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    Kong-lin got a reaction from LinkavichChumofsky in Blood Lust Trigger   
    Actually, his strategies are very sound.  The only way to trigger bloodlust is to tackle a downed player, so have to player you vampires later, play thralls first to get players down, then play a vamp card to tackle the downed player and  hopefully injure them.  Vamps need a little more strategy to play than the other teams but that's the way it is in the TT version of BB as well (vamps are challenging to play).
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    Kong-lin got a reaction from Alf Zombie in Foul Play   
    Probably for fouling.
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    Kong-lin got a reaction from Krath in Super Excited   
    Yes, I was reminded of "Masks of Nyarlthotep" as well.  I like the globetrotting aspect and the narrative focus.  I will definitely get this and try it out, looks good to me.
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