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  1. Per scene bushi abilities like Shiba end up feeling way less awesome then constantly useful ones like Akodo or Mirumoto. If it's going to be once a scene it needs to be amazing.
  2. I'm still trying to grit my teeth and find the good parts, and see if I can get improvements to smaller things I don't like even if I won't change the core problems since I'm likely to have to play in this system regardless of my preference for it. As it stands for anything of my own preference it's easier to just port over the improvements I like from this edition to 4th ed.
  3. Yeah, I just don't like forcing people out of sections of systems if they're not themselves skilled at something. The character is the one who's good at the task, punishing duelists who don't like guessing games seems punitive. At least for me the engagement was always the fact that my characters reputation, honor, and often life were on the line. I've never once had a problem of not being engaged in a duel.
  4. This has kind of been my experience. I want my characters skill at dueling to be more important and not my abilities at playing paper rock scissors.
  5. Current akodo tech does certainly feel like matsu bushi more than akodo, but it's not like akodo weren't murder machines in their own right. The school title makes it feel like an advanced school from past editions.
  6. I mean, you need to know everything that's reasonable or you're going to make poor choices. Not understanding the different weighting of criticals on minions vs adversaries or understanding that you don't need to counter play minion stance opportunities will cause problems. I didn't say it was a gazillion rules, but every additional exception and every type that doesn't play by the rules adds to the overhead.
  7. My character can't make reasonable decisions if he doesn't understand his opponents, which means knowing minion, adversary, and other rules.
  8. I believe he was talking about in the context of my proposal to roll them out before selecting kept dice. In which case you'd need to track the die 'path' through each explosion. The complexity of doing that is a reasonable if personally unfulfilling argument to not let explosions resolve before deciding to keep dice.
  9. Most things agree with that, other then some weirdness in the GM approach difficulty section "the GM should reduce the TN by 1–3 (to a minimum of 0)" which I assume just means if they pick a super relevant approach they don't roll anymore?
  10. Fair, let me re-state. I don't like the direction it's going with minions, adversaries, and other minutia. I like when everything follows the same set of rules and consistency is maintained. I don't want everyone to have to know 3-4 different sets of rules to play the game and to have to inform my players what 'type' of enemy they're competing against each time. It seems like a large portion of the rules are built around it so it's unlikely to change, but it's not something I'm a fan of.
  11. I'm going to have to disagree, having your opponent as a samurai is super common in my experience. The core mechanics for samurai vs samurai combat need to work properly and having a second hand waved set of rules for 'non PC samurai' is super underwhelming.
  12. What? Out of character gen bushi can crit on strike almost a third of the time and after a few sessions can crit more often than not. I mean even on 4 dice rolled in a quiet session (10 total rolls) will see two explosions, and 3 or more every other session. They're not super common but it's not like the 4+ explosions on the same die for d10 rare. Strife has yet to be an issue in any combat I've run, having my choice of an explosion without strife doesn't really feel lucky. That's my point, that slows down the game and isn't interesting to me. I've already gambled by deciding my action for that round, I don't want a second round of gambling on potential outcomes. I want to play faster and have rare results that are far down the bell curve that no sane person would gamble on because the EV just isn't there.
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