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  1. I am delighted to learn of the book that will expand the Tannhauser universe. Will this be published in an E-Book format? My Kindle is desperate for great alternate history books. Please consider the Kindle's format.
  2. Yes, you can buy Yula online, but the price is astronomical. Average bid on ebay is $30.
  3. I just purchased Ramirez for the Union, and now would like to add another character for the Reich. I see a couple of mercenaries, and Yula is not available any more. Suggestions?
  4. I am very excited to see fiction around your game. But the title, Freefall? Have you checked how many titles there are with that title, not to mention the comedic Infocom game about robots. But then I'm probably one of the few who have read it. Anyway, I may disagree with the title, but I am glad to see the book. I will buy it! Please, more fiction to fill in the background of the games!!!
  5. My want list is background story on characters, the factions, the persons behind the combatants, more history of this alternate world. A book would be great, but anecdotal stories around each character that filled in all of the above would be very easy. Lots of hints were originally given by TOY, and I would (er, excuse me) I want more.
  6. I have spent the evening trying to find books that fit in to the Tannhauser universe, and the closest thing to it is Hellboy. I am surprised that there just isn't more horror or fantasy written about Hitler and the occult. Katherine Kurtz wrote a couple, Llamas Night and Dagger Magic (both out of print.) Then there are the Hellboy books which seem to arise out of Tannhauser. Finally there is the Robert Harris novel, Fatherland and Phillip Roth's novel, The Plot Against America. Fatherland was made into a movie with Rutger Hauer, but it is simply an alternative history, and does not deal with the supernatural that Tannhauser does. Someone needs to write this book! I'll start it tomorrow.
  7. My son & I played our first game last night! I was amazed at the incredible gameplay. It was incredibly intense. Now that I've got the rules under my belt, I am going to try the single player game. Meanwhile Tannhauser is waiting in the wings to be played. Incredible games!
  8. thanks, sorry to be so long in responding. Tannhauser is on my xmas list.
  9. Aha!!!! Got it today. Too long a wait, but its in my hot little hands now. nobody to play, so I'm going to be gearing up on the solo play.
  10. I apologize if this is a repost, but I was wondering if there is any way to see quickly if anyone has responded to my posts. I read several forums, and would like to quickly go to the ones I have posted in. Am I missing something in my profile that would enable me to see old posts quickly. thanks
  11. I've been reading reviews today, and have determined that Tannhauser is the game for me. But having said that, I must say that I've noticed that not a single review described a game that had more than two players. Most of the reviewers bought the game on a shoe-string, rushed home with it to their wife, and forced her into playing it. After a smoke, they wrote the review, and I must said, it was positive. In the forums, there are only three posts that speak of having difficulty playing with more than two or three players. Has anyone found the game playable with up to 10 people? Should I dream of bringing in my highschool reunion buddies for a schnitzle and tannhauser night? Or, should I simply be happy forcing my wife to play it in a mano y hermano match. I must confess, I don't like that, she usually kicks the crap out of me when I play a game with her.
  12. are there rules included for pbem, or is there another site for this. thanks
  13. If I ever ask my d-20 players which campaign they prefer to play, I hear Dragonstar first. Even if it is 3.0, everyone is willing to get out their old books and create a new character. The sheer depth and innovation is wonderful, enabling new ideas that were not possible before this campaign. I add my voice to either bring it back or sell the franchise to someone who can take it and bring new ideas to it. FFG did a great job with this game. I would love to see more.
  14. The art book and the source book for d-20 are an incredible pair. I hate to take the game resource book out to our d-20 night, in fear one of the geeks will spill diet-coke on it.
  15. The pre-published items on the game are great, but to be honest. There is nothing like a good old fashioned heated Frag toss on the Space Hulk board. I bought two copies when the third edition came out. Still haven't had the chance to put them together in a five person game. I will buy this one too. But just bring on the genestealers, my marines are ready.
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