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  1. I already posted that I wished they were unpainted and had an overall better appearance but I think why they disappoint me so much is the way they're painted. I never think of people in those bright colors when reading Lovecraft. None of the cards make me feel like these characters should look like this. The initial paintings of the characters are all pretty dark, yet when deciding to color the mini's they seemed to go an entirely different approach. And the reason that I wish they were unpainted... I assume that my friend and I, who I play with 90% of the time would actually sit down to paint them together. We went back to playing board games as a way to 'turn off' everything else. So it would be awesome to use the game as an extension of that. Paint the characters as close as we could to the cards and add that dark element they seem to be missing.
  2. Those are awesome, I want to make a set just for set up and game play.
  3. ">For a total of $24 This is almost everything. It doesn't hold the AO cards, the Investigator Cards or the Herald cards. This holds everything from the base game, CotDP, Lurker and Black Goat. (Ive tried a few things...can't get the picture to post....hmmm)
  4. I was able to buy a tray at Hobby Lobby that fits all of the initial cards for the game. I also purchased a second tray for all of the smaller pieces. The larger tray holds all of the cards and they've been sleeved. I'm actually in the process of sleeving all of them now. didn't realize what a pain in the ass it would be. I can't seem to find enough of the smaller sleeves. I've only purchased 3 of the small box expansions at this point and it's already cost quite a bit. I just wish once they were all sleeved they'd still lay flat on top of each other but they seem to lean one direction.
  5. They should have left them unpainted and possibly gone with a better sculptor.
  6. Does anyone have pictures from GenCon of these? I had a friend that went and said they were terrible. I've only seen two preview pictures, one looking pretty close the the character and one not so close. He's a pretty huge gamer and loves mini's so I was a bit disappointed to hear this but he's also real picky. Anyone?
  7. I'm assuming there could be at least one 'mountains of madness' big box expansion. I could also see small box expansions built specifically for the big box expansions. I've only picked up the CotDP expansion at this point. Out of our 'gaming' group there are only two of us who are hopelessly addicted to AH. So we play a few times a week. I think I may go pick up a big box today. So many choices.
  8. Thanks! While waiting I actually discovered it as well. Todays game starts shortly.
  9. I also, as a total beginner need one more thing clarified if you will. Maybe, I'm missing it in the rule book, maybe those who taught me to play missed it as well. When moving in to a location with multiple monsters, are you given the opportunity to fight both. Example, you move to an area with a ghoul and a cultist, on your first battle you roll and defeat the ghoul. Do you then wait for your next movement phase to fight the cultist? I know it may seem a super easy question but we're only about six games in. I just want to ensure that we're playing properly, and we just added the CotDP expansion which has been seriously kicking our asses.
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