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  1. Played a few games tonight, and I know the "mat" used in demos of the game have 6 slots for characters to be played. But I can't see in the rules if there are limits to how many character you can have in play at once (unless I'm really blind). And if there is a limit, how do you "replace" characters? So unless I'm wrong your battle line just keeps getting bigger from the flanks.
  2. I was at this regionals. Providing first hand knowledge. Never having run a tournament myself nor being a store owner this comes from my observations alone. It must be hard to run a tournament. Space, dates, time, marketing, applying to host, paying for tournament kits, all of these things take resources/time/personnel. It's hard to run a business as well. (as a partner in a business) I know some of the ins and outs of trying to pay the bills, run day to day operations, market your business and plan for growth and expansion. Firstly this tournament was run extremely well. Hats off to Glen (the TO, who doesn't work for the store, didn't get paid, and does it for his love of the game), the store for devoting time, money, resources and staff to host 112 people. Planning and running an event that last for 12+ hours is no easy task. (12 hrs was only DAY 1) The months of planning and adjusting to accommodate 100+ players must be nerve wracking. As many people have pointed out, Glen, the store went above and beyond to provide the best experience necessary. They pointed out nearby food locations, made maps, pointed out local hotels, made arrangements for restrooms in another business to be available to us. And they ensured that there would be Hera cards for every player not just the top 64. That speaks volumes to how much care and thought was put into this. And even on top of that Glen designed and commissioned over 100+ acrylic tokens to be given out to every participant. Even cooler. Yes some other stores may charge less or even use more of the entrance fees for prize support. Cool good for them. That's really, really, really generous of them. But that is that specific store's choice. That is that business owner's choice. Because one store does it, does not require all the other stores to do so. As xwing players we are owed NOTHING. We play a game. We know the costs to invest in the ships to be competitive players. No one is forcing you to make this investment. FFG produces Organized Play kits to REWARD us for playing. As mentioned before, these kits cost the store money. They do not get these for free. A store must apply and then be awarded a store championship or a regional event. Then, they are allowed to play money for prize support. In my opinion there was nothing said or done that diminished my PLAY EXPERIENCE during this tournament. This is the only expectation I can hold store accountable for. The tournament was run smoothly. Results were posted. Care was given to make sure that pairings were correct and tables assigned. TO's were responsive and knowledgeable to requests and rules. I got to play 6 rounds of xwing over a 10-12 hour period. This is what I signed up for. Anything outside of this is bonus. The fact that the AC was running in a 2000+ sq foot building - extra (I don't even want to imagine the cost for this) I'm sorry if there wasn't "extra" prize support up to your level of expectations. Because there was plenty of EXTRA PRIZE SUPPORT, from alt art cards, store credit, and extra tokens. ALL EXTRA ABOVE AND BEYOND THE FFG PRIZE KIT. If you ever have a negative play experience, please, for the good of the community, talk to the TO or to the store owner, try to resolve your issues as soon as they happen. If you are unsatisfied with their answers, then you should escalate it to FFG organized play. Please don't go complaining to FFG because one store made a choice that was different than your expectations or that was different from a completely different store's way of running a tournament. I make a very hard effort to spend money at each store I visit. Because usually I pay 5-15 dollars to enter a tournament and sit in that store for 6-10 hours NOT purchasing any of their product to play xwing. The least I can do is support this store who's space I am taking and sometimes won't visit again for another whole year or more. I know many of us don't have coffers over flowing with cash. Cool, that's where you are. Support that store you are in, buy a drink, buy some candy. At the end of the day it is YOUR choice to participate in this hobby. It is YOUR CHOICE to travel to these events. It is YOUR CHOICE to spend money/time/energy to participate. The store owes you nothing. FFG owes you nothing. Say thank you to your TOs. Say thank you to the stores that host you. Say thank you to your fellow players. Say thank you to FFG for designing a game that hopefully brings you joy and pleasure for hours on end.
  3. Hello to all the fellow GMs. I'm getting ready to finish up the starter box and probably one more pre-gen campaign with my group(s). Then we're going to move on to character creation. Any tips on which (if any) of the source books I should look into getting for the group when it comes to character creation? What have you found most helpful? Also can someone give me a small primer on the Specialization Decks. Are those something I should encourage my players to get if they want to enhance their characters? Thanks for your input!
  4. Was watching the Twitch.tv archived video of the 2013 X-Wing championship games. Noticed in the final match. The players seemed to be using plastic movement/measuring sticks. One side blue and the other side red. The firing arc sticks seemed to be base set. Anyone know where to get those? As they seem more sturdy and durable. Were they FFG World Championship exclusives or are they made by a 3rd party? (guessing all you'd need is to laser cut some 1/4" plastic) Just curious.
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