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  1. Is the attack considered from the hero or the stone for the ability of the stone itself? On the stone, it's written that when the hero perform an attack targeting a monster adjacent to the stone, the attack gain a surge. If the stone perform the attack with terracall ability, does this attack get the surge bonus?
  2. When the summoned stone attack when the geomancer use one of his ability, does the extra surge apply on the attack made from the summoned stone? Here is the wording on the summoned stone : Each of your attack targeting a monster adjacent to the summoned stone gain one surge. Here is the wording on the base ability : While this card is exaust, one of your summoned stone may attack, using your equiped magic weapon. Is the attack considered one of the geomancer so he can gain the extra surge? Thanks for the answer.
  3. Does the overlord has to read to the heroes his own winning conditions? For exemple, how many goblins have to escape in the introduction.
  4. Just a few specific questions about interpreting rules, hope you can anwsers those as usual. Many thanks in advance. 1- When can you use the crystal of Tival? At any time after equiped, but can you do it before receiving dmg from a trap or a monster attack? 2- SoB, In island levels map, there is picture of scrub like described in the book. Does the penality for ranged and magic attack apply? If so, it will become really difficult for those attack to hit. 3- RtL, box canion encounter map, it says the overlord take his turn first. Does it apply to Lieutenants encounter as well? 4- Trapmaster and the bonus from the spiderqueen, does the bonus damages apply and are done to a hero if he rolled a blank on a pit trap? 5- RtL and SoB, During encounter, it is said that the overlord take a number of threat tokens equals to the number of heroes. Does that means the numbers of living or remaining heroes or it sticks to 4? Thanks again!
  5. That's what we did, just to make sure. Thanks!
  6. In the map Skeleton Keep from Sea of Blood, there is 2 skeletons as level bosses. It says, they share hp total that is 2 X the master skeleton hp + 16 per campain level. When the heroes put them to 0 hp. What happen with the undying roll? 2 rolls or 1 for both? if one survive and not the other, what happen to his hp?
  7. In the rumor THE HARD WAY, are the white golem considered as obstacles in the purpose of playing trap like crushing Block? The Overlord can block the way and there is no way for the heroes to leave.
  8. It seem to be fair enough for me, thanks a lot!
  9. Thanks for the answers, but allow me to argue on this: James McMurray said: Then if Heroes can't have Soar, why is it written "any hero without swim or soar" in the "fleeing an Island" paragraph on page 21 (rulebook for SoB) Because somebody screwed up. How can you say that somebody screwed up on page 21? I mean, what if he screwed up saying heroes can't have Soar?
  10. Then if Heroes can't have Soar, why is it written "any hero without swim or soar" in the "fleeing an Island" paragraph on page 21 (rulebook for SoB) As well, we found a possibility for a kind of an infinite threat combo, I just want to be sure if it works. Can the sharks in encounter attack the other sharks in order to give threats for the overlord? Do the sharks need to be killed in the encounter for the heroes to win? As it says heroes need to kill every enemy figures. Thanks for the answers.
  11. I'm in as well, me and my friend already have all the expansions!
  12. Does item giving fly or zyla who already have fly, give soar? On page 40 of the rulebook for sea of blood say heroes cannot have soar. Is that a mistake?
  13. Another one, The city Orris. Everytime the heroes enter or passes through that city, the overlord gain one conquest. Is that available when the heroes restock at Orris as a homeport while in the dungeon? Return to homeport Orris when they finish a dungeon? Train when they already are in Orris?
  14. My friends and I have been trought 2 complete campain of Sea of blood and we now archive all our unanswered question while playing our 3 third game. A) Unmovable + waepon that give stun token. The weapon actualy give the stun ability to attack but it can give stun token as well. Is the monster with unmovable immune to stun token too? B) How can we get out of a cage beside rolling a surge at the end of the hero turn? Can fly or knockback work since they ignore obstacles? C) With the different marks (Skills) The hero can wound himself for different effect. Actually, can he bleed himself to death and success his attack? Can he take more wound than he is able to? D) When the overlord has reached his maximum number of power card in play, can he replace one with another he play? More question will come as we continue playing. Thanks for answering.
  15. Does the Sorcery and command damages apply to constrict? Beside that adding, is constrict really usefull?
  16. Ok, questions 1-2-3-4 have been answered Question 5 is still uncovered, Here is the text on the card : Place this card in the graveyard to move one of your lieutenants to any legal location on the Terrinoth map, one time. Any Quest Items that lieutenant may have been carrying are left behind. Question 6 is yes or no?
  17. I forgot another question: 6- Can a hero "soak" damage with an armor like elven cloak when the damages come from a trap that ignore armor. Elven Cloak : +2 Armor When you suffer 1 or more wounds, roll 1 power die for each wound suffered. Cancel 1 wound for each power enhancement you roll.
  18. 1- Obsydian Shackles : The Plot card “Brother Against Brother” is the only way to enslave a hero. Once a hero has been enslaved, the effect is permanent. From then on, at the start of the hero’s turn, the hero player must roll a black power die. On anything but a power surge, he may take his turn as normal. On a power surge, the Avatar’s mental powers take over the hero and he is controlled by the overlord player this turn. This effect is similar to the Dark Charm card, except that the overlord cannot force the hero to attack himself. Can the Overlord, while he is playing the hero's turn, drink one potion, use one-time use item and spend rumors card he kept for the FInal Battle? 2- Can the heroes put a rest order on themselves while going through the portal between donjons? 3- Expulsion : Are heroes expulsed when the Overlord kill them all in one turn? Can the Heroes be expulsed in the Final Donjon? 4- Rapid Fire : Can a Heroes use Rapid Fire with the attack he made with the Guard order? 5- Transport Gem : Can the overlord use this card during the Heroes Turn like he does with Big Troubles? Thanks for the anwers
  19. Thanks for the quick and precise answer!
  20. But can you add movement Points with the remaining fatigue before activating the rest order to full your fatigue back?
  21. Is there a specific time when the heros can use their fatigue points. I know it's only during their turn, but when during their turn? Can they use it for adding movement points at activation before getting the effect of a rest order per exemple?
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