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    lostSyntax got a reaction from Budgernaut in I bought it!   
    I just picked it up as well, I had every intention of just buying the Terrinoth book but walked away with a Genesys core book and a set of dice too. I love the setting and the lore I've been able to cobble together with the other games. I'm hoping we see FF really continue to push content and lore, maybe novels or similar content as to what we see with Legend of the Five Rings.
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    lostSyntax reacted to TylerTT in FFG if you're watching no news is bad news   
    We still have a number of releases in the cue even after the delayed products.
    community management is a modern necessity that FFG has yet to address in whole.
    Things move incredibly quickly these days and tersely worded forum posts lamenting children on our lawns will never roll back the clock on how our tastes and attention spans have changed.
    I’m not sure FFG understands appetite the full blown miniatures hobbyist. These games have such a massive start up cost in terms of time and effort required to play them that sustaing a player’s drive to do so requires much more game pornography than usual. Painting galleries, battle reports, 
    I want to watch More games like were streamed from worlds. The commentary was great.
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    lostSyntax reacted to VanorDM in Who is Buying This? Who is sticking with IA?   
    As I understand it, the base size in Legion is too big for the grid squares in IA.
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