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  1. Lunafayt, if you could send me those scans and translations from set 6 that would be great. As of now, I still don't have any scans and or translations from any the sets. My email is ekopmeier@edgewood.edu. Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone. This may be my first and last post on this forum but I suppose it's better to be late (very late!) than never. I've been a fan of the Kingdom Hearts TCG since the first set was released. Nobody had heard of the game in my area and unfortunately most people were too focused on Magic the Gathering and other CCG's to give this one a chance. I ended up collecting the game regardless and honed a few different decks over time. What I really liked about the game was what an excellent job it did in emulating it's video game counterpart. The way the game was structured made me feel like I had powered up my playstation 2 again, something I didn't expect from a cardgame. This was by far the game's best selling point. As the game developed, adding dark characters as playable characters completely changed the way the game was played, giving dark cards a duel purpose as friends and as enemies to stall your opponent. With this ccg in particular, it was interesting how such simple changes could bring out further strategy in cards you once thought you had mastered. I also liked how resources were eliminated in favor of a level up system. Perhaps my level of expertise in the world of CCG is limited, but rarely have I seen a card game ignore the resource management that games like MTG rely on. Simple yet complex, that's how I would describe the Kingdom Hearts CCG experience. Anyway, perhaps I'm posting this thread out of desperation. I ended up looking through my portfolio of Kingdom Hearts cards that I hadn't opened for a few months. I then got a desire to build a few decks from scratch, and since then, have been searching for scans of the missing sets along with their English translations. I regret not doing this sooner, considering wherever I've turned to has ended in a dead end. I saw that this forum had connections to the site www.thekingdomheartstcg.com. I thought my search had come to an end, but unfortunately my browser informs me that the website has been disabled. Again, maybe this is simply too much to ask for, but if anyone knows where I can find the scans and translations of the missing sets (and or could email them to me) I would greatly appreciated it. Thanks.
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