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  1. And then you tell them no. Honestly, anyone gripped by fear should be controlled by the GM until he snaps out of it, doing fear-related things, including knocking over oil lamps, emptying a clip uncontrollably, or just leg it. The rules of fear are incredibly robust and completely unessecary to change. They are down right torturous as it is. High handed GM tyranny doesn't make for a good game, and most players will just stop coming to your game if you are a ****** intentionally. With that said, I appriciatte your input everyone. I took out Fettering, and read the Errata. I brought in all of the limitations that the Errata introduced and in a single game session the character was noticably challenged more. He had to decide between defensive poers and fighting the fight. When he switched and did something spectacular, he got shot a lot. He took his damage and almost went down. I compeltely content now. Happy GM
  2. Okay I like where you are going with this. First of all, I haven't found any rule which limits to one power a turn. Now it does say that you cannot use two manifest actions as your standard actions a turn He only uses a power a turn, but he also uses a catch projectiles or the one which makes you always at extreme range a bunch which make hitting him difficult. I would love to go home and tell him he gets 1 psychic power a turn, whether its a reaction or not... where is that said? Furthermore, he is powerful, as he has just gotten the XP nessecary to ascend into Inquisitor, but won't until we get back to Tricorn for his ceremony. Also most of the time he uses his powers "fettered" out of the Ascension book which completely nuliffies the Phsychic Phenomina. DC GM
  3. I am stuck, I run a game that many of us are really enjoying, but we have a scale problem. My group's Psyker is completely unkillable, **** he is unchallengable, while everyone else is struggling. Normal mobs are a standard challenge for all the rest. They will overcome them and only take minimal damage, buuuuut that is if they even get an action before the gets all scary and makes them all run away, or Force barages them into heresy paste. I tried to put something in that might be able to challenge him, the Herald of Korn from Ascension, but it whacked the party mates on its way to him, before he spanked it like a small misbehaving puppy. I thought I was the only one annoyed about it, but one of the other players stopped coming for a few sessions, and when I reached out to him, he tells me that he, "doesn't want to drive a half hour and sit in my living room to watch the Psyker be awesome for 5 hours". Now its hurting my game. Perhaps I am running his rules wrong, or not running his powers right. I am at a loss. The only thing I can think of is to just not allow people to play Psykers anymore. Please help. DC GM
  4. So I have a character in the game I am running who is playing a Psyker, and as usual he is spectacularly powerful, but that isn't what this post is about. He is about to Ascend into an Inquisitor for RP reasons though he wants Primaris Psyker. The player completely controls the group and making anyone else the Inquisitor would just frustrate everyone. Again, I am trying to not to just ***** about the character, so let me get to the actual point. Inquisitors have the ability to select a trait which gives them the ability to further their Psychic advancement, or develop a talent that doesn’t already exist. I have several questions about this. Can he purchase “Psy Rating +1” more than once? Can he purchase the Psychic powers listed in that trait more than once? If he purchases “Psy Rating +1” does he get any minor or discipline powers along with the onus d10 like he would if he bought it in the DH core book? I went to Primaris Psyker in hopes to answer these questions and only found myself with more questions. The Primaris Psyker can only increase his Psy Rating by Purchasing Psy rating +1 in his normal advancement charts, which create a whole mess of other problems. Since there is a limit to the number of Psy Rating +1’s a Primaris Psyker can buy, then if I allow an Inquisitor to buy it multiple times, then an Inquisitor can become a more powerful Psyker than a Primaris Psyker? If a Primaris Psyker purchases “Psy Rating +1” from his charts, does he get any minor or discipline powers along with the bonus d10 like he would if he bought it in the DH core book? The Talent Psy Rating +1 isn’t located in the Talent section at all.
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