seals"... (she even burst 3 seals!) so in total we sealed 9 gates! still using your sheet data... thanks for the job, really! I will love this game forever.
  4. Julia said: mentorius said: Nidhögg said: Forget it, I found out about the "extra rules" covering this… I dont find this clarification in any of the faqs… where is it? from the "Official Answer by Kevin Wilson" sticky thread, pag 2, reply 16 (here) "Stamina loss inflicted by Rhan-Tegoth's attack cannot be prevented or reduced by any means." -Kevin Wilson Fantasy Flight Games finally!!!! thanks… didn't know about that thread! I don't understand why they don't include ALL these clarifications in the final faq 2.0 :/
  5. Nidhögg said: Forget it, I found out about the "extra rules" covering this… I dont find this clarification in any of the faqs… where is it?
  6. The Professor said: If you go to boardgamegeek.com as well, this questions has been raised myriad times over the years. yep… is easier to do a search in this forum or BGG. lots of artist and music.
  7. ****… I read the title and said: yes! the faq is here!! forever waiting for you ♥
  8. Enough expansions!!!! ...and you all know what we REALLY need. Starts with F...
  9. NinjaDorg said: I'm sick to my back teeth with jealousy! That is so awesome... Another here... INSANE GIFT! x_x
  10. MustardTheTroops said: Very cool, Tibs! How did you go about making these images into actual monster tokens? Print 'em out, glue 'em to cardboard on both sides? Or foam board? Or did you paste them over the original monster tokens? same here Tibs... how you did it exactly??? any video step by step?? ohhhh, I almost forgot... I'm fuc**** jealousss!!! u_u
  11. Avi_dreader said: Taurmindo said: Avi_dreader said: I have no idea what that means ;') Seriously. Usually a post consisting of only "+1" means "I agree" (thus adding one person to previous post). But in this case talking about 11 allies it surely sounds as there should be 11+1 which makes absolutely no sense at all.. No, it makes sense :') it means he agrees 12 times. Very agreeable of him, really. jjajajaja.... thumbs up! ... I agree! ... +1! it's all the same thing... but in this particular case was not the best choice.
  12. Avi_dreader said: Masterjts said: Ok, that makes a lot more sense. The wording is really poor though. They should have said, "When Charlie would gain an ally he may gain Allies that have been returned to the box.' The current wording makes it seem like he can gain them for free anytime. Also, the allies "returned to the box" must be from the original 11 drawn at the beginning of the game. +1
  13. good example avec... in the future FAQS no doubt that they will rule that: appears=enters... it's the most logical and easy way to resolve A LOT of problems like this.
  14. Julia said: ...the best were the ColtsFan ones! link please???
  15. I have a question about this issue of... "encounter - moving - another encounter"... if a have an encounter that tells me to move to another location and have a new encounter... ¿can I "travel and return" to the same location I was? For example.... in the newspaper there is one encounter that let you travel to another location and have a new encounter.... but sometimes is quite useful to have "a second encounter" in the same newspaper... and you all know what for!!!!! u_u
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