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  1. I just picked it up as well, I had every intention of just buying the Terrinoth book but walked away with a Genesys core book and a set of dice too. I love the setting and the lore I've been able to cobble together with the other games. I'm hoping we see FF really continue to push content and lore, maybe novels or similar content as to what we see with Legend of the Five Rings.
  2. Could someone explain to me how it would effect IA if they just pivoted and started making those models to scale with Legion? Would that break skirmish?
  3. I'll definitely be buying both. The only thing I plan on quitting is Warhammer 40k. I'll be boxing all of my 40k miniatures up, hopefully Legion will find a player base big enough to totally replace that for me. If you think there isn't a healthy tournament scene for a game like Legion I think 40k is proof it works. I don't personally care for the skirmish mode in IA that much, but my boys and I absolutely love the campaigns. I'll buy all of everything I can for both games moving forward, they fit totally different game genres for me.
  4. It would be interesting to find the matching set. I'd like to own the top and bottom parts of these cards.
  5. I was wondering if anyone else has received a miscut Conflict at the Garrock? My cards have their top part cut-off and the bottom of the card is the top of another card. I've sent a message to support to see if they can send me a replacement. I'm not sure I want to give them, they are rather unique and a cool item to a collection.
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