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  1. Maybe that's what they mean when they use the phrase, "build the codex". Assuming that cards get added to the tray (or it could be the opposite). We'll have to wait for more info to be released.
  2. I have to agree with Julia, but I don't think we will see any more expansions for AH (not for a long time anyway, when they decide to do a new edition of the game)
  3. Yes, all I can foresee as far as expansions are concerned, are card expansions (no boards are needed). I can see a couple new AO with appropriate cards, maybe 4 new investigators, and more cards for the various decks (as well as appropriate tokens). It would be nice if they would release these expansions a little more often than they have for AH or MoM (as they are only going to be relatively small card expansions). Just my thoughts.
  4. I have read on other forums that FFG has bought the rights to GWs specialist game range and will be producing the Blood Bowl board game. This is just a rumour and I don't really believe it. Just wondering if anyone has heard the same rumour or has anything substantial to confirm or deny it?
  5. Those sound great. Myself I would like to see something with Nyarlathotep. Maybe something with a story along the lines of the CoC RPG Masks of Nyarlathotep. But really anything with him would be great! So excited! Yes, I was reminded of "Masks of Nyarlthotep" as well. I like the globetrotting aspect and the narrative focus. I will definitely get this and try it out, looks good to me.
  6. Played my first game with the expansion yesterday and found the new stuff added fun and challenge to the game. Used only new investigaters and adventure cards, the mythos deck was mixed. The new mythos insight (mythos cards) are quite interesting (gives you a choice between 2 effects), many times the choice isn't straightforward (have to choose the lesser of two evils). Some of the investigater's abilities don't seem as good as some of the basic game ones, and some seem quite good (the handyman and the musician for example). Overall, a good mix of new abilities. The new entryway cards are a good change with the addition of the chapel (being able to buy blessings) and the possibility of one or more becoming closed for the game. Like the new monsters, some are quite challenging. To balance the removal of being able to purchase elder signs (made the game too easy at times), they changed the rewards on some of the other worlds cards (some had you adding a doom counter if you completed the adventure, changed to removing a doom counter instead). Very positvie overall, highly recommend the new expansion. Can't wait for the next one.
  7. Actually, his strategies are very sound. The only way to trigger bloodlust is to tackle a downed player, so have to player you vampires later, play thralls first to get players down, then play a vamp card to tackle the downed player and hopefully injure them. Vamps need a little more strategy to play than the other teams but that's the way it is in the TT version of BB as well (vamps are challenging to play).
  8. It doesn't seem like you can edit your own posts once thy're published. Anyway, I'd have to add Roland Banks, the Fed, to the list and have some mechanic for getting the feds involved (or just possibly having the Feds raid Insmouth as the final outcome of the players winning the game).. I suppose you could substatute Tommy Muldoon for Roland. I'd also like to see Ursala Downs make an appearance (she'd also be great for the suggested Egypt expansion, along with Leo Anderson the expedition leader). Maybe an underworld type such as Skids O'toole or Finn Edwards. What are your thoughts?
  9. If they come out with a Insmouth expansion (which would be great, I agree that street tiles would be a great addition to the game), which 4 investigators (assuming they will stick with only having 4 new investigators per expansion) from the AH Insmouth Horror expansion would you like to see in an Insmouth MoM expansion? I guess Silas Marsh would be a obvious choice, but who else?
  10. After going through my game and expansions, I realised that the reason they only had 4 investigators in CoW is that they were just adding in the last of the AH basic game characters. At this rate, I doubt we will ever see all of the AH characters make it into MoM, whcih is too bad (also considering they already have all the miniatures made for them). I was hoping for some of the DH characters to be in this expansion considering it comes with the Dunwich Horror as an actual monster. I wonder which of the DH characters will make it into the next MoM major expansion (assuming there are more to come). Which characters would you like to see in a MoM expansion (assuming they'll only have 4 as with the previous ones)?
  11. eiterorm said: Tbla said: Or Wilson + Wendy. Little girl with motorcycle, whiskey and a shotgun. Sounds like something Quentin Tarantino could have made. A minor with a motorcycle, whiskey and shotgun. And she can't get arrested for it while she has an elder sign. =P Actually had a game where Wendy wound up with the motorcycle, whiskey and the Sword of Glory, she was badass in that game.
  12. Played it this last weekend (I friend brought it over) and went out and bought it today. Lot's of great expansion boards and other stuff, but I'm still disappointed that such a big expansion had only 4 new investigators in it. Forbiddin Alchemy was a smaller expansion and came with only 4 new investigatores, I was hoping for 8. That said, I think that the new investigators are interesting and offer real choices in what you pick for starting items and stats (unlike some of the basic set ones where there would be only one real obvious choice, such as Ashcan Pete starting with Duke instead of the lame one use guitar). Will have to play is again to get a better feel of the game.
  13. Won't happen, sadly, as GW will NOT license games that requre miniatures to be produced as that is strictly for Citadel (GW's mini producing company that makes most of the money).
  14. I was talking to my local retailer about getting it in and he said he was told sometime next month, so in Nov. So as people suspected, released before Xmas.
  15. Agreed, we need some news even if it's that the game is delayed and a new projected time of release. Is it going to be this year sometime??
  16. Thanks for the reply. Good to know we did it right.
  17. The box says there are 22 cards in the exhibit deck, whcih I have, so no cards missing. But last time playing the expansion came across an encounter in the Inner Sanctum of the Silver Twilight Lodge that refered to taking the Triune Mask card from the eshibit deck, but that card doesn't exist. Just wondering if there was any official ruling on what card the Triune mask is supposed to be? (we used the Mask of the Three Fates just because there was the Tri = three connection).
  18. I recently played the Curse of the Dark Pharoh expansion (only have played it once or twice before), there was an inner sanctum incounter that said to go through the exhibit deck and take the Triune Mask card. Couldn't find any card that was titled Triune Mask. Wasn't anything even close (though there is a Mask of the Three Fates, I guess that's kinda close in that Tri = Three). I know I haven't lost a card as I play in the same room and put everything back in it's own box afterward. Could someone with the expansion please check to see if there is an actual Triune Mask card in the exhibit deck?
  19. Yes, we played it like that at first but thought we might have gotten it wrong (had gotten some other rules wrong al well) as the wording was a bit different. Just wanted to be sure that it was the correct way of doing it, so it seems I was correct the first time around. I think that when they reprint the rulebook they should take out the "minimum" part and just have it read, "restore sanity or stamina to one"
  20. I'm in Red Deer, Alberta Canada and anyone in the area looking to get in on a game can give me a PM.
  21. They should change the wording in the rulebook to read the same as the text for the Asylum and Hospital, you get one stamina or sanity, leave out the minimum part, if that is the intention of the rule, to just get back only one (no need to have the wording different, implies the rule is a bit different).
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