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  1. Escape from Mos Shuuta took us roughly 3 hours.
  2. Hey guys, I wrote a review for this on my blog http://breakfastforowlbears.wordpress.com/2012/12/23/edge-of-the-empire-a-new-saga-begins-beginner-game-unboxing-and-review/ and put up an unboxing video of the game's contents. We played the intro adventure and it was very enjoyable so the review is mostly positive. Hope you all like it.
  3. Hey peeps. Back by popular demand - the 3rd St. Albans Netrunner tournament. We should already have in our possession the first Data Pack so naturally those will be allowed. The tournament will follow official tournament rules aside from round times. Last tournament I allowed 90 minutes per round which delivered some very satisfying gaming. I'm not sure on round times yet, and will announce them closer to date. Also, time permitting, we might leave the last round untimed. The tournament will be held in St. Albans which is VERY CLOSE TO LONDON for those Londonites out there, so don't be affraid to hop on the train and come on down for a day packed with Netrunning fun. All the space availability issues should be sorted out with The Goat. As always, any questions - just ask here! Tournament date: 12th of January, Saturday Tournament start: 12 noon Tournament location: The Goat Inn, 37 Sopwell Lane, St. Albans, AL1 1RN
  4. I really can't understand how people can behave this way. I've read and re-read this entire thread and I just don't see why people are so venomous about this. Lets sumarize events here. There are shops that run events for free. You can come, use the shop's space, play games for free, in a tournament organized by the shop, and then complain that you're not getting free stuff essentially? Wonderful. Ok, I get it, FFG said there will be prizes. Well, if FFG provided those prizes for free, they'd have some say in how they're distributed. Unfortunately, shops have to pay for stock to have the privilege of providing these prizes. But you know what? Leisure Games is giving them away and are not even charging for entry, just not quite how you expected it. Yet still you complain. I think it's admirable that they're trying to get more use out of those ships. London after all is a big place, and I don't think there's that much gaming space that they have. They want more people to have a chance to play the game and I see nothing wrong with that. So before you all start shouting 'I want my free stuff' have a good think about how you come across to everyone else. Shame on you.
  5. Proud to announce the second St. Albans Netrunner tournament, to be held on the 25th of November. Our first event attracted a total of 15 players and we’re hoping to see similar numbers this time round, or hopefully more. Our location, as the previous time, is The Goat, a gaming friendly pub in St. Albans town centre. Players are required to bring two decks, one corp and one runner. Deck construction follows official rules. The pub opens at 12 noon, so be there round then. We’ll begin the tournament at 12:30. The pub serves Sunday roast, which is a great lunch option. Spread the news and hopefully see you all there. Getting there: The Goat is located in 37 Sopwell Ln, Saint Albans, AL1 1RN On Sunday you can find free parking in the London road car park (opposite Domino's), or there's all day parking at the train station for 2 pounds. If you can, avoid parking at the Maltings as it is very pricy and shuts early, trapping your vehicle.
  6. Not sure if this has been discussed before but I couldn't find it under errata. The cost in strain for executing an extra maneuver is stated differently as 1 or 2. Page 129 under Maneuver Limitations it states "… may also perform a second maneuver by voluntarily suffering two points of strain." Later on in the same chapter (can't find where anymore but I'm sure someone will spot this) it states that the cost is 1 instead. Which one is correct?
  7. The St. Albans Tournament Report: First of all I'd like to again thank all fifteen(!) of you who came, the atmosphere was fantastic and it was really nice to meet all of you. We've all agreed to meet again in a month's time for another tournament, so watch out for that. The tentative plan is to have it a week after Essen. The Metagame: Runners, whilst having only three factions saw as much diversity as corp. Most people played either Noise (Anarchs) or Kate 'Mac' MacCaffrey (Shapers) and saw varying degrees of success with both. There was only a single deck with Gabriel Santiago (Criminals). The Corp decks were either HaasBioroid or Jinteki, with HaasBioroid producing the best results. No NBN decks were present and only a single Weyland deck, piloted by Mark Applin, who took it to a very respectable fourth place. We had a total of four rounds and the top 6 players are: Philip Harvey - 22 points Owen Bower - 18 points (opponent point total - 63) Seb - 18 points (opponent point total - 49) Mark Applin - 17 points Rob Farley - 16 points Tom Kasser - 15 points (sorry if I got anyone's name wrong) We're also creating a mailing list for future tournaments, and if you'd like to go on this mailing list, please message me with your e-mail. There's also a Facebook group called UK Netrunner Players, and if you're on FB and are a UK Netrunner player, you should really join. We've also decided to increase the allowed number of core copies to 2 for the next tournament. Apologies to Mark for misreading the rules and awarding myself a win instead of a tie for the match. I hope that with the timely correction, your day wasn't really spoiled. Owe you a pint.
  8. ShriekBob said: This is interesting. I was literally just sitting here thinking "I really want to get in to this…I wonder if there's anyone in the Hemel Hempstead area that plays?" Do you guys meet often? We decided to arrange a once-a-month tournament. If you're on Facebook, I'd recommend joining the UK Netrunner Players group.
  9. MAJOR UPDATE: due to unforeseen circumstances we are forced to have a last minute change of venue for the tournament. Instead of using the space at Chaos City Comics, we will be using the back of a pub called The Goat. The pub is boardgame friendly and will have some space reserved for us. We are still meeting at 12:00pm, but we will be meeting at the pub instead. You can find the directions on their website www.goatinn.co.uk/Find-The-Goat-Inn-St-Albans.aspx I do apologise for such a late change of venue, but unfortunately it was either that, or cancelling the tournament which I just don't want to do. If you are unsure or have any questions, please e-mail me at e.bladukas AT gmail DOT com. If you want to double-check or are having trouble finding the venue, feel free to ring me at 07528312259. p.s. The landlady has advised me that they will be serving Sunday roast, so that is a possible lunch option.
  10. Hey, amikezor Trying to get a hold of your revised version of The Silver Tablet rules, but the link doesn't seem to work. Any chance you could help me with that?
  11. Word is, we will have restocks of Netrunner before the tournament (this does not affect the single core-set limit though)
  12. UPDATE: As most places, we'd like to limit deck construction to a single copy of the core set. We feel this is fair since the game has temporarily sold out and most people have one more copy to work with. We'll more than likely lift this limit for future tournaments.
  13. Just wanted to let everyone know that, as in most places in England, Netrunner is out of stock at Chaos City, but we might get more copies just before the tournament.
  14. Attention please. I've created a new thread for the actual tournament www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp. We decided to give ample time for people to arrange traveling plans, and the tournament date was set to 23rd of September. Hope to see you all there.
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