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  1. Miah999 said: That's not a PDF it's a scan from my copy of the book of which I have two that are Identical, and probably look a lot like Katsuyori's copy. Huh. That's... weird. Mine's a PDF, and it doesn't have that issue. I've got no clue as to why the print rules wouldn't have that little box there. Miah999 said: If your not too mad about all this could you post the exact text so those of us with misprints can see it more clearly (it's a little blury)? I'm not mad about it! Seriously, I'm not angry about anything. I spend a lot of time on forums which discuss things much more inflammatory than Operation: TANNHAUSER. And Idon't even get angry on those. Don't worry about it. It says: Hardware * As an action, you can remove the Smiljan Module token from your inventory and place it on an empty, adjacent circle on your path. After being placed, the Smiljan Module cannot be picked up, destroyed, or deactivated by any character, including you. The placed Smiljan Module does not block movement and does not prevent a character from standing in its circle. (See "Magnifier" on page 58 for more information.) Happy to help.
  2. Miah999 said: First here is the actual rule from the book, it contains only the "flavor item," it does not state it can be placed on the nor does it state anything at all. For clairity we're talking about the third item in Irishka's Command Pack. @Yorktown so where is this rule that states "You can take an action to place it on an empty adjacent circle." I don't see it. Aaaand here's the issue. Your PDF is screwed up. It's missing the bit describing the actual properties of the Smiljan module. Here's what it actually looks like (minus the token graphics; I've been having some difficulties switching to a new PDF reader program): So yeah, there is a rule which states that you can put the Smiljan Module on the map, and the bit describing it as "identical to the Voivodes" doesn't have any bearing on gameplay. I don't know why your PDF is missing that section, but hopefully this clears it up.
  3. Testing... testing... EDIT: Finally. I've typed up this post like five times. You guys get the short version now. @Katsuyori: It's not a disposable item, but you can place it on the board. It says that specifically in the Smiljan Module's entry for the rules. You can take an action to place it on an empty adjacent circle. @Miah99: Yes, it does need to be on the map to function. The rules are very clear on this. The thing that you are referring to is the "flavor" entry for the item. It has no actual bearing on gameplay.
  4. electronicham said: I apologize in advance if this is in the rulebook and I didn't see it or if its a thread already made. I haven't even played this yet, I am just reading the rules. If you throw a smoke grenade into a multiple path circle, i.e, a path that has two colors, do both paths fill up with smoke? Yes.
  5. Katsuyori said: According to the rules on page 57 of the rulebook, circles anywhere on the gameboard that contain a Module are considered as adjacent for the purpose of Zor´ka´s Magnifier attack. In other words, she can attack characters that are adjacent to a circle containing a module or a Voivode with a module in it´s inventory with her Magnifier. Right? So she could theoretically also attack characters adjacent to Irishka´s circle as long as Irishka has a module in her inventory. No. The Magnifier entry specifically says that it can only attack through Smiljan Modules which have been placed on the map, not those still in a character's inventory. Katsuyori said: Is this interpretation of the rules right: When I attack with this weapon, instead of doing an attack roll, I simply place a meteop token on any circle sharing my path. If there is a character standing on this circle, the meteop will explode and deal 3 automatic attack successes to this character. In other words: normally, attacks with Kaali deal 3 succeses without an attack roll on one character sharing her path. Is this ok? If it is: why has Kaali the characteristic "automatic"? So far as I know, the trait "automatic" provides me with 5 dice instead of 4 dice (with most other weapons). But as I do not do any attack roll, this trait is a somewhat overfluent, isn´t it? Yes, it is. But that's how it works. Kaali is an Automatic Heavy Weapon that doesn't actually allow its wielder to make traditional attacks. I don't know why, but that's how it is. Katsuyori said: 3. Voivodes: Nesretcha This ability reads as follows: "when you spend an action to make a melee attack, make a seperate attack roll against every enemy character instead of attacking just one." What does "every" mean in this rule? Every enemy character... a, ... adjacent to the voivode? b, ... on the same path sharing the voivode? c, on the board? (good heavens...) Adjacent to the Voivode. It says "melee attack", which means that it can only hit adjacent characters. I have no idea on Bouncing Betty, though, as I haven't bought that expansion.
  6. pixysmile said: Ok, got it. Thanks a lot. So you can either fire over a complete round on everything moving, but only with 3, max 4 dice with Heizinger around, or you can fire normally with only one overwatch attack. OVerlooked that one in first testing then... =) Heizinger doesn't grant an extra die. He just increases the Schocktruppen's Combat value by one. Oh, wait. Are you using the original or revised rules?
  7. pixysmile said: I do not find in the rules that overwatch attacks would be done with only 2 dice... OVerwatch is considered to follow normal rules, meaning for the Reich Trooper that he rolls 5 dice per attack, in best case 6 dice when having Heizinger nearby. And this with mad minute for each circle the other unit is moving onto the same path... or have I overlooked something? In our testing this guy on overwatch was a virtual roadblock for the path he was on. You're right. The Schocktruppen uses 5 dice when making an Overwatch attack... unless you're using his Stamina Pack instead of his Combat Pack. The Schocktruppen's Stamina Pack comes with the ability Keep Firing!, which allows the Schocktruppen to make Overwatch attacks multiple times in a turn. Most of the time, you only get one Overwatch attack with any given unit. Then they lose their Overwatch status. The Schocktruppen's Stamina Pack allows him to make as many Overwatch attacks in a turn as you want, but reduces his dice pool for each attack to two, not counting the bonus die from Mad Minute.
  8. Revised. While the original rules weren't bad, there were some problems with them. The revised edition fixes many of these. Of course, that's not to say that it doesn't have its own problems...
  9. No problem. The thing to remember when playing the Reich is that you aren't an offensive team. If you're going to win, you need to coordinate your units. Have some of your units - particularly Karl and the Schocktruppen - in a position to cover a retreat. Hit-and-run tactics by Eva and the Stosstruppen are going to be your primary weapons, with Heizinger as spot removal (he's especially good when you can turn MacNeal against Barry, or vice-versa). The Union is about rushing your opponent before they can get set up. The Reich is about building a defensible position and coordinating your efforts. You can't win if you're disorganized.
  10. On another note, I can't get these freaking quote tags to work. Can someone please explain them to me? This forum's quote mechanic is... odd.
  11. Drinkdrawers said: Hmm... you're right that we don't use overwatch very often in our game. It doesn't seem worth it to spend a Command Point to sacrifice a character's entire turn simply for the chance to attack during an enemy activation. What it does is place that character's ability to attack at the mercy of your opponent. Once a character's on overwatch, all the other guy has to do is stay away, and he's effectively lost his entire activation. And that's in addition to spending a CP for it. It doesn't seem worth it just to keep someone from going someplace you don't want them. Maybe I'm missing something; could you elucidate as to the utility of overwatch? It allows you area denial. For example, on the castle map, the "living room" area is fairly critical. It's difficult to move through that portion of the house if you don't control the living room. Placing a unit on Overwatch in the living room - preferably in the circle which also intersects with the hallway path - can give you a near-impenetrable defense. It's difficult to dislodge an Overwatch unit with such a wide range of effect. You can spend more than one CP on increasing a unit's score. For example, increasing Eva Kramer's Stamina. Most of the time, she has a measly 4, making her an easy target. With the new CP system, though, you can reliably increase it to 5 if she comes under attack, and even to 6 on some occasions. Your point about Sha-Na-Ra is taken, though. Undoubtedly. I was just pointing out that there are other uses for CPs than preventing damage. Not really. "Sufficient health" doesn't really enter into it; if I remember correctly, Heizinger has a Mental score of 6/6/6/4. Unless he's missing several quarts of blood, he'll be able to activate both of them just fine. The Patmos Amulet has quite a range, and Sha-Na-Ra is essentially a gun. It's not that hard to do. John and Barry also have to roll a 10 for their abilities to go off, though. Admittedly, it's much easier to activate Barry's, on account of the Battery and his Heavy weaponry, but still. Five dice. I use his Mental Pack. And yes, it's six or seven, but off-path. That's surprisingly handy. Which is why Karl is defensive rather than offensive. He is, essentially, a turret. He provides an area where the rest of the Reich troops can retreat to, secure in the knowledge that anyone following will be struck by a five-die attack with a Combat of 6. Eva doesn't have to get a 10 to do so. Heizinger, as I explained above, is more powerful than you give him credit for. They would use Overwatch because it makes all other Union units cower. Granted, the Union can bring in Barry to kill the Schocktruppen, but that places him in a prime position for retaliatory attack. If the Union uses Barry to break the Schocktruppen's Overwatch, the Reich has a pretty good chance of killing him that turn (as long as the Reich player isn't completely brain-dead and leaves the Schocktruppen off on his own). The Union has sacrificed the queen to capture the bishop. Three damage. He gets an extra die. Three damage can actually get through a Shock roll pretty reliably. Command Points are what saves you from attacks like that, and you have a limited supply. No. I am suggesting that the Schocktruppen is more useful than normal when Heizinger is nearby. I know. I'm not either. Don't worry about it - I spend a lot of time on forums which deal with subjects much more inflammatory than Operation: TANNHAUSER strategy. It takes a lot to get me riled up. I just don't use many smiley faces, so sometimes I can seem angry when I'm not. And they do. I wasn't arguing that. The Reich units simply aren't as powerful as the Union's. They're just not quite as weak as you seemed to think that they were in your original post. The Reich has a chance. It's just not a very big one.
  12. Drinkdrawers said: Which brings me to my second point; Do players receive too many command points? Command points are pretty useful, and two per turn? Wow! That's what, maybe 5-10 times as many as were received in the original ruleset? And you have to use 'em or lose 'em! Basically what that means for the game is that 1-2 points of damage is going to be prevented for each team, every turn. Not unless both players are extremely unimaginative. Command Points are often better spent in placing units - particularly the Schocktruppen - on Overwatch, or increasing Movement, or upping a unit's Combat or Stamina just before making an Attack or Shock roll. I don't think that players receive too many Command Points. I think the two-per-turn setup is just about perfect, given how critical Overwatch is in the new setting, and how they make weak units viable methods of attack or defense. I would argue that the Command Point system makes the Reich more deadly than it does the Union. In the original rules, Barry and John (and Commando Alpha, assuming that you take his Combat Pack) were already pretty much shredding anything that they got in their sights. Adding the Command Point system makes the Schocktruppen much more powerful, and, as I mentioned above, can be used in many more ways than simply blocking damage. For example, it can be used to temporarily increase Heizinger's Mental value, allowing for a devastating Sha-Na-Ra attack. Or you can pump up the Stosstruppen's Movement, allowing an ambush attack that will devastate most units - even heroes like MacNeal. Sha-Na-Ra obliteration, Strafe crippling blow after a Movement boost, Patmos Amulet controlling MacNeal, Doom attacks from off-path, Stosstruppen ambush. The only Reich unit that is actually helpless against Barry is the Schocktruppen. Which is why you place the Schocktruppen on Overwatch at the intersection, not just in the middle of one path. It's very much enough to get past a Shock roll, especially if Heizinger is nearby with Hermetica Umbra. And, as others have said, the Command Pack makes him amazing.
  13. Falco said: Heizinger - Command, Hermetica occulta, keeping enemies back, quite interesting in the centre of catacombs, nice having initiative (in deathmatch, Sha na ra solves most problems) Interesting. I never found Hermetica Occulta to be all that powerful, really, and the initiative bonus from Karl Zermann's Mental pack was always enough for me. Sha Na Ra and Hermetica Umbra kind of guarantees that I take Heizinger's Combat pack every time, as Mister Skully can pretty much one-shot anyone, and a six-space combat buff is very nice indeed.
  14. Miah999 said: Well despite my avatar, I'm a Union player, and for the most part I'm a guns blazing kind of player. I'm the exact opposite. Despite my avatar, I play Reich exclusively. On the castle map, the Stosstruppen, Eva, and the Schocktruppen are my key units. The Schocktruppen is ridiculously amazing in the castle, due to his powerful Overwatch attacks. The Stosstruppen is useful because he can attack through doorways. By positioning him in front of a door and moving a unit like Heizinger into the room behind him, I can utilize Heizinger's spells without fear of someone like Barry Daniel Brown coming in through the doorway. Eva is my strike unit of choice; I use her as spot removal, usually trading her for Barry or John MacNeal and dealing a few wounds to surrounding Union troops in the process. Heizinger and Karl act as backup. On other maps, I have less emphasis on the Schocktruppen and Stosstruppen, favoring Karl and Heizinger instead. I usually leave the Schocktruppen in a crucial area on permanent Overwatch and use Karl and Hermann's ranged attacks to harass my opponent from afar. Eva and the Stosstruppen act as forward guards, preventing enemy troops from getting close enough to take out the fragile spellcasters (I use Karl's Mental pack, so he's not a great combatant).
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